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  1. Online contracts are working fine on XB1 but the notoriety system is broken as hell over there. As for Playstation, I'm able to create private sessions for all game modes, just can't matchmake for the time being. Five years of playing this and it's always been on Ubisoft's end; Skill tree resets, Broken notoriety/deducting system, Unknown waiting time, etc. Never fixed, thanks to them 😒 So they can happen at any given time. Servers usually plummet every few months and then bounce back up for a few days later. So if you message customer support expecting a straight ETA, you can forget it. Because all they'll do is mail some scripted bs telling you to restart your internet, change the ports/NAT, and hope for the best. All their trying to do is stall us for more time and potentially ruin our internets. In conclusion, All we can do is wait.
  2. [BTS] Crashed numerously after arriving at Blackwell. Had to change Chloe's outfit to her default
  3. WATCH_DOGS - Found a game breaking discovery (last year) to launch Aiden underwater and onto unreachable rooftops. Enjoy :) 



  4. Definitely this one.
  5. #108 - F.E.A.R. 3 Talk about a blast from the past. Had alot of fun with this one back in the day with a high school buddy of mine; Dying repeatedly on the bridge level while listening to Alma's scream was the funniest shit ever. I distinctly remember his uncle cracking jokes everytime we heard it It was cool rekindling with them this year. When I rang up the same friend this month, he agreed to help me with the platinum. At his house, while we were working on Contractions, my objective was to get the 30 crates out of the way. We butchered the beginning games on the first few maps, but after awhile when none of our strategies were working; And by working I mean running around mindlessly trying to cover one another haha. We ended up tackling it on Mechanized Invasion (And whoever put the Portable Mech in there, God Bless you! ) My friend jump in the Mech, obliterated everything in site, covering me up until wave 10 (At this point I lost count of numbered crates), He went to go answer the phone for 30 mins, came back, finished off the wave and Boom I got the crates trophy! For the next hour, I was still a little shaken up to get that out of the way with his help, no way in hell was I doing that by myself lol. We ended up ordering pizza out of celebration, and kicked it the rest of the evening. The next morning, I went after the 20 waves by myself. Failed it repeatedly for a few hours dying over again to Alma 😒 until I got to the final wave where it all of sudden glitched on me. Turns out one of the phase commanders glitched into a building where he wasn't able to be killed. I tried artillery barraging the wall with the mech (No luck), Lobbing grenades through the window (No go), and Slide kicking the wall in panic hopping he hits back. At this point, I pretty much thought if guns can't hurt him, maybe energy weapons will! I retreated back to the nearest armory, grabbed a laser rifle and started spraying sides of the building. On the right side of the building, turns out there was a hitbox and I was able to hurt him through the window! I finished him off with the remaining ammo, but the wave wasn't over. The game spawned more phase commanders and flying monkeys. I retreated back away with the mech, came back and finished them off. Boom, Contractions complete! For the rest of the journey. I tackled the remaining co-op challenges (thanks to zgz93), cleaned up some miscellaneous trophies, and began my INSANE difficulty speedrun to platinum. INSANE wasn't as difficult as I thought it'd be since point man's slo mo ability is OP as hell. Just a few annoying tough sections that gave me a hard time (Interval 5 mech boss fight, and Interval 7 shutter switch segment). Overall aside, everything else is pretty much a cake walk! (More easier with co-op). Was fun revisiting this one again. Since I missed out on FEAR 2's platinum, I'm proud to have this one shining in my cabinet Fingers crossed they reboot this franchise back 🤞 Difficulty: 7/10 Time: 3 years (30+ hours estimate) Enjoyment: 8/10
  6. Windows 96 new album is đŸ”Ĩ😍
  7. Was up all night grinding for Wave 20 in Contractions in solo play. Once I got to the final wave towards the end, after destroying the heavy mech on the overpass. I experienced a nasty bug where it glitched one of the base commanders inside a solid building where I couldn't hurt or kill him. Tried attacking him in different various ways; Artillery barraging the wall with its rockets/laser, lobbing grenades through the window (which kept bouncing off the sill 😒) slide kicking the wall, etc. Doing everything to trigger an opening for a hitbox. With every failed attempt, I immediately did some digging to find out a handful of other players who had this same horror bug attempting this solo. One of the solutions they tried was knifing and meleeing the wall to lure him to attack. But sadly this one didn't work out for me. In the back of my head, I kept wondering if bullets or explosions can't hurt him. Maybe energy weapons can! I retreated back to a nearby armory and grabbed a laser rifle. I kept spraying the side of the building and I was able to hurt him through a tiny gap! He died eventually, but the wave wasn't over! Right after I killed him, immediately I get swarmed by some leaping monkeys. I jumped back inside the mech, finished them off and turns out the game spawned another three base commanders! This time they were out in the open thank goodness. Just as I got done killing one. Freakin Alma teleports me outside the mech to the other side of the map, leaving me exposed with several enemies. Disoriented and sprinting in panic, I found my way back to the mech and took off far away from whatever the hell was following me. Eventually came back and finished off the two base commanders, shortly afterwards BOOM trophy unlocked! All I gotta say is... What a damn relief that was 😌 No way in hell was I doing all 20 of those waves over again! If anyone still tackling this old ass game and to avoid this BS I had in solo. Seek the image below to where I had the glitch happen; If the base commander gets spawned in this particular building. Finish off the remaining enemies (Watch out for alma as well, then grab yourself a laser rifle and keep spraying here until he gets hurt (If the laser rifle isn't there, look for ammo crates and drop them off.) He will die, more enemies will spawn. Deal with them from there with the Mech. Good luck
  8. #105 - Metal Slug Anthology Was fun revisiting these classics from my youth. So many deaths within a short period of time. Would spend hours at the MS machines running and hurrying back to pop in quarters before the zero countdown Those memories I'll cherish forever. Straight foward platinum if you follow the second controller exploit, It will save you lots of time and frustration doing it legit, so in the end each slug title becomes a complete cakewalk and you can die infinitely! When doing Metal Slug 6; after losing both lives, make sure to hit start and square immediately on player 2 before the continue screen pops up, rinse and repeat. Otherwise it may count as a continue. The prisoner trophies are skill dependent and will happen to give you a hard time (Metal Slug 5 especially). Thanks to BushidoCypher's in depth guides on YT, I was able to ace them in one night Difficulty: 6.5/10 Time: 16 hours Fun: 7/10
  9. Hey Arnold! Invader Zim Samurai Champloo Recess Rocket Power
  10. #103 - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker A fun and challenging grind. It took a few years, but I finally got it done! Difficulty: 6/10 Time: 100+ hours Enjoyment: 8/10
  11. #100 - The Last of Us Part II My first platinum was The Last of Us remastered six years ago. The past few years, I've played Watch Dogs religiously non stop while my trophy cabinet remained stagnant at 98 for the longest. Decided a few days ago to go back and knock out a few platinums for old times sake. Feels nice hitting triple digits at last Difficulty: 3/10 Time: 10 months Enjoyment: 8/10
  12. #99 - Alan Wake Remastered Remastered Rating: 8/10 Difficulty Rating: 5/10 Time: 30+ Hours (for 100%) D3T did a good job on this. Well worth the buy 👌
  13. Never fixed, the forums were full of this back in 2014 and now it's become even worse than before. What to do if this happens: 1. On your PS4, go to Settings 2. Select 'Application Saved Data Management' 3. Select 'Saved Data in Online Storage' 4. Select a file that pre-dates your data loss 5. Select 'Download to System Storage' 6. Choose to overwrite the existing file stored on your PS4's hard drive If all goes well, you will have everything back from the last time your game saved to the cloud but before you lost your skills and cash.
  14. Lady Snowblood (1973) äŋŽįž…é›Ēå§Ģ So beautiful. So deadly
  15. well its about goddamn time