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  1. NA got a patch, EU not
  2. I tried it 2 times now on easy, no trophy......
  3. I don't know, but I would recommend to win the match just by pressing O with the second controller so you will earn coins
  4. Same here, only the trophy for 1 room popped.
  5. It's the offline multiplayer, easy to boost with 2 controllers
  6. Do the kills count towards the playthroughs or do I have to kill 25 in 1 playthrough?
  7. I can't get the 5 acid Pool and 25 Spike death Trophies. Deleted Save, reinstalled game, nothing worked so far
  8. Does anyone know eher to find the second Stack? 1 is ps4 EU, and the other?
  9. Fell free to add me With a knack 2 message psn id: Mescalero_Aut