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  1. The reason why I started playing games offline was that I don't want incomplete games. The most incomplete games on my profile were on my profile long time ago. Summer 2019 I decided to not put more incomplete games which I can never finish in the Profil.
  2. I explained why I hided it and I wrote with b1rvine how to get it back hours ago. I also didn't instant hide them. This site said to me I can hide 2 to get back to the leader board. I asked here if mods can see hided games. I didn't know that they can't see them anymore. I own more than 1 ps4. If I am playing on my main ps4 all is synced daily. Some projects I am doing on a other ps4 which is offline till I want to sync the games. If I sync the offline ps4 also other games are synced than which I haven't completed already. The reason why you start a game on a blank account is you can erase it. If I had played badland for example on the offline ps4 it would also be synced now if I want to sync my finished game.
  3. I hided it because the system said to me I can hide 2 games which are flagged to be back on the board. So I hided them. I also wrote this to you in private message about a hour ago.
  4. I did the method I explained for badland( I'm at 68% at it and never linked it to my main profile) , I did not know that I am not allowed to do that. I mentioned 2 methods how it's possible to sync all trophys at once. I never played Oddworld on a blank account. I always played it on my main account but offline
  5. I didn't ever play Oddworld for which I am flagged on a blank profile. I am doing this with badland, but this game isn't on my profile anyway and I will probably never finish it and sync it.
  6. I did not pay anyone for the game. So where is the rule for when I have to sync trophies? I read nothing about in the rules that it is forbidden to play a game offline and sync it. If I would be able to hack trophies, I would also know about the rules of syncing and hacked it with 2 days. I didn't do anything wrong!
  7. It was not a year its 7 months. I don't really understand what the problem is to finish a game in 7 months.
  8. I wanted to hide Oddworld so I am back to the leader board but hit hide all trophies. Now it's syncing on since 2 minutes. Should be back soon. Can mods still see it if I am hiding it? If not, I will not hide it until a decision?
  9. I don't need any excuse. I played it legit on my other ps4 with my main profile offline. And synced it when I did the last trophy.
  10. I am obviously not doing this with every game I have ever started. And I am also completing games which are already on the list. I am also not forced to complete every game I have ever started. Everything clear now. The person 1 rank obove me flagged me
  11. It is because I am not sure if it is possible for me to complete it. I am starting a game like olliolli2 on a new account and after a few hours I decide if I am going for the platinum. If not I delete that user because I don't want ganes with 2 or 3 trophies on my account
  12. It's no problem to play the game complete offline on a new account which has never linked to a psn account. When the game is finished simply connect it to your main account. login for the first time with your main account and sync the trophies. Same thing I am doing for over a year and a half with badland. It's not on my profile yet. If we will ever finish it I will sync it. I know many people who are doing this method for keeping a high competition rate.
  13. Even if the trophy times would be at exact the same time what's the problem? It's allowed to play on 2 ps4 or 1 ps4 and 1 vita with my wife or children at the same time.
  14. his time stamps are pretty weird, like when he is playing POWGI, he suddenly plays in middle of it Oddworld and finishes the last trophy + platinum. ----