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  1. I did it. After the fight even kenny appeared and made me food and with that I got the last base trophy aswell. Does he always do the food if we pass this mission?
  2. just coming back after many years. so glad I had it done
  3. first time I get a game which I already purchased :/ (zone of the enders)
  4. Isnt there any way to get the jp version? Maybe a key to buy in the internet? Would pay alot for the easy second platinum before the server get closed :/
  5. Ps4: Insurgency Sandstorm PC: Warcraft III Reforged
  6. Damn. It is sure a mp loose is needed? I didnt havd a loose :/
  7. Uncharted 4. Cmon mate, get the 100%
  8. wth is this. Im trying to get the ranked trophie, but at the last seconds I always get kicket out!!
  9. thank u very much @platagonist @spikowitz thas rly rly bad. sorry very much for that, I would rly go into rage.
  10. could save 4days work. But anyways I got it in the last minute.
  11. dont give me a heartbreak like that :D.
  12. Paul, i like ur spirit. I would recommend this to do it, IF you have the strength you can take it if you failed. But if you are a person who goes crazy and going into rage, I dont recommend it to do
  13. the server time will be always the same. We just need to wait one hour more for update
  14. Because ur IP change everytime. Sometimes you get an IP which is banned from sony, because an user who had this ip abused something on the sony servers.
  15. Still need help plz. Can an Admin reset it manually?