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  1. The Last of Us
  2. Ohh nooo. Cant believe I missed the announcement about the shutdown :/ I got the platin nine years ago, but sadly I didnt get all the dlcs achievement... I rly want to do the 100% Isnt there any key/ code in sell? Or which dlc does the complete edition include?
  3. I did it. After the fight even kenny appeared and made me food and with that I got the last base trophy aswell. Does he always do the food if we pass this mission?
  4. just coming back after many years. so glad I had it done
  5. first time I get a game which I already purchased :/ (zone of the enders)
  6. Isnt there any way to get the jp version? Maybe a key to buy in the internet? Would pay alot for the easy second platinum before the server get closed :/
  7. Ps4: Insurgency Sandstorm PC: Warcraft III Reforged
  8. Damn. It is sure a mp loose is needed? I didnt havd a loose :/
  9. Uncharted 4. Cmon mate, get the 100%
  10. wth is this. Im trying to get the ranked trophie, but at the last seconds I always get kicket out!!
  11. thank u very much @platagonist @spikowitz thas rly rly bad. sorry very much for that, I would rly go into rage.
  12. could save 4days work. But anyways I got it in the last minute.
  13. dont give me a heartbreak like that :D.
  14. Paul, i like ur spirit. I would recommend this to do it, IF you have the strength you can take it if you failed. But if you are a person who goes crazy and going into rage, I dont recommend it to do