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  1. Yes
  2. that is exactly as I wished while the PS3 patches release. Glad they finally release trophies like that
  3. man, I wanted to create that thread
  4. yes
  5. Or Black Ops CW for 5 euro (But got refunded after 2 months
  6. THX!!
  7. PSO2 NG is like an expansion for PSO2. So if PSO2 NG is released for PS5 then automatically PSO2 is released aswell.
  8. That sounds rly exhausting
  9. You have now much more time for it. So try to focus to do your ps3 and vita stuff
  10. Im so happy and relieved. I was rly giving up the hope in sony.
  11. For real, At release of Heavensward I was pretty disappointed as soon I knew that we dont get any new dlc trophy list for each expansion. It somehow slowed my motivation to play the game (although I still playing the game and I love it). And the old trophy list seems very lazy and not suitable for a mmorpg game. But now this list seems much much better. It seems like a MMO trophy list. Very grindy and satisfying. It almost time to get this list. And finally they are playing to do release more trophies for each expansion. Maybe even for each patch - who knows?
  12. FINALLLLYYYY. This is what I wished the most for Final Fantasy XIV. This is exactly the trophy list I dreamed for. For every expansion a trophy list with only story and raid related achievements. Damn, now Im more motivated to play the game (i already loving this game).
  13. Payday 1 The heist + the wolfspack dlc. Only in US store available ( I think) Gonna extend this list
  14. Guys, he mean only digital games from the ps3 or psvita store. Pls dont make a unnecessary list to have a nice overview.
  15. No, it isnt possible anymore. Even if you have the season pass key from the ultimate edition. You can activate it but it doesnt unlock the dlcs anymore.