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  1. Since I heard about Microsoft bought bethesda, sadly I expected that
  2. what is the point about it if you didnt get the bounty during the deathmatch? How did u get the bounty else?
  3. Sorry, I didnt understand what you did exactly? You got the trophy witht the deathmatch method?
  4. how are private server allowed but the function to enable bounty not? It isnt like that u get the trophy immediately unlocked but you need to fullfill the requirement
  5. they did it with warhawk aswell
  6. Yea, nevertheless I want to grind the levels by myself.
  7. Hey, I want to jump back on PS3 but I heard about hackers doing there thing and I want to avoid them. Could someone explain me what I should do before I start online to prevent hackers? I need to lvl from 58 to 100.
  8. I hate that argument. For real, do you think everybody play games at releases? Do you think everyone is a gamer from beginning? Do you believe everyone have all the time in the world? Think Telliks think! before you start to write a post...
  9. 4th attempt: I just set the shoot trigger to R1 and I wasnt comfortable with it, so I changed the trigger back, but I didnt know I set the Shootbutton to L2. In Chapter 1 while Rodrigos escaping the Van I couldnt shoot the enemies and I wondered why until I realised what mess I did. Rodrigos died of course, lmao 5th attempt: I dont even want to count that. At the start of Chapter 1 I missed so many bullets that I was annoyed and wanted to restart the run. 6th attempt: Damn, I was so nervous for real. My heart went to 120, but I finally did it. I was nervous at end of chapter 13 as soon as I fought the endboss police man. I always had somehow trouble there, but to my luck I did it with 1 painkiller pill. BTW. in the area of the lmg guy, before I killed the policemens I pressed start and waitet 5minutes to prevent the glitch. Im happy I have never engaged that especially glitch. Chapter 14 is really easy. I had enough time (almost 30minutes) and played very carefully to save as many painkillers as possible. But it wasnt even necessary. The endfight is really easy: You have three luggage carrier there. Each carrier can tank one grenade from the major. The Major always shot a grenade if a new vehicle is coming. So it is really easy. He hit me with one grenade but thanks to the tank luggage carrier I survived that and changed to the other carrier. Good luck guys.
  10. 3rd attempt: at the beginning of chapter 9 . The last policeman of this area somehow insta throw his grenade. I was in shootdodge and landed exactly at the spot of the grenade. The grenade insta explodes and I didnt even had time to react to that. Rly sad moment
  11. 2nd attempt: chapter 6-2 and another bug. I was shootingthe last enemy (there was three where they tried to push the records container) and the bullet cam started. But I always skip that with circle but then he didnt died from my bullet and I tried to shot another bullet but he killed me then...for real. this game
  12. 1st Attempt: In Chapter 5 while the chase with the boot exact at the end I shot Fabianne, although Im more then sure I aimed on that guy who stays on the front of Fabianne. Before that I shot two guys of five on that boot with one shot! Here I should notice that my bullets pierce through enemies. So that was also the chase with Fabianne. We need rly be careful that we aim the head of that guy and not his body or else Fabianne can be killed by that shot aswell.
  13. it is rly easy and fast. You are able to do it in <5hours
  14. you just need to do 10 games each day (100k exp) and u can get lvl 50 in 6days
  15. how u guys handle becker in the final fight? Im scared of his grenade launcher