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  1. started on 1st august and today I finally finished all the online trophies + dlc. Boosted each day for 10h-15h. It was a very long time ago that I played that much again...
  2. just did that in the forest beacon steal at the rock spot.
  3. for stealing: where exactly should I stay??
  4. no and no
  5. bots sometimes are unfair. A normal player wouldnt see u, but the bot gonna give u a headshot
  6. play with 2-3 other players. I only lost 3 times. And we always won in 8 minutes. I grinded the 50wins in one day
  7. Best Map is THE WALL. Just climb the ladder at your HQ and look for a loot chest. If you dont see any just leave and rejoin. I got almost 20 lootboxes in 2hours. "The Veteran 3" is a good playlist for that
  8. got ace aswell. I played 2 days ago all the campaign on veteran and played once the first covert mission -> got queen. Yesterday I only played all the contracts once in the first two mission + 2 contracts from the third mission and got ace today. So you dont need to overexaggerate.
  9. Same story :/ I did 60 games afk in multiplayer and played the whole story on veteran, but I got queen aswell. This is a little bit worrying me
  10. thank you both. I just started the MP and got many trophies naturally (even prevent a comrade from being interrogated). I must say the game is rly fun. Im enjoying it so far. But the 10k kills seems rly annoying.
  11. Hello, I want to start the game today. Could someone give me a tltr and say what I should focus first pls?
  12. Yea, I went to through the hell aswell with KZ2. Giving each day many alt bots headshots for almost 10h each day in a week. Gonna start Shadow Fall and Mercenary tomorrow then
  13. Im thinking about to start the game aswell. Is it possible to grind everything solo in time?
  14. I just tried it in a normal online game, I did all kills with assault ships. but my game crashed. Somehow I got the trophy while I was in the xmb menu. Since then all kill trophy unlocked immediately after I did the requirement. It was NOT necessary to do it all in one game. I got even the gold trophy. EDIT: Another question: What are cores I need destroy? I cannot find it in carrier assault