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  1. One PS Vita game that I know of as of rn that contains online trophies! If I can think of more in the future, I will drop it on this forum 😁 Puyo Puyo Tetris (JP stack) https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2398-γ·γ‚ˆγ·γ‚ˆγƒ†γƒˆγƒͺγ‚Ή Fyi, online server for this game is crossplay with PS3 version of the game as well πŸ‘
  2. This ^ If Sly is not interested in updating PSNProfiles, why not have it replaced with someone who is passionate about evolving this website? I love this website and everything (especially tracking trophy stats is the best out of any others imo), but it would be nice if we could get some more updates on PSNProfiles (I hope I didn't get sidetracked from the actual topic here). I just came here to drop a suggestion for future of this website fyi πŸ€”
  3. Hello trophy hunters! Today, I want to ask you guys a question about DLC for this game! If I purchase Little Big Planet 2 Special Edition, would I be able to 100% the trophy list or would I need to buy some DLCs (if some of them aren't included inside the disc)? Thanks! Best regards, I_Am_Yuta_1999
  4. Ahhhhh! Ok thanks for the info!
  5. Does the season pass come with the game or is it just DLCs?
  6. Same here! Thank goodness I got it back then too! Yeah I will help out those who still haven't gotten in! I know they won't care but still
  7. I have this issue on my PS Vita also! When I tried to sync my trophies on PS Vita, it gave me the same error code that you received!
  8. Hello guys! I know this game (The Walking Dead Collection) was delisted from PSN Store while back and I was thinking on doing The Walking Dead series, so my question is: Do I have to get a game called "The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection" so that I could plat this game? Much appreciated!
  9. Is this game available digitally on PSN Store? I would like to know! Thanks!
  10. I think it's good idea to give it a try, but using throw away account
  11. I think people would view me as an idiot as I say this. I don't think people would get over with this because not only this was very well-liked CoD by many, but also one of very few games where devs taken out one online feature (online servers are still up), but kept everything else intact and screwed completionists just like most people in this forum (also pointing finger to GTA V for PS3). I believe lots of people want to get CoD franchise 100%, but can't due to this stupid trophy which sucks because Big Leagues is the only unobtainable trophy/achievement in CoD franchise. I got this trophy legit years ago and these devs really fucked up future trophy hunters from completing the entire trophy list just because they were too lazy to notify consumer base and change trophy requirement. It's sad people can't 100% complete these great games anymore. I could understand why some people file BBB complaint to Activision, go to Activision Support, and/or sign a petition even to this day. Call me crazy if you want, but I just care about other trophy hunters too so that's why I think it isn't fair people can't platinum/100% BO2 nor GTA V legitimately.... It would be great if these devs fix these problems since it's nothing complicated to fix and also I doubt it would cost much resource to do so. If you guys really want Big Leagues to become obtainable, then I would say the next best thing to do is to file BBB complaint to Activision is the only way of doing this from what I know of...
  12. I was just being sarcastic about what I said earlier, BO3 doesn’t have trophies related to Arena Mode (aka BO3 version of League Play), but yet seasons are still ongoing. However for BO2, they have trophy related to League Play and they stopped seasons for unknown reason despite the fact when the game was severely popular back when Big Leagues became unobtainable :/ I'm just saying they might have done that just to deliberately fuck with trophy/achievement hunters like come on seriously
  13. I mean I understand your point there (not trying to be argumentative), but someone has to explain to us why they keep Black Ops 3's Arena Mode's seasons still ongoing despite the fact not many people play/purchase Black Ops 3 anymore compared to 2015 - late 2018 and present day... πŸ€”
  14. I don't mean to sound rude, but was there a notice before they took seasons off from Black Ops 2 League Play? Because I don't remember there was any notice/warning of discontinuation of seasons for League Play! I think this might be bit irrelevant on this forum's topic, but take a look at this online journal (URL below) back in November 2015 (a month before League Play was discontinued), like why take an online feature out when there were lot of people playing at the time (not mad at you TOAST13TOA5T, but mad at stupid decision Treyarch/Activision made)!? Also, someone explain to me why is there seasons still ongoing for Black Ops 3's Arena mode? Was this a way to deliberately fuck with trophy/achievement hunters (I am not mad, just curious and confused that's all)? Since not only Black Ops 2 is the only CoD that is 100%/Platinum trophy unobtainable, but also it is one of the if not, the greatest CoD ever made! https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-11-04-nearly-12-million-people-are-still-playing-call-of-duty-black-ops-2#:~:text=Boom.&text=4 November 2015-,Nearly 12 million people are still playing Call of Duty,%2C August and September 2015).
  15. I understand that, but I got an another idea on this. Why not we seek assistance with people from trueachievements.com (website for Xbox achievement hunters (aka Xbox version of psnprofiles.com/(URL not allowed)) this time? I know for sure some people on Xbox wants to get the achievement badly, so maybe we could try to get into touch and seek help! I mean the case with Splinter Cell Blacklist for Ubisoft was successful because I believe lot of people filed BBB complaint to Ubisoft to fix online trophies just like how it was done for Black Ops 3's Gorod Krovi "Love and War" trophy! I mean I did get Big Leagues legit and I am here to help those who haven't! Heck I know numerous friends of mine who haven't so I want to scratch their back just like how they did with me for when I was trophy hunting for other games!