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  1. Nah, I was on mobile too. Must have been a glitch. Doesn't matter now, physical copies shipping in early June!!!
  2. Hey guys, I wanted to inform all of you that two patches for Shadow Warrior 2 dropped yesterday. The first patch is to fix some bugs and glitches, and the second one addresses the notorious save issue. Just wanted you guys to know, spread the word that Lo Wang is back!!!
  3. No, I'm fully aware of what I said (regarding the PS4 limited physical edition). Their website originally said "Sold Out" under ALL 4 special physical copies of Shadow Warrior 2 orders (including the PS4 one). After refreshing the page the other night, I saw it had suddenly changed and that they were taking orders again. That's when I ordered.
  4. Dude, they've been sold out for days and that company will not make any more copies (it's their business motto for every limited release game they do). There are no more physical copies left to buy... *EDIT: They had a glitch on their website and are currently still selling it. I just got the PS4 bundle for $45 (after shipping)!!! 🐵
  5. I experienced the same exact thing. I lost 10h of gameplay--TWICE! I'm putting the game on hold until a patch comes out. This is ridiculous though!!! I loved the original but I'm about to request a refund because the game is completely unplayable. :'(