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  1. My thoughts exactly. Maybe if what was being asked of us was still possible at this point, then I could "maybe" understand to some degree. Honestly, you would have to be delusional to think it's still possible to do this legit in the time frame provided. Frankly, why can't those hacking stats just leave us alone? It's not like we ever did anything to them to merit this kind treatment in the first place anyway... 😐
  2. If you're still thinking of going for the plat, consider how you'd feel if you got your stats hacked right before getting the plat (assuming you can even make it that far). Hundreds of hours wasted just to be reset. It's not worth the time or the risk involved. If you care about your trophy completion, do not start this game no matter what anyone says. It's as simple as that. Could you platinum this game? Sure, in theory. But the odds are stacked against you. Honestly, your chance of getting your stats hacked at this point is above 90%. Do yourself a favor and skip this one. edit: I only say this to warn others as I don't want anyone caught off guard
  3. To anyone thinking of starting this game, PLEASE LISTEN TO VirtualNight. I thought I would try my luck with this game, but I was wrong. I was hacked ONE DAY after starting it. To put it simply, the hackers are basically hacking ANYONE they see. PS. If you get hacked, don't message them. Accept it and move on as your frustration only fuels their efforts to continue hacking.
  4. It's always a good idea to scroll through the forum posts to see how a game is doing before you buy it (especially with older games) 😄
  5. 1. Two people. However, 4 people are required for the "play 100 2 vs. 2" trophy (or 2 people with 2 ps3's). 2. Yes. "Always Attack" can only be achieved with the disc version, while "Dog of War" can only be achieved with the digital (psn) version. Luckily, physical copies of the game are really cheap. On a side note, I think the servers for this game went down a while ago and are still down. If that is still the case and you're only going for trophies, then you might want to pass on this game.