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  1. Congratulations! It definitely is an annoying trophy, not because it's super difficult, but because the game freezes and some sections are really cheap. At least now you can rest easy knowing this nightmare is over.
  2. Wow I don't even know what to say. This really is quite the mystery. If you've tried everything that people have suggested, the only left I can think of is maybe trying a different copy of the game? Maybe if you're using digital try a physical copy. Or if you're using physical, try a digital copy. If you're using a physical copy, maybe try a different physical copy? I really don't know what else to suggest at this point. :/
  3. When it comes to trophies, I see both your points @Spaz & @djb5f. For me personally, I think trophy hunting is something that is very subjective. Some people have the patience and perseverance to go all out when it comes to getting a trophy, while others simply do not. I'm not saying that one type of trophy hunter is better than the other, but there definitely is a difference in mindset between the two people. When I'm trophy hunting, it's not uncommon for me to think to myself "Is this really worth it?" when I get to a difficult trophy. For example, take any fighting game's combo challenges. So much time and energy is spent on doing the same task over and over. And yes, it often doesn't feel worth it when I'm in the middle of working on them, but I keep pushing because I know at the end it'll be worth it to me. Not everyone will have the same drive to complete them, and that's the subjective part. This is where many people stop because they don't want to waste time. I like to think that time spent here isn't really wasted if you: 1) are still enjoying yourself or 2) complete the task that the trophy asks of you which will give you that satisfaction. I agree with you @djb5f when you say that sometimes it's worth stopping because it may not be worth it in the end. I have gone for a handful of trophies in the past that I told myself if I had to do them all over again, I wouldn't do them. However, I still felt they were worth it in the end. At the same time, I understand where @Spaz is coming from. Often times, trophy hunting really feels like a chore more than anything but that just comes with the hobby. I know for a fact that I wouldn't have many platinum trophies if I quit playing games as soon as they stopped being fun or if I encountered a difficult / time consuming trophy. Trophy hunting is one of those things where you might not feel any satisfaction while working towards a platinum, but once you finally get there, it becomes worth it. It's very rare for me to achieve a trophy and feel as though "Well that wasn't worth it". I'm not saying that hasn't happened before (because it has) but it's very rare. Usually it's because I know what I'm getting myself into and I know that it will be worth it once I get there. In the end, it all comes back to the individual. I wouldn't tell anyone to keep going for something after they've stopped having fun but there is a certain mindset that's needed to reach the 'top'. From my experience however, I generally feel like time is only wasted if I've already invested tons of hours into something only to stop trying. I agree that you should have beaten this mode by now @MiloFPS seeing as how far you've made it numerous times. It really seems like the game is robbing you which is why I would totally understand if you quit trying this. At the end of the day, you just need to make the right decision for you. Real life is more important than a virtual icon after all.
  4. Aw man, this is unfortunate to hear. Like many others here, I was still lurking in this thread to see you beat this. @Reinachii- is right, and I hope you come back to this mode soon. You have spent so much time on this and I believe you will beat this one day. You definitely have the ability to do this. You just need a little luck from the game. I'll keep an eye on this thread every now and then to see if you return. Cheers and best of luck!
  5. If Bachmeyer puts you into last stand, you will automatically die. The game will instantly fail you as there is not way to shoot him in last stand as he is in cover. It's really important not to peak out of cover for too long as he does quite a bit of damage fairly quickly.
  6. I had something similar happen to me during my NYMH runs. The game failed me on chapter 4 part 1 because I went through the bar section too quickly and left one enemy alive. When I got to the exit door, the game showed Passos getting shot. Insta failed. I agree with you that it is pretty ridiculous that this can happen in certain sections. Sometimes it is okay to leave enemies, other times it isn't. I could be wrong, but I think it has to do with certain levels / areas where Max has someone with him (Passos, Giovanna) where the game will auto fail you if you leave an enemy. It's too bad that this happened to you right at the end. Just don't move too far forward into the hangar (or go up the stairs) or the game will auto fail you. Regardless, it is pretty cheesy on R* part.
  7. I've had this happen to me during a few of my other runs (thankfully not on NYMH). It sometimes seems random whether you get hit behind cover. Did you take cover on the far left or in front of you? I know for a fact that the APC can hit you if you try taking cover on the left because it has a better angle on Max's head. I always took cover behind the concrete barriers in front of where you take control of Max again. Personally, I've never been killed by the APC when taking cover here but I suppose it's possible. You can also get killed if you move too much when in cover as Max's head and body becomes exposed. I know this isn't much help, but it's all I can think of at the moment. Keep trying though and you'll get it soon enough!
  8. I also played using the disc version and I can confirm that glitches still happen A LOT. This game mode is very prone to glitching because it must load the entire game (14 chapters) in one go. Evidently, this has an effect on how the game runs and is thus prone to more glitches occurring. Playing offline is also said to help with freezing. As horrible as it sounds, I would watch most of the cutscenes and pause the game if the gameplay ever becomes slow and choppy so everything can load in properly. I think this alone (and playing offline) will prevent most freezes / glitches. I would say that the main areas that this game can glitch are: Chapter 7 (warehouse & flare guy), Chapter 11 (the game seems to have difficulties loading textures), and Chapter 13 (the LMG guy section in the office). To avoid these areas glitching, I would suggest: 1) Watching the cutscenes in Chapter 7 so the game has proper time to load, 2) DON'T shoot the flare guy too quickly when you get to him in Chapter 7, 3) Pause the game if textures aren't appearing or if objects aren't loading properly (I mainly found this an issue on Chapter 11 but this should be a strategy throughout the entire game), 4) Chapter 13 advice for the LMG guy has already been explained above. It is important to remember that even with these strategies, glitches can STILL occur. Honestly, I think NYMH is much more about luck and patience than actual skill, and knowing the strategies to minimize the risks of freezing / glitches is very important.
  9. This is a good idea. For some reason, chapter 7 and 13 tend to have high chances of freezing (not sure why). For chapter 7, if you feel like your game is staring to become choppy and slow, pause your game for a few minutes and let everything load in properly. As mentioned above, you might also want to consider letting some of the cutscenes play out to prevent freezing. When it comes to the area where an enemy shoots a flare, let him shoot it. Don't kill him too quickly as it is theorized that doing so will potentially cause the rest of the chapter to not load properly. I also had an issue on chapter 11 where textures weren't loading in properly. To minimize the risk of freezing, I just paused my game. Pausing the game to let things load in seems to be one of the best ways to prevent freezing / glitches. It might be annoying, but it beats having to redo the whole game again. And for chapter 13, I would simply follow the advice I mentioned a few posts above. Oh, and as @Tyxoune said, make sure you play OFFLINE. It is very annoying when you fail NYMH, especially if it isn't your fault, but have patience and keep trying every now and then and I promise you will get it eventually if you follow all of the advice given.
  10. Yes, I forgot to mention that playing offline is probably a good idea when going for this. Anyway, congratulations!
  11. Yes, this is an unfortunate consequence of the game having to load all 14 chapters in one go. I had the same thing happen to me when I was doing NYMH. This is what I did to minimize the risks of it freezing. Whether these strategies actually work 100% of the time, I do not know. But they worked for me: 1) Before you go into the room with the machine gunner, wait outside the double doors and pause your game. The theory behind this is that it allows the game to load everything in on time. 2) As soon as you pass through the double doors, ALWAYS stay to the RIGHT side of the room. Just take cover behind the desks on your right and kill all the regular enemies. DO NOT GO TO THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROOM. 3) If you want to play it extra safe, pause your game again for another few minutes when there is one regular enemy left to kill (before the machine gunner is supposed to spawn in). Again, I don't know if these always work for everyone, but it definitely helped me and many others get through this chapter without freezing. Good luck!
  12. Yes, that can be frustrating indeed. That happened to me as well. The good thing however is that if you can make it that far, it's only a matter of time before you beat it. Just keep at it and you'll get there eventually.
  13. Attempt 1: Failed at chapter 4 - didn't realize that the slow-mo water tower sequence where Max shoots the guys while it's falling is an instant death if you miss one of them. Needless to say I missed one of them... Attempt 2: Failed at chapter 4 (again) - I ran through the bar section too quickly and somehow I forgot to kill an enemy. When Max tried to go outside, the game gave me a cut scene of Passos being shot. Attempt 3: Failed at chapter 2 - I failed to shoot one of the guys that can kill Fabiana during the end of the helicopter sequence on the rooftop (right before Max gets back on the ground). Attempt 4: Failed at chapter 13 - APC area, I went to pick up the LAW and fire it, but for some reason it wouldn't fire. The APC killed me because I wasn't in cover. I've heard this happening to others. Must be a bug. Anyway, I would recommend grabbing the LAW and getting into cover before firing it just in case this happens to anyone else. Attempt 5: Failed at chapter 13 - the infamous police station / LMG guy freeze. Enough said. ***Attempt 6: Failed at chapter 14 - Becker boss fight in the hangar was going well. Had lots of time and I knew I could easily win. The only enemies left were the two guys that arrive in the cop car. For some reason, they decided to throw two grenades in the span of 5 seconds. The first one landed close to me and nearly killed me but I was lucky to shoot dodge away from it. Unfortunately my shoot dodge made me land directly on the second grenade. Insta death. So close.... two enemies left and I would've had it. Ah well, rack em' up and do it again. Attempt 7: Success *** I haven't seen this written anywhere else other than maybe on one other site (might've been the Xbox site), but I think it's important to note that one of the cop's that arrives in the police car during the final fight with Becker will spam you with grenades as soon as he gets out (I think it's the driver of the cop car). I would recommend killing him ASAP to avoid what happened to me in my sixth attempt. On my successful attempt, I took him out right away and I never had a single grenade thrown at me (aside from Becker's grenades of course). Just thought I would let people know. Hope this helps.
  14. So... I tried to do a little more digging, and I noticed that in this video, the player doesn't get the objective of protecting the priests right after the cut scene telling you to capture von richter's base. Instead, he gets the notification "protect the priests" later than normal, and right away a few seconds later it says "objective completed". If you start watching the video at 12:40, you can see that there are NO priests but he still completes the objective. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49rK8TXbTmQ However, in most other videos on Youtube, you will see the priests spawning from the bottom right of the screen and move into the middle right where the paratrooper reinforcements drop. I know this doesn't really help, but I just wanted to point out that this particular objective sure seems to be buggy. For me personally, I did NOT get the notification "protect the priests", but I did complete the objective even though there were NO priests. I'll keep looking some more.
  15. My thoughts exactly. Maybe if what was being asked of us was still possible at this point, then I could "maybe" understand to some degree. Honestly, you would have to be delusional to think it's still possible to do this legit in the time frame provided. Frankly, why can't those hacking stats just leave us alone? It's not like we ever did anything to them to merit this kind treatment in the first place anyway... 😐