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  1. I got it with the normal golden statues (not the nanite ones). First I cut their right arm with my usual weapon and picked up their loot. I did already have their weapon in my inventory, but the point seems to be to pick up their drop, no matter what item it contains. After picking it up, I switched to their weapon and killed it. I got the trophy. Since the golden statues do not seem to respawn, be careful with this or you have to go to NG+ like me it's doable though, even with an old NG weapon.
  2. I got it on NG+. There is this "memory" of the girl right next to the small bridge you activate. I guess my first time I went straight to that bridge and ignored the memory, because on NG+ it popped right as the memory started. At least it is missable somehow since I didn't get on my first playthrough, but I'm not 100% sure what's the cause.
  3. Yeah, I felt similar. I did the "all saved" first because this is the way I play usually. It felt a bit strange with everyone being so damn sad, me restoring that person, and then they weren't quite happy as I thought they would be. It worked way better with the sad playtrough I did next. Honestly, I liked the bad ending most, I think it fits the overall sad feeling of this game because of all the tragedies you find out while playing. Doesn't feel right to me to be the only person/group having a happy ending you know. I really like this game too. It feels like an easy Souls game to me, but I like it. All they ever try is to make it damn difficult, but no one did try making a lighter Souls. At least I didn't stumble upon anything so far. It's a Souls game I can recommend to my friends who absolutely hate me for trying to make them play (the real) Souls games
  4. I want to share an easy way for this trophy with you, in case you are already in NG+ and beyond and most enemies won't go down in one hit anymore. Although the picture shows three humans, the description speaks of enemies. So I tried to use the missile on the tiny nano crab enemies in Gideons Rock who go down in one hit even in NG+. There are like five around the hole. You can use them for this trophy too. I can confirm it works since I got the trophy right now.
  5. I got it on my ng+ run, and because I never use (special) items I knew that my count was both ng and ng+ presents. I got more after I gave items to npcs for their weapons, so this sure helps.
  6. Honestly? Is it some ng+ stuff? Because I've already finished the story. If it's not ng+ it is missable at least.
  7. I healed only the 4th one and it counted as this ending. I think it's for "healing any but not all successors". This is exactly why we're discussing the 4th ending. Because it matters here. I got all three ending trophies and not this one, because there has to be more than three endings it counts. If you bother to check the dates of the persons getting this trophy, you will see that the time stamp for Determiner is a different than for any ending trophy (as far as I checked though).
  8. Can somebody help me out as I am blind apparently - where do I find the crash site of that rocket for the trophy?
  9. It is not possible to do it in one playthrough, but in 2. You can do all saved and Io together, and no one saved and Eva saved. I do the second one right now. There are two save files, common save and game save. You want to backup the last one and reload it after getting either ending. Although the main menu shows you your save before that, when you load it, it will be your backup save. But since I didn't get Ios Ending I have to do a 3rd playthrough, so I can't tell you guys immediately if this 100% works or not. But I'm pretty sure.
  10. Damn, really? Then I'll really have to do another run again because I did all memories first. I didn't check so far but shouldn't stuff like "seen all endings" being saved as a different file? Sometimes you have a save file and a main file to copy. In this case it simply would mean to only copy the save file, because the main file would save which endings you've seen so far.
  11. I beat them the following way (after lots of tries of course): I found it easier to beat blade bearer first, because I quickly learned to evade her 3 hit combo which she does a lot and cannoneer is too slow to follow us. I had active skills for fire weapon (for blade bearer), ice weapon (optional since only cannoneer left means you survived the hard part) and shield (shield with an arrow) for every damage and both fire/ice res. I didn't use any attack skills, only buffs and of course the revive one for emergencys. The shields, with some practice, will help you last long enough to beat blade bearer. If you have the ichor you should use fire weapon too. Absolutely play safe when she's down, because I died two times to only cannoneer because I'd used up all my healing potions Good luck, it sure is doable!
  12. You can change your appearence in the base at the mirror, but not your gender I think. Does anyone know whether it really has to be the last successor or could I simply only restore Ios memories to get the neutral ending? I'm not sure how important hers are, but because there was an Io girl before the boss like with every successor, I wonder how this one counts.
  13. Regarding NG+, most stuff carries over. You even unlock every partner from the start and map exploration carries over (i. e. foul mistles are already unlocked). You have to collect depth maps and vestiges and of course all key items again. Like IntrepidHunter said, I got to choose between a normal NG+ (same difficulty) or a souls-like NG+ with increased difficulty. So it shouldn't take too long to get to the final boss again.
  14. Yes, a friend of mine played the trial before and started his main game today. He told me there was an option to import the trial character.
  15. Thank you both for clearing this up for me! Never thought of checking boss areas again ^^"