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  1. At least with version 8.00 it is not cumulative and has to be done in one run (5 years with no break). I had like 10 years over 95% which didn't unlock the trophy. I got it now for 5 years nonstop without too much cut because of deathwaves. It was mostly afk playing with monuments and lots of crematories for deathwaves (lowest happiness then was 96% overall).
  2. That was said with every new patch, and I can confirm it works to some extent. With erasing my save, deinstalling and reinstalling again I got some trophies that didn't pop before (like janitor, finally on fourth attempt), but trophies do bug out even with 1.10. So when you only get some trophies and have to restart who knows how often, it's incredibly frustrating. And since one probably misses lots of "endgame" trophies like all weapons, 10k kills and so on, you always have to do a full playthrough again =_=
  3. Me too. Did 10 tech dungeon and 1000k desert enemys in one run, nothing. Since this was my fifth full run, I'm really annoyed ;_;
  4. Since I tried this today with the 1.09 version, I can definitely say no. For everyone who was curious too :/ but even doing this with ~4 hour active button pressing it should be faster than playing normally, so...
  5. Thank you, worked like a charm!
  6. I even was at under 40% at that time ;_; as far as I found out, it's for creating new things. It's not the recipes in your list that count, but creating them.
  7. Yes, I wondered that too. This is why I collected way more points than 3000 in hopes of getting it way later. But it really is awful to grind for an unknown goal, not knowing whether it is possible at all. So I found it easier to restart with a set goal. I got the 3000 blue points trophy now, at around 3035 blue points collected overall (it may have unlocked a bit earlier than this count though). I didn't use any skill point books this time.
  8. first one, stay underwater for two minutes. You can walk or swim, but stay underwater at all times (and better not breathe air at all). It's no big deal since you only get 1 damage every few seconds, simply heal it or sit it out.
  9. On my new run I kept track of blue points and made sure to not buy anymore books at 2500 overall. I'm now at 3903 blue points earned and the trophy didn't unlock. Since I'm pretty sure I didn't get more than 903 points out of astronomer's books, I guess it means the books bug the trophy out in general. Soooo... I'll start a third run, this time without relying on books AT ALL. Curse him. I'm really exhausted by this ._. For everyone else struggling with this: do not buy his books at all (to make sure) and keep at creating that cheap 3 graveyard-point stone tombstone for 3 stone (3 blue points) and write books yourself (more blue points, but uses up more energy). It greatly helps to set up a zombie stone mine and zombie writers to supply you with stories. Upgrade all tombstone skills in the tech tree to research every one.
  10. This one bugged out on me. I have like 5000 points (full tech tree + 1400 points), and after counting tech tree points that alone should push you to like 3500, as in netting you the trophy. Well, internet says if you use blue point books (astronomer shop) to get from under 3000 to over 3000, it will bug out. Since I used books often, this was probably the case for me too. Damn :/ Anyway, keep an eye out on this one! Maybe it will be patched in the future though, but for now I'll try my luck at a new game relying on blue books again but counting points lol
  11. Tips for fishing: first, aquire the best rod. You can buy it at fisherman shop highest tier. Then when fishing, only look at your arms. Once the movement pauses for a moment, push the button. The rest should be easy. Next to researching body parts you can research tombstone stuff too. A lot of blue points. After than, you could try to craft tombstone stuff (especially marble) or fluids to insert in corpses, they give one or more points per number crafted. Honestly, every moon day I bought blue books at the astronomer (75 blue points), but you should only do that if you really can spare the money.
  12. There's indeed a gate pass for a town, which ends in a mocking surprise. It was very cheap for me to buy every time I got there, but I can guess where that complain comes from - the game's progress feels slower than Stardew Valley, even with small details like walking distances. About that complain: It's quite easy to choose wrong goals in the beginning. For example, you could rush and save up skill points for unlocking "create advanced tombstones", just to find out you would have needed to unlock "production building stone 2" first, because you need special crafted stones. So if you indeed saved up a lot of points or money or whatever of ressource, you may feel disappointed. One can always look up stuff like this in online wikis of course, because if you know what you do you can rush a lot. Anyway, it's probably good advice for this game to try, at least at the beginning, not to save up for things that seem a lot more expensive than the stuff you're used too at the moment. Or be prepared you need additional steps for it to work.
  13. I played it on computer and was amazed it came out for ps4 :3 The list is very doable, no prairie king there! It takes time, but since the game's very fun, I don't mind at all. Though one thing: There's dlc ("Undead" something) for it. This one is important. I try to not spoil surprises with that, but it helps getting a lot of work automated. I guess it feels a lot more tedious if you don't get this, but since I played on computer already with dlc installed, I can only guess. Beware, one missable trophy I know of: "He trusted you..." Remember with Inquisitor to choose option Gerry when it comes up.
  14. What worked for me was collecting 12 arms + 12 legs. The recent aquired (fresh) ones I cooked over a fire, while nonstop eating the dried ones. I ate the cooked ones in between, but when I ate the last dried part, I got the trophy. Simply save beforehand and give it a shot.
  15. Not sure whether 1.05 patched every crash, but I played a lot today and no single crash so far. Graphical bugs and some frame rate issues remain though, but honestly I don't care at all as long as I'm able to save