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  1. Can confirm it works. Just downloaded PS4 version, started it, deleted it and then upgraded & downloaded PS5 version. After starting it up, it auto popped.
  2. Easiest level to do this is Covert Operation which is VERY short. Just do it on easy difficulty and nobody will see you if you are careful.
  3. I think that’s just a fluke. I always did it rapidly and that worked too. I think it’s just random.
  4. I don’t know what makes it pop exactly but that’s what worked for me. Maybe try restarting the whole level after a few tries.
  5. Thanks a lot! The game is pretty decent, although from a technical standpoint, it’s very bad. A lot of FPS drops, sound/music glitches, AI is very stupid even on the highest difficulty. Some bosses didn’t even shoot me and Manual Save is working but it’s useless because it doesn’t do anything. Just loads the game from the beginning of a level. I don’t know if it’s nostalgia but original is much better in my opinion. It has a better atmosphere, feels more “comics-y”, less generic. You can see it falls off. Both the helmet and the chest armor. The trick is using just single bullets, don’t use auto on it.
  6. Don’t do that. All I did was to start the first Emerald Base mission, got to the garage where you have to pull the lever and then the armored guy shows up. Shoot off his vest, then helmet and punch him to the death. Try doing it over and over again and it should pop.
  7. So the trophy popped in the end. I just had to do it several times till it decided I deserve the trophy. And with that, I got the plat.
  8. Just got the platinum. Thanks for the help!
  9. I did it a few minutes ago. Just crush everything you see. All windows, doors, cabinets, every glass and fire extinguisher. There’s a window in the back of the beach House behind a curtain that you have to break with a weapon. Also, if the trophy doesn’t want to pop, try shooting every crashed window. There can still be a little bit of glass.
  10. Okay then. I was confused because 2 players already got it. I did this trophy in the Emerald Base where you get the crossbow. In the 2nd level of Emerald Base where you just leave the ventilation and you have to shut down the generators. Just kill 5 ppl with the crossbow without them seeing you and it should pop.
  11. Can somebody help me with this trophy? I see some ppl already got it, so it’s possible to get it. I tried everything. Found an armored soldier with a helmet, shot his head & chest till the armor comes off and then finished him with R1 knife attack. Already tried with fists too or throwing knife. Any ideas? Is there another enemy, who has armor on his legs too? Am I missing something?
  12. Oh, thank god. I just completed the game on XIII difficulty and was pissed I didn’t get the other trophies. Thanks!
  13. So many crybabies here just because of a “shape”. Honestly, this site really needs an overall upgrade. Exophase is doing much better job with their design and even has a game time implemented already. I hoped we would see a new version after PS5 release. What a shame. Step up your game.
  14. Embrace the change. Change is nice.
  15. People will never stop b*tching about anything. I think the UI looks Amazing. It’s slick, clean, minimalistic and feels “premium”. Easy to use and navigate. Tons of new features and things that even the competition doesn’t have. I love it and can’t wait to get my hands on it. P.S.: Themes still exist, yes.