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  1. That trophy has specific requirements, so you were just unlucky I guess. Open 3 Malignant Containers Pick up 3 Malignant Silphiums Pick up 3 Malignant Resins Pick up 1 Malignant Key Pick up 3 Spoiled Resins
  2. He is one of the guys btw. Look at his thread “The grind isn’t that bad”.
  3. Boss trophies work after defeating them again. But Act trophies don't. The trigger happens only once during the new game, so if you already done it in that playthrough, you have to start from scratch. At least for Act 1 trophy.
  4. I think the trigger for that Act 1 trophy happens only once during a new game after beating the 3rd boss. so it won't happen again if you already done it in that playthrough.
  5. I feel your pain. My advice would be to just try for 1-2 hours every day and then do something else. This way you will eventually get it and won't spend all day on it. Just a few runs every day.
  6. Well, if you are in Act 3 already then yes. You’ll have to delete your save & complete Act 1 again. Just do it after you have everything else.
  7. No, there's not. Getting a parasite to drop is like 90%. They are very common. And I even think that you can't miss the first parasite at the beginning of the game, which will start the cutscene he's mentioning.
  8. This whole thread and your posts are just proofs that you have no idea how the game works. This is a random generated map game. For example, the first biome has 15 types of main rooms, 15 types of side rooms. First biome can include 10 types of main rooms and 10 types of side rooms (I'm over-exaggerating here a bit). So there are 3003 combinations for each type of room (main or side) and how the rooms can be put together is even more. Chance to get the room you need is 0.06%. It's almost like rolling a dice. If you include that all of those combinations can be repeated, the chance for getting 1 type of combination with 1 type of a side room you exactly need is very slim. Do you get it now?
  9. I'm sorry to burst your bubble but that's exactly what's happening and what people are trying to tell you from the very beginning. And no, it's not because of a patch or glitch. I had to do 50+ runs to get the Scout Log 9 before even 1.3.3 patch came out. Like I said, just look at different forum topics here. "Grind is killing me" thread where are several posts about this issue. Or that "I got scout log 9 and figured out how to get it" thread. Go read it. It's like you are in denial or can't even imagine that someone was more unlucky than you. This is a random generated map game. Of course there will be people who are unlucky and it will take more time for them than for others!
  10. You see that scene like in your 1st-2nd run through that biome at the very beginning. Then it can take 1-100+ runs to get it. Did you even read the other forum topics here?
  11. Problem is you’re looking at it from just your perspective. Maybe it was easy and short for you but there are people, including me, who finished the game in ~15 hours and spent another 50 hours just for 5 collectibles. That’s the insane thing. And the biggest problem is that there’s no way to affect that chance. That’s why people are frustrated. I’d rather speedrun the game or play it from the beginning to the end without dying than rely on RNG. I’m not against grinds at all. I kinda even enjoyed grinding in Dark Souls 3 or AoT for 100+ hours. But some of these collectibles here are insanely rare to get for some people. And no, there’s really no satisfaction in finding an audio log after playing through the biome 50 times. You’re just glad it’s over and there’s no sense of pride or skill in that. You’re just counting how many hours it took you and being pissed that somebody else got it on 5th try. Critizicing their suffering isn’t gonna help them.
  12. Nope.
  13. I get that people are pissed off and tired. I was too. The grind is awful but let’s be rational. Giving the game 4/10 just because of trophy requirement is absurd.
  14. Patch just released. Hopefully it’s fixed.
  15. Yes, that should be the one. On the left far side should be a cipher. There’s also a cipher when you go deeper. There is one type of a room with a broken pillar. There is one cipher on a ledge.