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  1. Not that hard! I even did the speedrun on my 2nd playthrough on Hard diff but I can see some places where somebody could have problems. If you're used to some castlevanias/platformers, you'll breeze through it.
  2. Sorry mate, but it's obvious you're in denial. The leaker is a hero without a doubt. It's such a shame that after 7 years we're getting this political agenda bullshit game ruin one of the best franchises. It is literally a spit in the face to the fans (as Joel gets one in the game). I can't even imagine how will the HBO series look like but I'm sure it will not be worth watching at all. Thanks again, Mr. Leaker.
  3. Also, don't forget to use the "snatch" technique. Take the grenade from your inventory, hold square and press L1, so your falcon takes it immediately. Much faster then waiting for him to land on your left arm.
  4. Does anyone know where to find turnips? Been all over the map and even the merchant guy doesn’t have them. EDIT: Nevermind. Got it from one guy in town.
  5. In the end, it's really much better to get to NG+2 than farm on lower difficulty. I was wondering the same thing as OP when I needed 40+ skill points in NG+ but I was getting so little throughout the whole playthrough on NG+ that I'm glad I went to NG+2, which I completed in like 2-3 hours and did the rest there. You can achieve Shura ending in like 2 hours, so it's much faster than you think.
  6. Looks really easy. Very similiar to Bloodborne with several endings & acquiring everything. Kinda shame but I’ll take it.
  7. This is false. How I did it was to die if I didn't hit one, then I tried again. After like 5th time I did it and it popped.
  8. No, It’s not. You can find every creature at the end of the game. Even when Forgotten Crossroads become Infected.
  9. Team Cherry responded about this bug and fix is on It’s way. All you will have to do is to return to map shop.
  10. This sucks so much. 30 hours, already at the end with 112% and this is the only trophy I won’t have. Hope It’s fixed soon and it will pop up immediately after loading old save without doing another playthrough. This game is a masterpiece but this really pissed me off.
  11. Bound Out of Bounds 38,000 players - only 250 platinum achievers also Transformers: Devastation Platinum 100k players - only 1,000 platinum achievers same with Furi
  12. Completed the flashpoint but didn’t get the trophy. Possibly bugged atm.
  13. I’m looking for some1 to drop me all weapons. Already joined Discord but without answer. ID: Lowlliet Region EU Level 90
  14. Platinum Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 8/10 As you can see in my trophy cabinet, I love HC platformers & anything that has that "Dark Souls-y" vibe and Dead Cells is definitely that kind of a game, so it was no brainer for me to buy this masterpiece. If you like Metroidvania games, you'll fall in love with this one. Awesome & satisfying combat, beautiful environments & pixel-art and memorable OST (that ambience from Slumbering Sanctuary is my favorite). Don`t let the randomness & one life = one run scare you. That's what makes this game special. Every run is different with different layout of levels, gear and enemies. I despise lootboxes but this game is basically one big lootbox, which you open every time you die and you don't know what you'll get. Definitely worth checking out & playing. GG indeed.
  15. Yep. You can get the blueprint for Cursed Sword then get to Throne Room, unlock the sword from the Collector & he will drop it for you, take it and kill the boss. For the second one, you can just keep the beginner bow from the beginning as I did on my last run while changing everything else (picture above).
  16. Hours of practice but It’s a little bit easier with Wolf Trap & Efficiency mutation then you can spam it and keep him immobilized. You can keep stabbing him in the back and he won’t do anything. I always went with Toxic Sewers - Ramparts - Black Bridge - Stilt Village - Clock Tower - Clock Room - High Peak Castle - Throne Room. Of course I took every Timed Door & Cursed Treasure. And also searched for enemies with a Star which drop Scrolls too. Always ended up with 22-24 Tactics that way.
  17. Oh god. I’d throw my PS4 out of the window if that happened to me.
  18. It definitely seems easier with mouse. More accurate aiming really helps. I wanted to buy this game immediately after release but when I see how some of you have glitches & bugs, I guess it's better to wait for now. At least I'll get some rest after Dead Cells. That platinum was hell.
  19. ....aaaand platinum done! Whew! That was tough. Not sure where to put it on my list of HC platformers though. If you get the right weapons, right gear (at least 1 Colorless sword & Wolf Trap + Crossb-o-matic), enough Scrolls it's kinda easy even on the worse difficulties. Otherwise, it's hell and you can't kill anything. Here's my ultimate build which I got just after finishing Nightmare difficulty and while finding Challenge rift for the last trophy & keeping bow from the beginning. Easy stun lock with Wolf Trap & easy burst with Crossbo-o-matic. Just wish I could keep this forever.
  20. Best thing to do is to find a planet without water, you can see it in space (I had plenty systems with planets without it). These planets have just 5 to 9 animals max. Now land on one of these, look around, scan what you can and search for flying animals aswell. There will always be 1-3 small types, 1-2 medium and 1 large. Also 1-2 types of flying animals. With this strategy I was done in a few hours. Happy hunting.
  21. That’s completely normal and I’m glad they did it that way. Serves right for those that though it would make them OP or something. Nope. You will have to craft and search for resources like any other.
  22. BTW this is from the first guide I came across. No idea where you looked before. “For this you must complete the 4 favors (side quests) for the wayward spirits (ghosts) in the Midgard region. They can be found around the Lake of Nine area. Simply follow the collectible guide for all their locations. Favor “Dead Freight” in Region “Forgotten Caverns” Favor “Hammer Fall” in Region “Stone Falls” Favor “The Anatomy of Hope” in Region “The Mason’s Channel” Favor “Unfinished Business” in Region “Shores of Nine” You call this no help at all?
  23. There are many more spirits than those 4 in the beginning... just play the game more and you’ll see. Ridiculous you’re asking for this when you didn’t finish the game yet.
  24. Same. Thought I'd give it a shot and platinum it before God of War but it'll have to wait.
  25. I just have to smile at these threads. I enjoyed every minute of this game. It sure is repetitive and the story isn't interesting at all but damn the gameplay, atmosphere, setting, car customization was awesome. Hope they make another one.