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  1. Still need 5 recipes but if it can help here's how I get 5 stars reviews from the last story characters (not sure about the dishes names in english sorry) : - Maurice : manly curry (his story dish), spicy - Ginji : bouillabaisse, bitter - Miere : fruit pie (it's in the "bread" section), cold - Chouchou & Lanche : mont blanc (secret recipe from Rosetta), sweet - Dr Zeff : energy soup (his story dish), bitter Other recipe could also work, that's just the ones I use to get 5 stars reviews. Not sure if the ingredient quality impacts the review, but I try using the best ingredients I can to make the dishes " +2 " or " +3 " quality. If you run out of ingredients just use different ones the important thing is the overall taste (sweet, salty, etc) of the dish, it has to fit what the character like. Also it's important to note that if your cook starts dancing with a sad face emoji, he WILL fail the dish he's currently preparing, even if you talk to him immediately, resulting in "it was better last time" 2 stars reviews. To prevent that, I found that giving the order right after Ipanema does it works pretty well, as Luccola is less likely to get in a bad mood between two successive orders. Basically you take the story character's order, you wait for Ipanema to put in her current order and then you do the same. Then check on Luccola: if he starts preparing the food normally, leave him be, but if he starts smiling and dancing go talk to him immediately. The first order will be ruined, but that won't matter because that's Ipanema's order and not the one for the story character. Hope that helps because the grind for the last recipes is such a pain...
  2. Lol I know right? I spent hours trying to make different choices and facing the last boss again but I just couldn't figure it out. And all I had to do was use the damn item... orz
  3. Hm if I recall correctly, at the beginning of this memory you need to choose to look for a place to spend the night, then pick Regent (maybe it works with Yuzu too though, I haven't tried). At some point you'll end up in an old man's mansion. When you're told you're free to explore the mansion, there's a room just before your bedroom I think where you can find the diary. Hope that helped.
  4. Please play my level, it's super short and I'll play yours as well if you comment. I'll also play the levels in the last pages here and check for new ones. Thanks! EDIT: Got the trophy so I don't need more plays, thanks everyone!