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  1. Hey, I can't be connected on the ubisoft server, when I try enter in challenge the game say " impossible to connect of the ubisoft server, try later" do you have same problem? I wait 4 golden cup lol ^^
  2. Is the same for band hero?
  3. so is closed or no, because with ruse and Batman i prefer asked ^^
  4. I try the game is cool, is true is casual magic but harder to learn like hearthstone, hopefull is not same insane difficulty of Yu-Gi-Oh lol
  5. Hi, have some question for this game, The 3 version possible ? Game and DLC isen't delisted ?
  6. Turbo controler worked ?
  7. 60 wins Need 2 player's 60 wins Need 4 player's ( Or the half on PS4 ) You have 4 game mode, so you 2 game mode need 4 player's is 2vs2
  8. Can get all trophies on coop with m'y Friends ?
  9. Hi, it is possible get 2000 Ranked trophy with 2 player's using turbo controler ?
  10. You have the bug too ? Because maybe i have solution, think we Can play only if both have the same glitch
  11. Thanks you
  12. Hi, i don't have " run like winds " trophy so i can't have the Platinium but, i want have 98% trophies and my question is : how i can sure haker's don't pop my trophies ? I don't want trophy hacked so i fear play multiplayer this game, Can i unlocked all trophies in private match and if i do, my trophies are safe ?
  13. Thanks so IS how many on € ?
  14. Hi, how much money i need pay for have the platinium please ?
  15. I see no platinium in both version but less than 100 player, i watched video of this game he look really good, so what's the problem with trophiees please ? ^^