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  1. Add me, we test tommorow
  2. Hi, your boost partner need create only administrative bulding and depot, you Can capture or destroy the HQ and is over
  3. I got my plat, for prospecter i just use laser tower ( not sure english name is tower cost 6 square ) not tank or hawk, when hawk com change tower on DCA, is just grind not hard Note : if you join à game already started is good but have 2 conditions : join before wave 4 or join a Friend
  4. Is fine tout finish multiplayer before 30 june, is not longs ( hopefull ils n'ont warhawk )
  5. France for me
  6. Hi, Griding trophy can be unlocked on training mode ?
  7. Hi, i play this game on PS now Can i connect 2nd contrôler ? I have only one officiel controler
  8. hey, for arcade mode, you sure dualshock controler is good fasting for 16min less ? or is same of deadstorm pirate ?
  9. Hey what is your best personal record in trial mode, i have 405 point on water level
  10. Hi, i have problem for ranking, when i finish à ranked last Time ( surrender boost ) i have get 1538599637302 points and im 52 worldwild the problem is now i can't play with m'y Friend for my 3 last win, do you have solution please
  11. I just get my platinium, is easy in my opinion
  12. upgrades weapon is in contract mode
  13. Hope you have time to finish trophy
  14. Server still up, i play all day ranked or player match good