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  1. I'll take that code off your hands :P

  2. Hi, i have a code for soundcrack of the game but i don't care xd, so if you want the code let me know
  3. Hi, i purchass the premium edition on PlayStation store ( si i have BF3 + Welcome pack + BF3 Premium + 5 dlc ) the problem is after thé installation over in main menu my PS3 freeze Always, i try to start the game offline and he notre freeze but when i connect After game started i freeze again. I purchass the physical copy and is same, i délecte some Time the game ( but i can't delecte BF3 Premium ) and the game freeze again actualy problem if you have solver... Thanks for futher reply
  4. Hey thanks for that, i have trouble with the level 3, 18 and 20 of the 3 Dark, for 20th level is the first missile
  5. Basicly this game is not Bad in theory, but is just a theory, yes adam's vanture sucks
  6. Online of this game sucks
  7. I delete the game for download again After but do you think have more chance if i play offline ?
  8. Hi, so i have some question about this game, actually im on the 2nd boss ( the Octopus ) but i have trouble cause my attack is so low, my question is : 1 ) boss have different partern like soul or is totally linear ? 2 ) i play only with fire for get Sigil LV 16 first playground that is good Idea ? 3 ) i don't understand how work spell craft or other option, i have Bad stuff think 4 ) do you have tips for the game ? Thanks for reply
  9. Ah thanks !
  10. hi, a friend said he have other version of this game, do you have any idea about that ?
  11. I sign the petition for help ( didn't interested by this game ) but think EA don't care...
  12. Damn, i want start the game soon, but now i wait you have platinium ahah
  13. So its more fast without boost ?
  14. Thanks
  15. Arakune for me !