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  1. Hi, i have trouble with this trophy and i not see video on YouTube, is classic or Infinite mode ?
  2. Hi, i have a problem, each time i play extinction mode on online, my playstation freeze and i must disconnect the alimentation, did you have same problem or solver ? cause the blue-ray of the game is very good, i don't know why i have this problem, thanks
  3. Congratz, i have the platinium too, for the Train i use Nina up and Alisa UP si, pretty easy
  4. Tekken 6 complete !
  5. Probably Feng or Kazuya cause both have good spam technique like trophy nightmare, but is not really hard and you have stuff for up alissa and you so don't worrie, i use Nina cause is my favorite charactere of tekken, but is your choice
  6. i know, both is in my list
  7. Demon's souls complete !
  8. I have already Super street Fighter IV PS4, R.u.s.e, SFXT vita, skullgrild 2nd encore platinium
  9. I send invitation on discord
  10. So before now i play for ranking, but is over, never VN again or barbie ! the problem is my very long list of game you can see here, actually i want play at good game, hard game and grinding game Playstation 3: Playstation 4: Playstation Vita: Maybe Playstation 3 : Maybe Playstation 4 Maybe Playstation Vita
  11. hi, i have the EU version i need the item please
  12. thanks all
  13. Is really grind ?
  14. Hi, Can i boost this trophies if i block thé joystick if my first controler to right and my 2nd controler to right too ? I dash before if course for continue run, i need method for afk boosting
  15. 2/10 so yes is easy