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  1. You have the bug too ? Because maybe i have solution, think we Can play only if both have the same glitch
  2. Thanks you
  3. Hi, i don't have " run like winds " trophy so i can't have the Platinium but, i want have 98% trophies and my question is : how i can sure haker's don't pop my trophies ? I don't want trophy hacked so i fear play multiplayer this game, Can i unlocked all trophies in private match and if i do, my trophies are safe ?
  4. Thanks so IS how many on € ?
  5. Hi, how much money i need pay for have the platinium please ?
  6. I see no platinium in both version but less than 100 player, i watched video of this game he look really good, so what's the problem with trophiees please ? ^^
  7. Because some people has stupid
  8. Welcome ! don't worry your english is perfect compared as me ahah
  9. I used often this method and have never problem of timestamp, for exemple my last think is save the ninja clan NA version, i plat the game OFFLINE cause i can see my trophy list without problem, and after the platinium pop, now i use the method
  10. I don't know why the guide say " glitched trophies " i just get all trophiees, with skip all dialogues and simuled all match ( exept the last on the TV cause you can't ), think 20min since good
  11. For the moment i try with Wess using 236B then 623B ( when have level 1 jauge use 236A+B ) but i need a spam method faster, did you have a charactere or any other information for help me please ?
  12. Is hard to prove if the platinium is legit or no, but if you look all the profil he have just vita game complete like DOA or UMVC3, so yes is suspicious but actually we Can thinks is legit... In m'y opinion is vitæ jaylibreak for all vita game but i can't prove...
  13. For me the best PS3 game !
  14. @Stevieboy hi, i get it sorry for the topic