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  1. hi when i try to instal have error message on my compunter edit : nvm but the add on is delecte just after i change screen if im on leaderboard then i go on my profil all new option is not here
  2. Hi, did you know how fast get this trophy i try to rage quit all until im rock rookie but you know faster method ? On my New account im ultra platinium so not really easy win all time ^^
  3. I just want the 100% of based game ( the list with the platinium and the dlc in this liste) but not the dlc liste in 100%
  4. Hi, its possible get the 100% of the game without get ans trophy of the additional liste ?
  5. I dont Know if you have the risk on coop campagn but in the doubt, i suggest dont try on main accourt, but yes maybe is only on zombie
  6. Damn, so other game i never have the plat ahah
  7. so this trophy, then so the platinium are still possible now ?
  8. 400 platinium soon

  9. all is obtainable, but keep trying never player with rendom player's because you have some cheater of the game can unlock all trophiees, so you are flag here...
  10. In my opinion only viper, fuerte and Honda are really hard, the last of Ken too Because each need hard mechanic, for Honda link a thousand hand after a kick input without turbo contrĂ´ler or arcade stuck can be hard you need to buff the punch input very faste in the animation of the kick. Maybe the easiest character is bison I think or gouken I just start Persona 4 arena and some people say trial of sf IV is harder to p4, for some people the top 3 of harder trial ( trophy trial online so only the 200 of kof XIII ahah) is 1st Kohime embou 2nd Super street Fighter IV 3th Ultimate marvel VS Capcom 3 I can trust that so yes street fighter IV trial is hard the reason of this is easy for me is because I play more 2000 hour in ssf IV so now have little or big trouble for other trial game I can complete sf4 trial faster than sf5 lol Don't worry you can got hit and you don't need use arcade stick, I use ds3 or ds4 because I never really take a time for train arcade stick
  11. Hi I'm very curious about this game, did you have translate trophy or maybe a trophy guide in Japanese forum, platinum still possible? Game zoned or he can be complet on European account? Thanks
  12. Any have the Plat and can tell me the personal not for difficulty rate and time please
  13. OK perfect thank you
  14. Hi, if I get S rank on all sub-level I'm sure have the final S rank or he needed to get perfect imput for up my scoring?