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  1. Think if we can boost is not really hard, but i need more information for the moment, wait and see ^^
  2. For you what difficulty and Time please ( i Never play NBA )
  3. Have ultra slim
  4. Hi i have trouble for griffin's challenge, the level 2 say : detect Monster 55x. I set detector, and my Friend control monster move and destroy it, but the challenge progress 1/10 Time, did you have solution please ?
  5. I don't think i get all version, unfortunaly i don't like sport game, m'y speciality is fighting game like street fighter ( or visual novembre ahah )
  6. Winning eleven you say ?
  7. So you confirm, for Football's game casual is good ?
  8. hey, i clear Maggot boy, but now i have trouble for level 8, 10 of Hell dark
  9. I understand, thanks for information
  10. Nah i don't Say that, i only play both on Playstation, i say Pc comunauty Say that
  11. I just say that because i have have some Friend have the plat, actually i just started, but all i know Never gived 10/10, yes is my opinion, only Lost Planet 2 is 10/10 maybe he have other game in the same situation, i don't know all game, but yes i respect your opinion, just Cloudberry Kingdom is really most hard for easy reason, first level 319 is most hard of all level in SMB, the real difficulty is complet 20 level without die, for CK is Clear the game, the problem is CK is really really most hard of SMB so for some people have finish both ( on PC i Say ) finish Cotton Dark no die is easy if you look level 319 of CK, but i Never said SMB is easy for me is a solid 9/10
  12. Hi, actually i Never play a PES game, but i want try this game, i have 2014 toi but i have few question - 1 im casual so wich not you Give for difficulty ? - 2 Time needed ? Cause think i can't more 40 hour on football game
  13. Actually i just restart the game, my friend get the p^lat in 1 week i say 8/10 for is 9/10, SMB is not one of most hard platinium game... is just popular game
  14. SMB is really hard Platformer game, yes but not 10/10, in my opinion only games need to Beat a World record without reset Can be have 10/10 like Lost Planet 2 before hack, but yes is 9/10, Cloudberry Kingdom is most hard of this game 9,50/10, SMB 9,25/10 and crypt has 9,75/10 or 9,9/10 depending your note, SMB is just knowledge ans try hard, so you don't really call this game " hardcore " is same for souls series, both is hard on begining, After you play again and again you finaly finish it.
  15. Thanks for help i get Missile boy, now i go to Hell Dark