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  1. If the game is an hour I don’t care. I’m still going to play it. There is way too much emphasis on play time now and we end up with bloat filled crap
  2. I play with crossplay off since about 1 week after launch. wait times are about the same as they were when i was playing with crossplay
  3. Not every game needs to be 70 hours. I’d rather play a fun 7-12 hour game than a game that just lasts way too long.
  4. It actually seems more doable than f13 at least lol It’s made by the creators of f13, I’m sure the grind will suck unless you’re just playing this for hours every day
  5. Do they carry over through multiple play through a? I missed one at the beginning
  6. It’s better than salvation sure, but even at the recent price drop to 40 bucks digital, it still feels too expensive. I’m playing it because I like the franchise, but as a game, if you don’t love terminator, I wouldn’t pay more than 20-30 dollars at most
  7. I’ve played 12 ranked matches total. Didn’t get the trophy for it
  8. That doesn’t make any sense because I’ve got more than the required amount completed
  9. I’ve used the zombies explosives to kill him in the campaign and in horde mode and it doesn’t pop. I’ve made sure to shoot the grenade to explode it rather than kill the zombie and still no dice. Not sure what’s going on here
  10. I’ve completed 12 world ranked matches and the trophy hasn’t popped yet. Anyone know if this is bugged?
  11. Buy a Pro
  12. Thank you!
  13. How do you melee in this?
  14. Plat seems easy. My issue is it looks exactly like the terrible iOS game from a while back
  15. I’m going for days gone. Tough right now because I’m working 70 hours a week and have a 4 month old