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  1. Buy a Pro
  2. Thank you!
  3. How do you melee in this?
  4. Plat seems easy. My issue is it looks exactly like the terrible iOS game from a while back
  5. I’m going for days gone. Tough right now because I’m working 70 hours a week and have a 4 month old
  6. I definitely wouldn’t call it much better. Ps+ has been a joke since they removed the PS3 and vita games. The first month post that removal was good nothing since
  7. Didn’t the Konami arcade classics have a platinum?
  8. I platinumed 4 fairly easily, this game is giving me a lot of trouble though. Seems much harder to hit all the notes in this game than in p4 dancing
  9. Are people still playing this enough you can easily find full matches?
  10. Thanks guys
  11. Zero faith in platinum here. They did too many work for hire and licensed titles to stay afloat. I used to get excited at their name
  12. Hey guys, maybe I’m missing something here but one of the ingredients is nest residue, which I assumed dropped when burning a nest. Just burnt one and that wasn’t the case. Anyone know how to get them?
  13. The evil within 1 and two are some of my absolute favorite games this generation. I’d recommend it wholeheartedly
  14. Never once have I gave a shit what a critic has said about a game. Every game isn’t going to be game of the year. All I care about is if I have fun. I’ve seen enough of it to know what to expect and that I’ll like it
  15. Supposedly capcom did it on their own just in case. The problem here is that it doesn’t look good when the games in question are typically underage anime girls