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  1. With DBD announced for ps5 it got me thinking about the possible trophy list. I thought that the usual process for old games on new consoles was to repeat the same trophies as the previous generations. As it's not a remaster there wouldn't be a change in trophies but with DBD currently having over 150 trophies could they still put all of those on the ps5? I thought the cap for a base game without dlc was like 52 trophies, so if they did have to remove some of the trophies which ones would you want removed and why? (Basically which are your least favourite haha) For me I'd like them to lose the Map specific generator trophies, I just think completing a specific gen on a map is kinda pointless it's usually no more skillful than completing any other gen on that map.
  2. Haven't checked actually, i'll give it a look next time i'm there. πŸ˜‚
  3. I'm glad that someone has addressed this, I thought I was going insane. I've played Fall mountain like 10 times and always started in the back row whereas my friend has always been in the front row in the middle. I thought it had something to do with where your psn name falls in the alphabet as mine begins with V and his with B, a long shot I know. He had me convinced the game just hates me haha
  4. I'll have to give that a watch at some point!
  5. I think the biggest fuck up of the campaign is when they rescue Price from the Gulag. It makes zero sense that they would hand him a gun and carry on like nothing had happened. No questions about why he was there, how long he had been there like literally nothing. Half the team doesn't even know who the fuck he is. I'm pretty sure it's not even talked about during the cutscenes afterwards πŸ˜‚
  6. Can't wait, been dying for a pokemon-like game on the playstation!
  7. I played on the UK PS+ version also, did about 6 or 7 runs total with no trophy pop. Deleted the save data and did a no death run in one sitting and the trophy popped. I made sure not to collect any intel, beat SSDD for a veteran time and avoided the 'No Russian' mission. The trophy not popping ruined this game for me, the story is really good but forced to play it numerous times killed it. Good luck to all still trying to get the trophy to pop. Some useful threads can be found here and here.
  8. Hi allΒ πŸ‘‹

    For anyone who reads this I've started doing "Mini Platinum Reviews" on youtube for games that I've platinum'd and have given them a rating based on my own personal enjoyment.

    I'm going to start posting them here incase anyone is thinking about going for a plat without really knowing much about the game. If you have any recommendations for games or anything criticisms of my reviews please let me know.

    Thanks for the support!


    Spongebob Squarepants - Mini Platinum Review

    My name is Mayo - Mini Platinum Review
    Warface - Mini Platinum Review


  9. I'm making this thread separate from the other thread as the solutions there work for some and not for others, this is guaranteed to work as a last option. After exhausting all the solutions on the other thread and still not getting the trophy I read that one guy had to delete his save data and do it again. As annoying as it was beating the game for like the 6th or 7th time after deleting the save data and doing it again the trophy popped, the same for my friend. I obviously recommend that you get every other trophy before going ahead and doing this method, but this will guarantee the trophy pop given that you have followed the steps mentioned in other thread. I hope this helps others who were stuck like myself, technically you could guarantee to finish this with just 3 playthroughs now (1 veteran, 1 collectibles and miscellaneous and 1 no death run) TL;DR: If you are 100% convinced that you have beaten the game without dying and that the trophy didn't pop, delete your save data and do it again.
  10. So to just to confirm, you deleted the save data and the whole game, re-downloaded and redid all the missions and the trophy popped? I've completed this game 5 times over and still don't have the trophy. 😭
  11. All of them remain on completed on veteran and the SSDD has never reset for me, constantly says my best time. Haven't had the friendly fire screen since the veteran run, so no idea what i'm missing. I'll try re-running SSDD a couple of times, fingers crossed 😡
  12. I'm 100% convinced this is a glitched trophy btw. I completed it on veteran and most of the intel on the first run, then went back and found the rest of the intel and completed all the miscellaneous trophies along with it. I haven't died during any of the runs after veteran, have started every level from the beginning and haven't loaded into a mission from another checkpoint (except for contingency for the trophy, replayed it to straight after for a no death run) I've played numerous levels more than once and still haven't had the trophy pop. I'm going to run through the game again from start to finish for a no death run and see what happens. First though i'm going to quickly re-do the gulag mission as I have a feeling it may be something to do with trophies popping in missions, i'll update when I get it. *Update: I thought it might be the fact that because I earned a trophy in the gulag mission it affected the immortal trophy, this was not the case :/ Full playthrough incoming I guess.
  13. The desert eagle has always had an inconsistent shot pattern even in the multiplayer back on ps3. Run the pit the first time and you'll get access to more weapons, use the two other pistols (usp and m9). There's a whole thread here where people are uploading their best times with some putting gameplay too, you'll see that nearly all are using those other two pistols. Hope that helps!
  14. 19.65 Got the trophy and got out of there πŸ˜‚ Some amazing runs out there, ggs all.
  15. All three of the Spyro remasters, absolutely love those games!