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  1. Crazy coincidence! I remember when I joined you I recognized the names, thanks again for the help! @Potent_Delusions and @CriesOfFurya
  2. Hey Cries, congrats on the plat for Warface!

    Managed to get mine a few days back, wouldn't have got it so quickly without your help so thanks again! 😁

    1. CriesOfFurya


      Hey man, thanks for the shout-out, but also couldn't have done it without you! Congratulations on your 100% as well :D

  3. Ahh I didn't realise, I must have gotten lucky I managed to finish it on the 5th attempt with some randoms! Cheers again @Sinthoras_96 I was the random Brit who joined your party when you were helping people get the stairway to heavens trophy, without your help it would have taken me ages to get the plat!
  4. Just a heads up for anyone trying to do the hard spec ops mission as this is by far the easiest mission to complete it on. Happy trophy hunting!
  5. This man right here, is an absolute hero! Dont know what team 17 were on about here then.
  6. I thought the same, looks like another long 25 hours for me. To be honest I think I'll just skip it, don't think I can go through it again 😭
  7. After contacting Team 17 regarding my previous post where I believed the trophies for collecting all pagies and quills were missable they have confirmed that it is indeed a glitch that they are aware of. If you do not collect the pagie and 4 quills in the boiler room after beating the world 2 boss then you cannot always collect them later in the game. Team 17 are working to resolve this but have no fix at the moment. Trying to make this public here so no one else goes through 25 hours of the game to miss out on the trophies. FML ☚ī¸
  8. Hi all, I'm having trouble reaching the last pagie on the above mentioned world which in turn is also costing me some quills. Reading through guides I can see its located at the boss stage where your supposed to walk back in through the boiler after beating the boss. I didn't realise this when first beating the boss and now whenever I return the spikey wall is blocking the entrance to the boss. I have re-expanded the world beforehand but still the entrance is blocked. Has anyone else encountered this, or better yet does anyone have any idea on how to help me? Of all the collectathons I've played I can't say I enjoyed this game, the character/camera controls are so clunky and the exposition from the unlikeable characters is driving me mad ☚ī¸ Don't think I'll be getting the sequel 😂 I've made a quick video showing what I believe to be my problem. Again any help is much appreciated. Glitched Pagie? If it is in fact a glitch, it would make the collect all pagies and quills missable in the trophy guide. Hopefully it can be solved!
  9. I too am struggling with this ☚ī¸ Any help would be much appreciated! * Trophy just popped! I followed the video in the guide but had the same problem as mont266 above, To bypass this I moved around (just ran side to side) while on the roof which made her shots take longer allowing you to counter shoot first. Also I just aimed and shot when the timer appeared, a mixture of both have done the trick! Good luck to anyone trying, hope this helped 😀