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  1. So I remember playing one of the P3 versions back in the day (I think the FES version for PS2) and I got annoyed because in addition to the day limit you also had the fatigue/tiring mechanic that made you leave the dungeon after a while. Is this the version that has that or was that removed?
  2. Can't power level. Your legion cap will limit how high you can level.
  3. I apologize I was unable to join the last session before it expired. Are you planning to do another by a long shot? I took a short break in the playthrough and im right outside the Moonlight Butterfly's boss gate.
  4. Ok cool I didn't realize this. Thank you. Ok well then I'm not quite through NG+ to the Kiln but ill get to a place where i can summon you and then i'll jump in your group if youre still offering.
  5. What cycle should we be on? NG or NG+ or doesn't it matter?
  6. My biggest issue is the game recycling models more than jrpgs from the late 80s-90s. There's legit like 10 families of monsters that just get color swaps and higher stats. Like everything, even the hunts, have reskins. Hell even the post game content suffers the issue of reused assets. The game was quirky and fun but no way in hell is this the best of the series. Better than Zestiria for sure, but even the old ones like Hearts and Symphonia are overall better.
  7. Apparently the craft 50/100 trophies are also bugged. I started manually keeping track because I was sure I over shot it, and sure enough I counted 50 (not including anything before) and the one trophy hasn't popped yet. Apparently this is an issue on the steam version as well, and has been for two months.
  9. I cannot recommend against this game enough. What bills itself as a nostalgic trip to old school FE-style games is in fact a game made little more than second-year programming skills. The game's story is completely disjointed, poorly explained, and has more missing text and punctuation than games written in the 80s (think all your bases...). The leads start off as extremely unlikable brats, and the development of said characters is minimal and with no transition or meaningful experiences. The plot which tries to subvert normal tropes of games, abuses the "I know, but I can't tell you yet" plot lock to the point it should be arrested and given felony charges. The game claims a customization skill tree, which is hot garbage. It's two branches, specific and general, and the specific is really only "let me try and augment some special passive or one active skill of the character". There are no levels, instead you are at the mercy of RNG to find gems to install and boost stats. There is crafting, but it's really only consumables. No forging powerful weapons or armor, just potions or give bleed to my attack. The battles are painfully monotonous, usually amounting to kill someone or get to the edge of the map (sometimes you have annihilation, but rarely). The game seems to only save when you exit to the main menu, and even then it works 50/50. I was reset from map 25 back to 12, and then 21 back to 15 when I turned my PS4 off. Use online storage or a USB if my comments havent already deterred you from this mess of a game. The best that can be said it once you have the archer and the hidden character from replaying map 3 the game is piss easy. TL;DR over promise, underdeliver, not worth. 2/10
  10. I agree with most of what others said, but SMT stories, while not quite as fleshed as Persona, are still pretty good if you dig in. When I think of "hardly any story" I think of Dark Souls/Bloodborne type games. Each of the MegaTen games has a fairly solid story, though as noted they all have the common theme of law/neutrality/chaos and being set at the end of the world/approaching such.
  11. Eh in Cold Steel you can turnlock using Chronoburst and the enemy straight up can't act even once. In CS1&2 you could S-craft spam your way to the plat. This game doesn't have such cheese options. The max 'level' is 99, but you can keep going until 255 to get the magatama skills. Just grind in the temple or final dungeon as needed.
  12. So Im SL 88 and I hardly even get summoned as I figure most people dont use way of the blue past sL 30...I currently only have 5 of the proofs needed for the miracle. Do people use the Way of Blue at higher levels just to draw in more phantoms? Is it worth raising my SL (and if so how high?) or should I start a new character run at a lower level and try my luck there? I've tried farming silver knights but not really getting anything from them.
  13. Nice, time to start this game up then.
  14. So they fixed the issue where some nexomons become unavailable after story progression? I remember people saying that at certain points in the story, the "tiers" upgraded and you couldn't get certain mons anymore. That is no longer the case?
  15. Thanks. Yeah I should have been more clear. I'm fine with starting the game again, I just didn't know if it was the same version so I wouldnt have to pop the trophies I did already, or if it was another stack and so I'd basically be 100%ing another list while this one remained incomplete. Thanks.