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  1. Just throwing my H4H level into the mix to help bang out the related trophies. https://lbp.me/v/q4sx7z6
  2. interesting.... thanks.
  3. So what exactly is this game about?
  4. I've been hankering for a good hack n slash for a while...I would've booted up Diablo 3 again if I wasnt boycotting them so this will fill the void nicely I think.
  5. Do the enemies power up the more you fight, similar to how Romancing Saga 2 worked?
  6. gotcha. ok thanks
  7. So for the trophies that ban rookie hunter, are you able to cheese them by turning it off right before you kill sigma? Before you start the final fight? Or do you have to run the whole game without using it?
  8. I've found 2 medals outside the depths, and both were fixed items as opposed to drops. Get the misty ruins map, send a distress signal, and clear the map with an ally. Youll get 5 medals in about 10-15 minutes depending on how efficient the two of you are.
  9. So is it a rogue like or just a dungeon crawler?
  10. this looks like a fun little rpg to add to my collection while I wait for the fall tidal wave
  11. To be fair you could day 1 a kemco RPG if you started early enough in the morning.
  12. This is really obnoxious....Ive played close to 70 causal matches and it still hasn't popped....last one I need for the plat too which makes this have an extra level of frustration. How does a game get through QA with as many problems as this game has had? I know indie games that have it together better than this.
  13. That changed several patches ago. Each cycle you can select what difficulty to start on. After the first hollow you can enter the void, and after avarice you can start the crucible, with both unlocking more as the story progresses.
  14. Probably because your weapons are low. 150% of 50 is 75 so if you haven't upgraded your weapons, you wont do much anyways. Also, most enemies that aren't trash mob have substantial HP even on lower difficulties.
  15. Ah I did not realize thats how the tag designation worked...I thought that was to indicate which platforms it is on. Thank you for that tid bit.