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  1. Nice, time to start this game up then.
  2. So they fixed the issue where some nexomons become unavailable after story progression? I remember people saying that at certain points in the story, the "tiers" upgraded and you couldn't get certain mons anymore. That is no longer the case?
  3. Thanks. Yeah I should have been more clear. I'm fine with starting the game again, I just didn't know if it was the same version so I wouldnt have to pop the trophies I did already, or if it was another stack and so I'd basically be 100%ing another list while this one remained incomplete. Thanks.
  4. So I had this game on ps3 a long time ago but got rid of it for whatever reason. If I played the god of war 2 available on ps now, would I be able to continue my trophy progress in this one or is that one of the dozen remake/remaster separate versions that I'd start from 0% complete on?
  5. I mean I played through this game 20 years ago and it was always very clear to me the points being referenced.
  6. I'll have to try this then, as there are several games I test played years ago and only popped 1 or 2 trophies on and have no intentions of going back to them.
  7. Even if you hide the game, doesn't it still show up as unearned/lower completion % on your psnprofiles?
  8. This is a kemco game so almost certainly not, given the trophies are pretty much the same as all their other games.
  9. Definitely using this for the nightmare playthrough. I used Zoelius for CS1&2 and easily got everything. I used the one from this site and ended up missing a few things, even though I made sure to go over it line by line.
  10. It's almost as if you're supposed to enjoy video games for the games content instead of the little dopamine toasts you get for fulfilled random objectives.
  11. In other words, "hey these beings exist to keep everything as it was. Let's have you kill them so that the future can change and we can keep Aerith alive".
  12. So without spoilers, on 1-10 scale, how important/involved is Kasumi to the story? I was considering playing this (platted vanilla) but if shes just a side character for like 1 palace or so it's not worth me redoing the whole game.
  13. after clearing a route you can start a new cycle, but if you're only interested in getting the route trophies dont save after the credits and use the story tree to backtrack to where the splits occur.
  14. Just throwing my H4H level into the mix to help bang out the related trophies. https://lbp.me/v/q4sx7z6
  15. interesting.... thanks.