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  1. I agree with this. I played MLB The Show '06-'14 and then '17 (only because Griffey is my favorite player). The game has gone downhill since 2K stopped making baseball games (because now there is no competition and The Show has turned into Madden... they've gotten lazy). Too much focus on monetizing the game with microtransactions. I understand it's a business and when someone starts making money, it's easy to get greedy, but there's a line......and The Show definitely crossed it. I'm interested (but not hopeful) to see what they do with PS5. My guess is next year they wont add much, but focus on pretty new graphics as the selling point and hold back lots of content .
  2. I am one who believes we should be able to delete any trophy list we want. Heck, we should even be able to delete any individual trophy we want from any single game (al though I wouldn't argue with someone over that second point lol). I have stated my (very logical and hard to argue with) points in the past, so all I'm going to say here is this: At the very least, we should be able to choose whether we want to even earn trophies in the first place for a game. I wish there was an option to completely turn off a trophy list for games. Basically you buy a game, install it and before starting up the game, you choose whether you even want the trophy list to appear/be a thing. When they first came out with the option the delete 0% games, I thought maybe when you start up a game, get that 0% on the trophy list for that game, that when you deleted that 0%, the next time you start up the game, the trophy list wouldn't even appear at all and you could just play the game as if trophies didn't even exist for that game. That's what we should be allowed to do. What I wrote above is completely unbiased toward anyone's situation and fair for all. For example; I used to trophy hunt, then i stopped for a few years and now I'm back to completing trophy lists for games. Well that situation/scenario is not true for everyone, so I can't go and make suggestions that only benefit me. Hence what I wrote in the above paragraph fits everyone's situation/scenario fairly and without messing up stats.
  3. LittleBigPlanet 3 was terrible compared to 1&2. It stinks your first experience with LBP had to be with the 3rd game. The group of people who made LBP 1&2 are the same who made Dreams. It was a different group of people who made LBP3.
  4. April: Spyro Trilogy Monster Hunter World
  5. You sound a lot like me when it comes to obtaining trophies. And nice trophy average (37.62%) too btw (which, to me, is the most important stat on this site). Don't count on the PS5 being backwards compatible (for physical discs anyway). The most we'll probably get is being able to play PS1 and PS2 games on it. Sony makes way too much money re-selling ported games in the digital store (ported, not even remasters). You can, however, probably count on many PS4 games being available on PS5 through the playstation store, but you'll have to re-buy them (or just buy them if you never bought them in the first place). They might let people download PS4 games they already bought digitally on PS4, but only if it's a port and not an upgraded version.
  6. No, every game i have ever bought and played, I have had some level on interest in playing the actual game. But i will say this.... i do not like spoilers at all. Obviously nobody likes story spoilers, but i hate watching trailers for games. If I don't know what a game is about, I'll watch about 10-15 seconds of a trailer to decide if im interested or not. For example, if I see an RPG, i don't like watching the entire trailer because I like to be surprised by a lot of little things... like what the environments look like ,and most trailers show off all the environments, and that ruins the game for me (that's just one little example). So i guess buying and playing a game based off of 10-15 seconds could be considered silly.
  7. Please don't listen to this guy. First off, backwards compatibility hasn't been confirmed or even rumored. Second, if someone had to make an educated guess, the most the PS5 will be able to do is play PS1, PS2 and a big MAYBE on PS3 games. No way they'll lose out on all those digital port sales by re-selling the same games over and over in the psn store.
  8. I've never bought the same game twice for trophies. So i should probably just leave lol. But I will say this: I've never bought a game just for trophies, to begin with. Same goes for DLC. I've never spent money on anything (video game wise), just for the sake of trophies. Nothing wrong with people doing it though. It's not that much different than spending money on physical items that people collect. Trophies just happen to be digital items. But I'm someone who puts the game itself above all else. If I have no interest in the game, I'm not going to play it just for trophies, let alone spend money on it..... LET ALONE buy it twice just for trophies. I think the most common justification for someone doing so though, would be that they really enjoy the game. If someone beats a game and they want to play and beat it again.... why not buy another version of the same game and get more trophies. I mean, they were gonna play through the game again anyway in that scenario (even if trophies didn't exist)....might as well tack on more trophies. And the whole spending money part of it, to get more trophies.... it's not any different than when people spend money on an initial game just because it has easy trophies. But idk, because I've never done it. So im on the outside looking in 🤔
  9. Any other month, I would just toss it up in the air as a 'meh' month, and everyone has their own tastes and opinion, etc etc. But man, to start the decade off like this..... sad
  10. PS5 is launching next holiday season . It's been announced.
  11. The only tip I can give is to have someone carry you. You can find people who carry for free or only charge around 1 exalted orb. I think they prefer to only carry one person at time (because more people make it more difficult), but the Map is cheap to buy. So you can buy another map. You and your friend can take turns having someone carry you both. Check out Reddit and (and other sites, I'm sure) to find someone in the league you want help in. Or you can google for someone carrying, and refine the search down to the last few months. What you would do is let the person carrying you go into the map by themselves, once they're on the last exile/enemy, they message you to enter the map. Enter the map, and just stand there while they defeat the last exile. That's it. Other than that, basically what you wrote about scorching ray and other tips is pretty much all I know about as well. If you're looking for a challenge and want the accomplishment of knowing you and your friend completed the map without anyone carrying you, then I'd just say to keep looking online and posting in forums like this...... you might find some other information that helps a lot. But since you posted on a trophy website, I figured I would mention the carrying thing
  12. Same .... would have been an insta-buy for me if it wasn't VR. I really enjoy these types of puzzle games. Maybe hopeful that they'll make it Controller accessible someday in an update.
  13. I had someone carry me for Hall of Grandmasters. That map is a major pain and not fun at all. I tried it twice before I finally gave up and had someone carry me. There are some people out there who offer free carries for some of the harder maps/bosses. I found some on and reddit. Of course you'd have to provide the map.
  14. If you still own that Doryani's .......I'm working on getting Perandus Manor right now. I'm really close to being able to just buy one from the market. I have enough resources/currency to buy enough Chaos to buy enough Exalted orbs to give me around 10-11 Exalted orbs. I just have to wait for people to accept my offers :/ ugh lol. I do only offer to online players and i always offer the asking price, so shouldn't take long. And yes, I'm in standard league Do you have The Putrid Cloister and/or Vinktar Square uniques? Doryani's, Perandus and those other two are the last 4 maps I need to complete. If you have those two maps, could we try to work something work to allow me to complete them with you or buy them from you? (if you've already completed them).
  15. No way it's going to be a new Uncharted game. TLOU2 comes out next year. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is a decent guess. I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with Knack 3 at launch lol. Horizon would be the only possibility of a more popular game coming out at launch. Sony won't have a bunch of AAA super popular franchises at launch because the PS5 will sell just because it's the PS5 and something new. They don't need those "console seller games" at launch. They'll wait for PS5 sales to start to dip a little bit or slow down from the initial launch, then they'll start announcing games like God of War, GTA, Any Naughty Dog game.... games like that. THAT will start boosting the sales of the PS5 more.... then those games will get released once the PS5 sales start to level off/slow down. It's a business and money is everything to them. If they come out with games from popular franchises at launch... they will be remasters.