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  1. PS5 is launching next holiday season . It's been announced.
  2. The only tip I can give is to have someone carry you. You can find people who carry for free or only charge around 1 exalted orb. I think they prefer to only carry one person at time (because more people make it more difficult), but the Map is cheap to buy. So you can buy another map. You and your friend can take turns having someone carry you both. Check out Reddit and (and other sites, I'm sure) to find someone in the league you want help in. Or you can google for someone carrying, and refine the search down to the last few months. What you would do is let the person carrying you go into the map by themselves, once they're on the last exile/enemy, they message you to enter the map. Enter the map, and just stand there while they defeat the last exile. That's it. Other than that, basically what you wrote about scorching ray and other tips is pretty much all I know about as well. If you're looking for a challenge and want the accomplishment of knowing you and your friend completed the map without anyone carrying you, then I'd just say to keep looking online and posting in forums like this...... you might find some other information that helps a lot. But since you posted on a trophy website, I figured I would mention the carrying thing
  3. Same .... would have been an insta-buy for me if it wasn't VR. I really enjoy these types of puzzle games. Maybe hopeful that they'll make it Controller accessible someday in an update.
  4. I had someone carry me for Hall of Grandmasters. That map is a major pain and not fun at all. I tried it twice before I finally gave up and had someone carry me. There are some people out there who offer free carries for some of the harder maps/bosses. I found some on and reddit. Of course you'd have to provide the map.
  5. If you still own that Doryani's .......I'm working on getting Perandus Manor right now. I'm really close to being able to just buy one from the market. I have enough resources/currency to buy enough Chaos to buy enough Exalted orbs to give me around 10-11 Exalted orbs. I just have to wait for people to accept my offers :/ ugh lol. I do only offer to online players and i always offer the asking price, so shouldn't take long. And yes, I'm in standard league Do you have The Putrid Cloister and/or Vinktar Square uniques? Doryani's, Perandus and those other two are the last 4 maps I need to complete. If you have those two maps, could we try to work something work to allow me to complete them with you or buy them from you? (if you've already completed them).
  6. I've been holding off on Tetris effect as well. I do really like Tetris, but the price is quite high (even on sale), then couple that with how saturated the gaming market is, I've had plenty of other games to keep my mind off Tetris effect. BUT the main reason I'm holding off on it is because, for some reason, it gives me really big PS+ Free Game of the Month vibes, so I'm holding off a few years to see if that happens. If not, hopefully by then it will go on sale at some point for like $5 lol.
  7. No way it's going to be a new Uncharted game. TLOU2 comes out next year. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is a decent guess. I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with Knack 3 at launch lol. Horizon would be the only possibility of a more popular game coming out at launch. Sony won't have a bunch of AAA super popular franchises at launch because the PS5 will sell just because it's the PS5 and something new. They don't need those "console seller games" at launch. They'll wait for PS5 sales to start to dip a little bit or slow down from the initial launch, then they'll start announcing games like God of War, GTA, Any Naughty Dog game.... games like that. THAT will start boosting the sales of the PS5 more.... then those games will get released once the PS5 sales start to level off/slow down. It's a business and money is everything to them. If they come out with games from popular franchises at launch... they will be remasters.
  8. A fellow Orcs grinder 😉. I really enjoyed that game a lot, wish it didn't get shut down. Anyway..... 1) MLB 10 The Show: 0.10% 2) Orcs Must Die Unchained: 0.22% 3) MLB 09 The Show: 0.22% 4) MLB 11 The Show: 0.35% 5) EA Sports Active 2: 0.37% lol obviously i like sports. I don't think it's fair that most of my rarest are the baseball games though, since a lot of people who plays those games aren't trophy hunters, but there it is.
  9. The first instance that I know of was almost 10 years ago with LittleBigPlanet 2. They came out with the PsMove DLC pack which was only playable with the Move controller. So you couldn't 100% that game with the Move controller. This might be the first instance with VR, but not first instance in general. And like I said, that LBP2 instance is the first one that I know of.... there could have been something before that too. Hate when developers don't put more time and thought into trophies. Al though, i can't blame them. I'm sure trophies/achievements are the last thing on their mind when making their video game.
  10. Geometry Wars 3:Dimensions
  11. It does make things worse because it is probably so satisfying to the people complaining.... knowing that Infinity Ward is seeing their comments/posts. Now the gamers are just going to go harder with their comments. It's not so bad though, because game developers get so greedy, it's good they read the hate directed toward them.
  12. Free Realms, 0.38% , 1 Week 22 Hours 48 Minutes. I was also the first one to Platinum that game as well.
  13. I have 141 Maps completed out of the 159 and I havent ran into any problems with difficulty. I am however level 90 (did most maps when i was level 85-90). So you've just gotta level up a little bit more, even if that means spending some extra time on lower tier maps for a little while 😒 (like you said you've been doing) .... It does suck big time that you lose so much experience when you die. I've only attempted one of the 4 guardians (the chimera) and beat it, only dying once during the fight, because Im dumb and didn't know what the cloud phase was during the fight lol (make sure you look up information on boss fights before entering them). I have not attempted any of the hard unique maps though. I am not looking forward to those "but a crash or lag-out can cause you to loose your current map you are working on" This is 100% NOT true. If the game crashes (completely quits out to the blue screen or lag really bad and kick you to the menu (these are the only 2 types of crashes ive encountered)), you still have 5 of the portals still open (assuming you hadn't died at all) on your current map you're working on, when you enter back into the game. the platinum IS very daunting, and not just because it's tedious, but because so much of the game is confusing, and about 99% of people on the internet trying to explain aspects of the game do a horrendous job of explaining things. Plus this is one of those games where you have to hang on to everything (if you're not sure what certain items are for or what they do or if you'll need it down the road) because if you sell an item or use it improperly, it can set you back tens of hours. AND on top of that, they give you very limited stash tabs. From what I understand, everyone says it's worth the $5 to buy a premium stash tab. That way you can sell stuff on the market. This is a MUCH faster way of getting specific items you want, rather than having to farm for them. I personally have never bought a microtransaction for any game and I never will. I'm having a blast playing POE as it is, even though im moving at a very slow pace lol.
  14. Judging from the trophy icons, it looks like a side scrolling pixelated game. Other than that, I have no idea about any other information.
  15. 100% WRONG, kid. Wife has been really wanting to play TLOU remastered (she loved the game on PS3) and I usually buy MLB The Show except for only buying one in the last several years. October is AWESOME!!!!