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  1. Neat concept. I always find it fascinating all the different angles and ways of looking at trophy hunting. The only thing with this way, is that 50th is an arbitrary number..... so there isn't any real rhyme or rhythm to it. Like what's significant about 50? BUT that's the thing... there isn't anything significance about it... and that's why I find stuff like this so interesting and fun. You could say 20th or 30th.... all different kind of ways. For me personally, I think Trophy Rarity is the #1 tell tale sign of measuring trophy hunters (the thing that's "Average" under the stats section this site. The circle graph that's red,orange,yellow. Where the LOWER the number, the better). The worst way to measure a trophy hunter is completion percentage. Anyway, Mine's 7.49% Star Wars The Force Unleashed.
  2. Been playing since Day 1. C0 Jean, Keqing, Mona, Qiqi, Tighnari. All C0. I was wanting Qiqi for the longest time....finally got her about 4 months ago. Also, not only do I not have Diluc... I also do not have Razor (i know he's a 4*). Those are the only Day 1 characters I don't have. How have I accomplished no Diluc? And no constellations?? Well, I started 7/7 on my first 7 50/50s, before losing. Overall, I'm 8/9 on my 50/50s. THAT'S how I accomplished it lol. I've been lucky. Also, because of that luck, I've been able to amass over 100,000 primogems...... oh and I'm 100% F2P.
  3. This is when you play games on a sub account. I'll play games on my sub account a lot of times. Mostly when there are missable trophies. Trophies have ruined video games for me a lot of times. You miss 1 trophy, and it sets you back over 100 hours. It's annoying. So i'll usually look to see if a game has any missable trophies...and then look at a couple of other things..and decide if I play on my main account or sub account. I love being able to just go into a video game blind...and play it. Not have to worry about the next trophy I'm looking for. Not having missable trophies in a game, allows me to do this. Online trophies are the worst (there is no arguing this...because the bottom line is: a game can go offline and make the trophy LITERALLY impossible to earn anymore). The second worst trophies are the missable ones that set you back dozens of hours. If a game is fun to play... I don't care how hard a trophy is. It can be extremely hard, but I'll have fun trying for it (if the gameplay is good). But when you get set back dozens of hours (because you didn't want to read spoilers, and you just wanted to enjoy the game), that ruins the entire gaming experience for that game and is a huge gut punch. Yup, and you can't do that with missable trophies. That's the entire point of OP's post.... r/woooosh
  4. I'm usually the one defending PS+, since it's about preference, perspective and opinions.... but 100% agree with you. It's hard to defend how DLC counts as a game. Regardless of what anyone's opinion is, about how good or bad this month's content is for PS+..... it's a FACT that DLC is not a game... and that is shameful by Sony.
  5. Same here lol. I actually play it and enjoy it. Yeah, I definitely play it a lot more when the updates come out. But sometimes I'll play a few round between updates. The extra trophies are just a bonus. I think most people who complain about the trophies being added on are just lazy and don't want to have to keep re-downloading it lol.
  6. This problem has been patched/fixed
  7. Path of Exile #FunTime Nex Machina Tales of Berseria There are lots of games I'm seeing that not many people talk about, but I absolutely love....... but at the same time, can understand other people not liking them. I good example would be World of Final Fantasy. I love that game, but I wouldn't call it underrated because many people have tried and just don't like it. I tried to keep my list short, so those are the 4 I chose above. All great games that I don't see a lot of people talking about.
  8. I know this is hindsight and there "isn't anything you can do about it now"..... but this is why (among other reasons) I have never played a game just for trophies. Nobody should play games just for trophies. Every game on my list, I would have played, even if trophies did not exist. Anyway, since none of that was helpful lol.... let me write this: Don't start a new account just for the sake of collecting trophies. One reason being, what if 5 years from now you regret a game being on your trophy list on your new account? Also, all the trophies you've earned on your current account are games you played.....regardless of the reason you played them. You played that hakouki game because of trophies (so it it a type of game you would play)...... Can you think of another game you may have played just because the story looked good? Or maybe the graphics looked good? Or maybe the gameplay was good? It's the same concept, just different reasons. Something else I wanted to mention that I saw you write: " The thing is though it is not because of low completion percentage". Don't ever get caught up in completion percentage. It's a trap. Your completion % means nothing when trophy hunting. If you want a good trophy collection, focus more on Average RARITY. That's what really counts. I'd rather have an account with 50% completion and 35% Average Rarity, over an account with 100% completion but 50% Average Rarity. Having a high completion percentage only means those people play super easy games, have a lot of time on their hands, and the extra money to spend.... there's nothing special about that and nobody should ever be proud of a high completion percentage (unless they have a low Average Rarity, of course lol). But yeah, keep your account... stay the course. Your trophy list is who you are when it comes to gaming. Also, like someone else wrote in the thread.... even if you start a new account, that hakouki game is still going to be the first platinum you ever earned. There's no changing that. Sorry for any typos, no time to proof read lol
  9. No, the problem is people are tricked into thinking GoW 3 is better than it actually is, because it was on PS3 and big giant fights. GoW 3 was one of the worst in the series. Kratos talked and whined way too much. The writing was corny, the story was cliche and predictable..... way too much dialogue. They tried way too hard on the game and failed. GoW 3 gets about a 5/10. Ascension, on the other hand, felt more like playing Gow 1 and 2. A more stoic badass Kratos that didn't act like a 13 year old girl. God of War God of War (PS4) God of War 2 God of War Ascension..... in that order. GoW 3 isn't even in top 4.
  10. "what baffles me is that the game hasn't got crucified by reviewers ".... THAT'S exactly the point though. The game has been getting good reviews, so more people have been buying it... thus creating a huge mess for Sony (because of people asking for refund). If the game had been getting "crucified by reviewers", then the game wouldn't be taken down from the ps Store, because not a lot of people would be buying it... thus not a lot of people asking for refund. Decisions (like taking a game off the ps Store) are ONLY made based on $$$$. Sony doesn't give a sh%t if a game is sh%t, as long as it's making money. And right now, Cyberpunk is costing them money. So they remove it. If nobody was asking for refund for the game, Sony would keep it in the store.
  11. It will probably back track you about 100-200 hours. There are a lot of missable trophies in the game.
  12. Um No. Hello Games with No Man's Sky EASILY has the biggest fail gaming history.
  13. We need something different. As someone else mentioned in this thread. What's the point of the current see who has the most time and money and their hands? To see who can beat the easiest games the fastest? The competitive side of Trophy Hunting is more like speedrunners than anything else. Having a leaderboard that focuses more on trophy rarity would be much better. I've always said.... I would take an account with 50% completion, with a RARITY % of less than 40%..... OVER an account with 100% completion but has a RARITY % of over 50%. What's the point of having 100% (or close to it), if all you're doing is just buying easy games just for the sake of collecting trophies that everyone else has too (who play the game). I would rather take 200 Hours to get one trophy that is Ultra rare, rather than take 200 hours to get 500 Trophies that are common.
  14. "worst" could be mean different things though. -Worst, as in the most embarrassing. The worst trophy on your list... the one you don't want on your list, because it's shameful. -Worst, as in hardest. The worst trophy because it was so difficult to get. -Worst, as in easiest/pointless. "Start a New Game" (earn a trophy). Worst kind of trophy, because of how pointless it is. -Worst, as in 1% game completion. You start a game, hate it and don't ever want to play it again. But whoops, you earned 1 trophy. So now, THAT trophy is the worst. -Worst, as in grindy. Easy trophy that takes 500 hours to get. Worst. I suppose the topic could be taken in any of those ways.... and that might be the point. For me personally, I take it as: The worst trophy is basically, if I could pick one trophy NOT to have on my list. And the worst trophy for me is "Nostalgia" from Super Meat Boy. Super Meat Boy is a hard game. It's a hard game to platinum. I'm not going to deny that. With that said, I'm not one to shy away from hard trophies (just have a look at my list, and RARITY percentage), but I just plain don't like the game (NOT because it's hard. But because I just don't like it (even if it were easy)).. So when you couple those two things together (Hard game, and I hate it).... I'm never going to try and get the platinum for that game. But the game is still on my list, 1%...... thus making "Nostalgia" the worst trophy I have.
  15. 😂 Btw, I'm laughing AT you, not WITH you.