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  1. Game Name - God of War: Ghost of Sparta Platinum Trophy Name - The Ghost with the Most Side Note - I was several platinums away from my 69th being called, "I came, I saw, I blew stuff up". Platinum for Resogun I read your post after I submitted my post. We both got the same lol
  2. The Witcher 3 Batman Arkham City and Knight GTA IV Red Dead Redemption Persona 5 Are all overrated games. The Witcher 3 being the worst of the bunch. Fell asleep several times playing. Literally... I'm not exaggerating lol. The only 1 good thing that came out of all those games is Persona 5 soundtrack.
  3. Some time within the last 10 years, I got myself on a cycle where I'm about 1-2 years behind on video games (for the most part. I'll still buy a new game every now and then). I pick games up for $15-$25. It's nice. Games that were released last year, I'll be picking up sometime within the next several months, and the games being released this Fall, i'll probably be playing NEXT (2021) Christmas. I never have the feeling of having to "wait" for a game's release and I save a ton of money. I spend $20 on a game that someone paid $60 for.... and I get the exact same experience, if not better (due to patches). I will probably get a PS5 about 2-3 years after it comes out. There are still so many more PS4 games I want to play.
  4. How would that make them pointless? Trophy collecting is not a competition...... so you're correct, leaderboards mean crap anyway. Also, completion % means NOTHING, except for people with OCD (which we all have, at some level... even if just a tiny bit lol). But really, % means nothing. I would take an account with 50% completion with an average rarity of 35%, over someone with a 100% completion and average rarity of 70%. All those accounts with 90%+ completion, and with 45%+ average rarity are pointless. All that means if you have too much money/time on your hands. Nothing more than that. We should be able to delete any trophies (yes, any individual trophies) that we want. At the VERY LEAST, be able to delete any games off our lists. So what if it gives everyone 100% completion? Like i just proved above.... Completion % is meaningless. Also, for those few (and believe me... it's VERY few) who actually consider trophy hunting a competition: They do not take completion % into account. They take number of trophies, trophy level, fastest to platinum a game, etc. Trophy hunters make up less than 1% of gamers on Playstation. Those who consider trophy hunting a competition probably make up 0.000001% of gamers on Playstation. We've already seen the kind of overhaul Sony can do with trophies. So it's very much in their power to let us delete whatever we want. If i have a collection of baseball cards.... i can pick and choose ones I want to throw in the garbage. MY trophy collection is MINE and i should be able to decided how I want to organize it, and I should be able to decided what MY collection consists of. I've argument the point of being able to delete whatever we want (trophy wise) many times before... and have never read a counterargument that beats my argument and logic. There really is no reason why we shouldn't be able to delete whatever we want. There is no harm in it. It doesn't take away from the 0.0001% that consider trophy hunting a competition. Completion % is meaningless. It's MY collection. One extra thing: I know I wrote "at the very least above"...... but honestly, AT THE VERY LEAST: We should be able to delete a game's trophy list before starting up the game. Lets say I want to play an online game on my main account, but don't want to worry about stupid online trophies. I should be able to delete the trophy list completely. I should be able to play the game without a trophy EVER popping up......without the list ever showing up on my account. We should at least have the option to do that. And no, I'm not talking about Hiding trophies and that crap.
  5. Got the Blades in God of War.
  6. #Funtime It's a game similar to Geometry Wars 3. Twin-Stick Shooter. Very fun, great music, good controls. It's been out since August (I believe) and only has 61 game owners on here.
  7. I knew about the 90 wish pity pull. What I didn't know (before I spread out a lot of my first 85 wishes), is the 90 wishes has to be on the same type of banner. I've made 95 Wishes so far total (i made 10 today) and still ZERO 5* anything. No 5* weapon, No 5* character. I don't buy microtransactions, and this game is VERY VERY stingy with it's wishes (fates, primogems). There are only a couple of characters I'm interested in, but the game is so horribly designed... I have to choose which one I want to even try for. Sad, isn't it? Only interested in 2 characters, and I can't even go for both. I'm saving up my primogems now, because I don't even know if I want to try for either of the characters I'm interested in at the moment, or wait over the next 6-18 months to see if another character gets released, that I would want instead.
  8. unreal. The dragon cost real money? When the game came out, I told myself it would have to take something really cool or special to get me to spent my crowns. Nothing has come up yet. I said a rainbow unicorn or a dragon would get me to spend my crowns. At the time, I already knew about the unicorn costing real money. When they revealed this update, I was like "woah, no way. The ONE COSTUME I said I'd spend crowns on (other than the unicorn, but that was already out) and it's actually going to be in the first update. I was pretty excited. But then i thought to myself "what if they're stupid and charge real money for it?". And here we are. I already told myself I was going to delete the game if they charged real money for the dragon costume. Just deleted it about 2 minutes ago.
  9. She's one my favorite English VA from anime. There is no chance that she is Barbara. Sorry 😋 The only guess I have is Razor being Todd Haberkorn (Natsu, from Fairy Tail). EDIT: Ya know what. I take back what I said. 90% of what Barbara says doesn't sound like Brittney Karbowski at all.... but when she says "Let the show begin" is does sound just like her. She also says one other thing that sounds a little like her. So I'll throw my hat in the ring for Barbara being Brittney.
  10. As long as we can delete whatever individual trophies we want... they can do whatever they want lol. Or at least be able to delete any game (regardless of %).
  11. I don't like using PowerPyx's guides. He always rushes them (to be first) and messes them up a lot, and gets a lot wrong in his guides. I will use them once in a while if I have to... but I don't like it lol. What's really bad is that he hardly (if ever) goes back and fixes his mistakes.
  12. All of you arguing about this looks better, no that looks better, no that looks worse, etc etc..... I'm over here like: Wtf? Why did they make him look so different? That's MY problem with it. Regardless of whether you think it looks better or worse...... it looks stupid, because it's like having an entirely new character/person playing Peter Parker. Also, they made him look about 15-16 years old. So even if I were to personally think the PS5 LOOKS better.... it still looks stupid because it's a different character. In my mind... it's a different character. But in the end, really not a big deal... because you'll get used to it lol.
  13. Wow, HUGE disappointment. Absolutely HUGE. 100% playing this on a sub account now. I'm still as excited as I was before, to play the actual game itself. But now it's going on my sub account, because I'm not pushing myself to grind these trophies with no platinum at the end.
  14. PS1 - Silent Hill PS2 - Final Fantasy X PS3 - Dead Space PS4 - Nier: Automata
  15. Funny how everyone in here is either "I never get disconnected" or "I get disconnected all the time" lol. For me, I'd say it's about 50/50. I'll get disconnected quite a bit, but never enough to make me feel fed up with getting disconnected. My suggestion: take a break from the game for a while and then come back to it