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  1. Thank you. Since a remaster of Symphonia is coming it might happen probably.
  2. :platinum:#235 My Hero Academia One's Justice 2

    3rd Oct 2022


    MHA Games 2/2: Done with the "last" MHA game.


    Now to get all trophies that's not treasure chest and Reputation related in Genshin Impact before doing Atelier Sophie 2.

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      Lucy Kushinada

      You've platinum before me Leon. Oh I will get that platinum done soon lol. Well done. :)

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  3. #235 My Hero Academia One's Justice 2 3rd Oct 2022 A bit more fun than the first game. Story Mode (covers the remaining part of season 3 and start of season 4). Arcade Mode was fine would be better if you had to do 30 or less instead of 50. Waifu Platinum Screenshot:
  4. #235 My Hero Academia One's Justice 2 3rd Oct 2022 A bit more fun than the first game. Story Mode (covers the remaining part of season 3 and start of season 4). Arcade Mode was fine would be better if you had to do 30 or less instead of 50. Waifu Platinum Screenshot: Now until MHA Ultra Rumble(if it ever comes out then I wait for Itsuka Kendo to be added before I touch the thing) or if a One's Justice 3 happens(which I might get day one and go for plat since my Waifu will be part of the base roster like the first game's DLC became part of the 2nd's base roster)
  5. Got Candace after 3 10x pulls on Cyno Banner, the first 2 give me Kuki(so now my recently crowned Kuki is at C2) Now to wait for Nilou which I have enough Intertwined Fates to get even if I lose the 50/50.
  6. New Shipgirls: Now only the chat frame Violet Lightning Storm so only need to fully limit break all of the new Sakura Empire SR and E shipgirls. New Skin:
  7. Between the last post I made and now, I have been getting at least 4 games plated so I have met the conditions of event clear although it did not go all as planned and of anime I have watched Tokyo Ravens finished(Crunchyroll finally added it from Wakarim/Funimation) still could not get used to seeing the Universal logo that comes up before the episode, might be that I'm too used seeing it on Live-Action Movies and recently watched finished three summer season anime Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World: It's Censored but at least it's not lots of big black spots and it's a bit funny they censored "Harem" in the last episode and not Sex Maniac. Still had fun watching it but it's not for those don't like Ecchi Anime and/or Isekai Anime. For those that like Ecchi Anime and/or Isekai Anime it depends on the person watching. RWBY: Ice Queendom: A anime gaiden(side-story) of RWBY(With at least 4 episodes being a 2D Anime version of the original with some changes). even though I never watched the original, I was interested in watching the anime. The anime character design was done by Huke(Black★Rock Shooter and Steins;Gate). Musasi-no: Sequel series to Urawa no Usagi-chan. It's a short anime like it's prequel. With only 6 days left, I try to finish the rest of the summer season anime that has aired it's last episode or going to air it soon. Still the event did not go as planned, so for next time I need to think of a way that Anime and Trophies event won't be seen as a "Must only play games based on anime or games with a Anime Adaptation" for Title only readers and maybe find someone to make awards or just give up on reviving this event and let it rest in peace.
  8. Thank you for the info, updated so Jump Force counts again.
  9. Added the Remaster of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle(Both PS4 and PS5), looking at the trophy list and knowing they added new characters(Some from Eyes of Heaven and new ones) and plan to add more characters, a Challenge mode, a Endless Battle Mode, Tournament mode. I think the PS3 version had a online mode but there's were no online trophies in it(thank the gods for that) however the PS4/PS5 version has online trophies. Due to both PS3 and PS4/PS5 version almost having the same set of trophies, The one or the other will count as one game if you already plat PS3, the PS4/PS5 version won't count. Added Bleach: Brave Souls too but since it don't have plat, it will only count for a Emblem and the extra plat rank Maō(Demon Lord) that nobody will ever get. Due to Jump Force being delisted and the platinum being unobtainable, it no longer counts. but I was thinking of allowing those that have it to ignore one game that they don't want to play if they want to get to plat rank without playing say Captain Tsubasa. Just a thought, it will count for a Emblem either way.
  10. Updated. Cleared Digimon Survive so now I miss only 1 digimon game on both PS3 and PS4.
  11. New Shipgirls: Now to level them to 70 and limit break them. I level Sakawa to 100 afterward just because she's cute. Finally got Musashi. Now to get her gun(and the two remaining SE Shipgirls) and try to get my hands on SR(UR if possible) CL/DD Guns and Anti-Air Guns. Now I can have both Yamato sisters in my Main fleet until Yamato herself comes to azur lane. Also Seeing Sovetsky Soyuz in the new Northern Parliament artwork kinda hurts.
  12. Took a while to do the "Aranyaka" World Quest but now I can work on getting all the Dendroculus the forest part of Sumeru has floating around and clear the Lost Riches event. Only have the treasure chest Trophies left but I wait with treasure hunting until I have Dendro Treasure Compass which will take 2 months doing Weekly Bounties and Requests(which I hopefully have unlocked now or after finding all the Dendroculus)
  13. New Shipgirls: I was luckily that I got both Agano and Sendai a week after Jintsuu. Now I can start the UR Event that starts tomorrow. Skins: Oath: I save the other Promise Ring for Musashi which I will be hellbent on getting.
  14. :platinum:#234 Digimon Survive

    11th Sep 2022


    Digimon Games 3/5: With the more or less "waiting game" finished, now to see if I wait with finishing Digimon World: Next Order to I have a PS5 or have the Digimon Story something Olympos XII be the first Digimon game I do on a PS5.

  15. #234 Digimon Survive 11th Sep 2022 The 3 years delayed Digimon Game that was to be the "waiting game" for the next Digimon Story(which is based in Digital World and the Olympos XII is the main focus) It was like Utawarerumono but a bit easier and it was not fully voiced. For the three routes I went on after clearing Moral route, I just Terra Force my way through the rest until Gabumon "re-joined" and I used Omegamon/Omnimon for the last battles in the Truthful route. Most used Digimon: