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  1. Inazuma: Yamada Go's Wooden Mallet See through the illusions of the Tanuki several times. Turns out you need to See through the illusions of the Tanuki 15 times and it don't matter if it's the same Tanuki you broke illusion some other time. Now to collect the last pages of the Toki Alley Tales... every three days since the 6th and final set of pages is from fishing in Inazuma. Hundred-Hit Smackdown Get over 100 hits in a combo. Band together and don't let your enemies strike back. Abuse the tutorial as I did. The tutorial I used was the one where you first learn to use "Blazing Sword" Artes.
  2. I go for "The Catch" then, looks like it and it's refinement items is independent from the event so I can take my time and fish every three days still the event does help with fishing for more Golden/Rusty Koi. And put the respawn timer on them instead.
  3. Got Helena META to almost all stars, oh well I just wait for the rerun to happen or a Bulin META to appear(as if but you never know) Retrofit: Oath: Also Shimakaze from the PS4/Switch game Crosswave is finally coming to the main Azur Lane... as a Ultra Rare That kinda makes her the "1st" UR since she was out long before UR rarity(at least non-Retrofit) was a thing. And the next Collaboration is with ////.Gridman/Dynazenon, it's the 1st anime collaboration(the other collaborations was with VTubers and other games) I know of to Azur Lane, still it most likely will have the female characters from Gridman/Dynazenon, I think at least Yume Minami(from Dynazenon) is most likely a Aircraft carrier since she was the pilot of the Dynawing(a fighter jet by the way) so it would be cool to see if her rigging is based on Dynazenon and fires mini Dynawings. And yeah there's a new Azur Lane Console Game by CH(might be Crosswave 2) in the making, hopefully it has a playable Intrepid(if it's a Crosswave 2) The JP 4th year anniversary PV
  4. Thank you. Diluc did show up before I got Raiden but I tried to get Raiden's weapon "Engulfing Lightning" but gave up trying so I can save for the healer coming in the next banner.
  5. It's a pack with three Battle BGMs from each of the past main Tales of games like Tales of Vesperia, Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Xillia 1&2 etc. Only few of the listed BGMs in the DLC Battle BGM pack. The game plays fine without the DLC so none of the DLC is a "must buy" unless you want to start with higher levels, more money, put a new outfit on the guys/girls or listen to Legacy BGM.
  6. Here's my latest PS4 games:


    Berserk and the Band of the Hawk(Digital)

    Been waiting for a sale for any Koei Warriors I don't have and don't plan to get the physical of.

    Also got the Horse DLC so now I can ride Red Hare(From Dynasty Warriors) and Berserk Armored Horse.



    Tales of Arise(physical)

    The Newest Tales of and I liked the other cover over the cover it came in.

    Plan to plat Arise instead of Akiba's Trip 1(mostly as a break from the goddamn Holic difficulty).

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Tales of Arise!  Great choices!

    2. DoctorComplete


      Tales of Arise is blowing up all over Twitch.  I watched some of the gameplay.  It looks great!

    3. Honor_Hand


      Cool game purchases.


      Always nice to get the latest Tales of game. :D

  7. Update: Genshin Impact 75 + 9 + 4 - 8.46 - 10 = 69.54 A recap of the past "DLC" Trophy lists: Genshin Impact: the Dragonspine 5 + 2 + 6 = 13 Genshin Impact: Mondstadt 2 + 4 + 6 = 12 Genshin Impact: Liyue 1 + 4 + 6 = 11 Now to work on getting Raiden to LV 90 and all that to prepare for my revenge on Spiral Abyss Floor 8 Chamber 2 so I can get that last damn star(If a cryo user can't take down pryo enhanced enemies fast then how about a electro user or a electro goddess in this case)
  8. Genshin Impact- Now the base game is at last 100%R3G2K1m.gif





    Now only one star and four floors remains of Spiral Abyss whitch I will now focus more on preparing for and Inazuma that besides Rep, treasure hunt and Tanuki hunt? can't be 100%ed, heck they might even add one more Trophy List for the 3rd Archon Quest, treasure hunt in Seirai Island/Watatsumi Island and Tsurumi Island and maybe some trophies for the quest lines on the three islands(or not still help with the Sacred Sakura grind though). Anyway my progress on the 2 that needs the Tsurumi Island is




    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Honor_Hand


      Well done! Time to teach that abyss who's boss. 😉


      I have a lot of progress pending to do in Inazuma, lol. I think my Statue of the Seven there is still at lvl 3. 😅



    3. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      Thank you @Honor_Hand, once the new healer arrive then the hour draws nearer for the abyss's doom!.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Really looking to add Kokomi to my ranks. 👀



      Once you have at least two properly raised healers, you should be able to go deep into the abysness. I completed mine with Noelle & Diona. I also had Barbara as a reserve but with two of them at the very least, you should be good. ;)

  9. Rock-Steady Treasure Hunter (III) Open 800 chests in Liyue. That's the end of the treasure hunt in Liyue. At last the base game is 100%ed, still need that one damn star and the last 4 floors of Spiral Abyss and the Inazuma Trophy lists that can't be 100%ed left before Genshin Impact is at 100%.
  10. No they do not unless you already did all DW or O/AS/Troy before but then for the 2nd Trophy you would have to do all stacks of that Warriors series.
  11. Finally got past Yu(1st fight), Suzu & Rui and then SVG or whatever that High-School uniform wearing Shadow Soul's name was on Holic. Still none of the 30 enemies missions has showed up yet so I can farm for EXP and Money to make the rest of the Holic run somewhat easier.
  12. Princess Connect! Re:Dive- Finished the "Ironclad Nightmare" event and finally got all *3 Characters or so I thought(at least all pre-Tomo 3* Characters)


    Went from a skinny swimsuit to full armor(Fun Fact: This armored girl does have a swimsuit ver.), she might be one way for me to clear the last Hard Mode quests(Just need to max her and Makoto's Equipment and ascend Makoto to 4* or 5*).

    Also "Ironclad Nightmare" event's ending song is my favorite so far of the Princess Connect! Re:Dive event ending songs


    I skip the Matsuri banner and maybe the halloween ones too to save for the Christina banner, why save my jewels for the most un-knightly of the four Nightmare members? She's a Game-breaker(at least from I read about her) and her banner is a Princess Festival Gacha which is a Game-breaker Banner AND higher rates for getting 3* Characters(again only something I read) so it's my 2nd shot at getting Tomo and maybe rest of the Nightmare guild while I'm at it.


    Some of the CG I got while farming for jewels










    1. Honor_Hand


      This game has some mighty fine CG screens, I reckon. I'm seeing more than a few than I can certainly dig as far as stuff I love. 😆

  13. Update: Genshin Impact - Liyue 1 + 4 + 6 = 11 Now only a few treasure chests remains to be found in Liyue and I'm done with the "Base Game" at long last.
  14. Added.
  15. Liyue: Legend in Liyue Reach Reputation Lv. 8 in Liyue. Only a few treasure chests to find in Liyue and I'm done with both of the first nations in Genshin Impact. Hopefully the Dendro(Wood/Plant/Grass) nation and beyond won't have over 800 treasure chests or make me climb a lot.