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  1. Duke Nukem 3D. Heck you even get a trophy for using cheats. 😄
  2. Power Player Complete The Ark Society on Master Difficulty. 2.13% Ultra Rare Paris Escalated Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Paris. 9.62% Very Rare
  3. Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala
  4. Honorary Member Reach Isle of Sgàil Mastery Level 20. Leap of Faith Take the scenic route. Both are at 0.89% Ultra Rare right now. 😎
  5. Party Planner Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Isle of Sgàil. Anti-Survivalist Complete all Opportunities in The Ark Society. Doing the Rounds Trap Zoe in the effigy, strangle Sophia with the necklace, force the Constant to come quietly.
  6. I jumped in the window to meet the butler and it was Hostile. 🤔 Am I missing something?
  7. There Goes the Neighborhood Complete all Opportunities in Another Life. Pillar of the Community Reach Whittleton Creek Mastery Level 15. Perfect Crime Complete Another Life on Master Difficulty. This is Maintenance Complete The Ark Society.
  8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  9. Urban Planner Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Mumbai. Cleaning the Streets Wipe out Kale and Shah with the train, him and Rangan with a cement pipe and Rangan with the fan. Figured this one out without help. 😅 Keys to the City Reach Mumbai Mastery Level 20. Busy Schedule Complete all Opportunities in Chasing a Ghost. Street Smart Complete Chasing a Ghost on Master Difficulty. HITMAN 2 Whittleton Creek Long Shot Complete Another Life. Community Planner Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Whittleton Creek. Domestic Accidents Eliminate Cassidy with laser wires, while fumigated and take down Janus in a mole hole explosion. Slow Travel Exit on a raft. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Divine Intervention Complete Divine Intervention.
  10. 100% 😃
  11. Echoes of the Fast Obtain a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal in Time Attack for the Forge of Destiny Challenge Tomb Dark Tourist Reach Santa Fortuna Mastery Level 20. Ghost of the Jungle Complete Three-Headed Serpent on Master Difficulty. HITMAN 2 Mumbai Babyface Shave everybody. Pirate Hunter Complete Chasing a Ghost.
  12. South Park: The Stick of Truth
  13. Yeah I was shooting random birds too. 😄