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  1. Rise of the Tomb Raider the base game. I mean the entire games trophy list is all bronze and only one gold trophy (for 100% completion).
  2. Fantasy Island DLC Lost Dog Find Truffles's lost dog Deal Maker Award all fruit supply contracts Golden Egg Find all the Golden Goose eggs Little Seed Plant a giant beanstalk
  3. Resident Evil 3 RE: Master of Unlocking Unlock all safes, lockers, strongboxes, and pickable locks. Bookworm Read all story files. Veteran Complete the game on "Hardcore" or higher. Used a guide and somehow I'm missing one Charlie Doll. Really hope it wasn't a glitch. 🙄 Inferno S Rank Run & No Item Box Runs will be done on my next two days off. Working 10 hours tomorrow so will have to do them later.....😕
  4. Watch Dogs: Legion Ultimate Steelbook Edition Far Cry 6 Ultimate Steelbook Edition Assassin's Creed Valhalla Ultimate Steelbook Edition The Dark Pictures: Little Hope
  5. Resident Evil 3 I Need a Hero Withstand the zombie siege. Kendo's Armory Collect all weapons in the campaign. Electric Slide Gather all the fuses in the warehouse within 5 minutes. (used a guide for this one) 😉 The Pursuer Follow Nicholai deeper underground. Nemesis Down!? Defeat Stage 2 Nemesis. Nemesis Down!!! Defeat Stage 3 Nemesis. Survivor Complete the game on "Standard" or higher. I Might Need These Later! Complete the game using 1 or fewer recovery items. Blind Run is done. I missed the safe in the hospital so no Master of Unlocking trophy. (it gets open when you switch back to Jill) Next up is the Hard Mode run but using a guide for the collectables.
  6. Platinum 229 Master of seasons Unlock all trophies for "Seasons after Fall". 48.17% Uncommon Platinum 5 days, 1 hour, 57 minutes
  7. Seasons after Fall It's not quite the end. A reunion The End. Master of seasons Unlock all trophies for "Seasons after Fall". Resident Evil 3 An Unfortunate End Defeat zombie Brad. The Carlos Express Leave R.P.D. I Don't Feel So Good Leave the clock tower plaza.
  8. Dissection Started it last week. It's such a terrible pos. DON'T PLAY THIS GAME! 🙄
  9. I promise myself I'll never do it, and then I do it. 😛 Yep going back to Persona 5 after I finish this game I'm playing and then Resident Evil 3. Yep.
  10. A nightmare Enter an unfamiliar place. Sunken altar Activate this altar to invoke the Guardian of the Fall. Airborne dream Find a place to sleep in the Airborne dream. Lofty altar Activate this altar to invoke the Guardian of Summer. Muddy dream Find a place to sleep in the Muddy dream.
  11. ICO Would love to play this but I hate Timed trophies.
  12. 100% 6 months, 3 weeks, 3 days And with this I've 100% every Borderlands game. (unless a surprise dlc/trophy list appears later on) 😮
  13. Red Wrath and Beyond Defeat Psychoreaver. Ye Who Enter Open the gates to Vaulthalla. And 100% my 5th Borderlands game! (yes Tales from the Borderlands counts.) 😛
  14. I hate the Borderlands 3 Psychoreaver fight.


    I mean it takes around 6 to 7 minutes just to get him at half health, and then he keeps killing me with this almost unmissable rainbow light blast that takes up half the stage and just drains your heath fast. And then I die. Again


    And I just almost killed him last round, but nope; killed by that damn rainbow blast because I didn't hide behind a wall good enough.


    I'm so annoyed I'm writing about it. 😞


    Oh just got Resident Evil 3 remake! 😎




    1. KANERKB


      I know that feeling as that fight to me is lacklustre I mean you think you might get cool loot after beating him but nope you get crap same with what he is stockpiling. it just sucks

    2. Jamescush147


      And it's a timed vault right? 🙄


      Not so fun.

    3. KANERKB


      well it ain't even that, as general knix dlc for borderlands 1 had it be timed and to me that was more worth it as when you beat them and go into that vault you get a lot of time to loot nearly all the boxes. you can loot about 20 to 25 boxes there in this dlc it ain't worth it as you only get to loot at max 5 boxes before it is closed, I mean in the knix dlc you can take your time in this one you can't. plus the dlc is just short and not really a big fun dlc to play, most of the dlc borderlands 3 was lacklustre.


      the handsome jackpot was the most fun for the loot and places, the second was boring like every hammerlock dlc has been so far and the westen was a close second good one to the jackpot while this one just is so fast and short it is not worth it if you ask me that is. 


      It does not help there is no raid bosses or great place to loot for good stuff while playing on a good fun mode as well mayhem mode sucks due to the mods it puts on you and the enemies.

  15. Brain Pain Train Slain Defeat Locomöbius. Trauma Center Defeat Dr. Benedict. Fustercluck Off Complete all side missions and crew challenges in Krieg's Mind.
  16. Ordered from Amazon: 😎
  17. Meat and Greet Complete mission “Enter the Psychoscape”. The Blast and the Furious Defeat Evil Lilith.
  18. Spring fresco Use the Spring fragment to reveal this fresco. Summer fresco Use the Summer fragment to reveal this fresco. A sign You're not alone anymore...