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  1. Stage Fright Just prior to City Chase, stand perfectly still for 30 seconds (stage demo fail) Butterfingers Make 10 enemies drop their grenades Marco Polo Returns! Play in the ocean near the sunken ship Peaceful Resolution After being marooned, leave everyone alive until the Treasury This was the trophy that got my PS4 Plat. now I get it on my first run. 😁 I have gotten better at these kinda games since I first played this.
  2. Platinum 341 All Evidence Collected Complete every challenge the city of Oakmont has to offer. 19.37% Rare Platinum in 1 week, 2 days
  3. I'm Out of Here Leave the city and the world to their fate. All Evidence Collected Complete every challenge the city of Oakmont has to offer. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection Take a Note Find a Journal Note Ghost in the Cemetery Get through Scotland cemetery combat encounter without killing or being seen
  4. So here are my top TEN Rare and Expensive Games.

    According to pricecharting.com


    Note: I take great care of all of my games. I'm such a neat freak in real life. All Mint. All Opened.


    1. Magic Knight Rayearth - Sega Saturn - $999.99


    2. Chrono Trigger - SNES - $765.54


    3. Final Fantasy III - SNES  - $348.50


    4. Suikoden II - PS1 - $338.51


    5. Albert Odyssey - Sega Saturn - $331.00


    6. Shining Force III - Sega Saturn - $322.06


    7. Dragon Force - Sega Saturn - $300.18


    8. Super Mario RPG - SNES - $294.51


    9. Super Metroid - SNES - $275.00


    10. Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete [Collector's Edition] - PS1 - $234.97


    Yes I was into JRPGs and Working Designs. How did you know?


  5. Ordered: Pre-Ordered: Really dig these covers. And I finally get the original on PS5 disk. (already have it as digital upgrade)
  6. What Could Go Wrong? Have a ritual conducted on you. Crime, No Punishment Kill the old lady. This one glitched on me. It popped on screen but it wasn't on my trophy list on my PS5. Then I turned off my online link and it was on the list. It took around 40 minutes to finally show up on my online. I think it had to do with me downloading a new game. 🤔 Double Tap Finally commit the crime you were accused of.
  7. Just got the PS5 upgrades.
  8. My Top Five Games For Each System I Owned. Or TEN Games.

    I'm bored. Sue me. :P

    Also also just counting physical. Too lazy to check everything.



    Final Fantasy III

    Chrono Trigger

    Final Fantasy II

    Super Metroid

    Super Castlevania IV



    Castlevania Symphony of the Night


    Final Fantasy VIII

    Silent Hill

    Final Fantasy VII

    Metal Gear Solid

    Final Fantasy Tactics

    Resident Evil 2

    Dino Crisis


    -I had too many games.




    Grand Theft Auto III

    Silent Hill 3

    Silent Hill 2

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City

    Metal Gear Solid 3

    Metal Gear Solid 2

    Shadow of Destiny

    - I didn't really buy that many PS2 games and then got out of gaming for a while and totally missed the PS3 era.



    L.A. Noire

    Assassin's Creed II

    Sleeping Dogs

    Far Cry 3

    Saints Row: The Third

    BioShock Infinite

    Assassin's Creed III

    South Park: The Stick of Truth

    Ghostbusters: The Video Game

    The Saboteur

    Batman: Arkham Asylum


    PS4 - Note: If it's a remaster, I didn't own the original PS3 version so I'm putting them here. Also more then 10.

    Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Nier Automata

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Marvel Spiderman

    Hitman The Complete First Season

    Assassin's Creed: Origins

    Assassin's Creed Syndicate

    A Plague Tale: Innocence


    NieR Replicant Ver.1.22474487139

    Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

    Uncharted 4 A Thief's End

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection

    Life Is Strange

    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

    Tales From the Borderlands

    South Park: The Fractured But Whole

    Until Dawn

    Alien: Isolation

    Wolfenstein: The New Order



    I need to buy more PS5 physical media. 😁






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    2. DaisyVilla102



      -I had too many games.


      *** I don't understand what this means... 😕

    3. Jamescush147


      Oh yeah Shadow of Destiny is just a great game. Would love to see a remaster or remake one day.


      " I had too many games."  I started this as a 'Top Five' but I had too many games I liked.

    4. DaisyVilla102


      I was being facetious :) I should've added "/s" at the end.

      There's no such thing as "too many games", even when you've listed 10 or more in your top 5 list 😇

  9. Goat Simulator I'm at 99%. Missing one trophy. You know the one. 😓
  10. And yes I will be playing the original PS3 version of the game sometime this year. Sometime.
  11. Some 80's pop. 😁
  12. Et Tu, Brutus? Punish the upstart. Sic Semper Tyrannis Dethrone the patriarch. It's a Kind of Magic Ask the Imperial Wizard to show you a magic trick. Not Too Deep for Me Study all the frescoes in the Temple of Dagon.
  13. 2 Years Later... 1. LEGO Worlds - 1.74% 2. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PS4) - 3.54% 3. Assassin's Creed III (PS3) - 5.03% 4. Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (PS4) - 5.39% 5. Mass Effect: Andromeda - 5.45% A few changes in two years. Got the Plat for LEGO Worlds and most of these Plats have gotten rarer. My Tomb Raider:DE and Mass Effect:A Plats have switched places.
  14. Platinum 340 Excellent Job Following Directions Obtain all other trophies. 27.42% Uncommon Platinum in 1 week, 6 days I could of done without the Commitment trophy. 😒
  15. Commitment Play The Stanley Parable for the entire duration of a Tuesday. For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. For me, it was Tuesday. Worst trophy EVER. Excellent Job Following Directions Obtain all other trophies.
  16. I officially hate this trophy.


    Play The Stanley Parable for the entire duration of a Tuesday.


    So no PS5 tomorrow. If thus works.


    I can still use my PS4 but with my luck I'll somehow shutdown my PS5 while doing something on it.

  17. Family Reunion Uphold your agreement with Robert. Brutal Honesty Betray the warehouse guard's trust. Reanimator Satisfy curiosity. Compliments to the Chef Help the professor with his plan.
  18. Deep Breath Go below the surface for the first time. No Honor Among Thieves Take Sidney's stash. You monster.
  19. Platinum 339 All Done Unlock all trophies 0.00% Ultra Rare (this wont last for long) https://photos.app.goo.gl/dzZLXxqV23MHFS396 I need to find a pic site I can use to share photos. Platinum in 2 hours, 5 minutes Still one of the most beautiful sorrowful games on the PS systems. Melancholy: The Game. 😅 This time we get a Plat and two new trophies!
  20. Basically anything by Whang!
  21. Replay a Story Replay a story after completing the game Loop-de-loop-de-loop Play Calvin's story again Wildlife Photographer Take a picture of the rabbit outside Odin Finch National Park All Done Unlock all tropies So many new trophies at the end. 😁