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  1. Hey PSN, I will make it short and simple. I am down to just needing one ring: The Wolf Ring. Please hit me up on PSN if you have it and need a trade. Cheers
  2. Hello All, Looking for some support to get to the center. I have my save all prepped if any body can assist. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello All, I have been able to grind out all of the armors and crafting stations and I am left with a single trophy...pets. Any body willing to trade parts of different trophies. I have every armor set and crafting station in a hallowed world, in exchange for the pets required for the trophy (ps4). I currently am missing the following pets (Can also trade for all pets not listed): Seaweed (Turtle) Toy Sled (Baby Snowman) Nectar (Baby Hornet) Seedling (Sapling) Eye Spring (Eyeball Spring) Curse Sapling (Cursed Sapling) Spider Egg (Spider) Baby Grinches Mischief Whistle Tartar Sause (Mini Minotuar) Zypher Fish PSN is Ryans_Extra_Life. Thanks in advance.
  4. I ended up kicking my couch co-op partner off and doing it solo. It popped afte a while of doing the 1-3 level over and over.
  5. I have had no luck unlocking this trophy. My partner and I replayed level 1-3 in the DLC over and over again and counted the every plate we washed. We were somewhere around 170 not including the plates we washed during the Champaign. Anybody else having this issue?
  6. I had to buy both a uk disc And dlc.
  7. Found it on the UK store as dlc and got a up game cheap. Thanks for the tips. 👍
  8. Hello All, I was wondering if anybody had a way of obtaining the Far East Tour DLC on a US account. I was able to get the other two on gamestop.com website but I am coming up blank on the Far East tour. I am willing to go the extra mile if it requires a lot of leg work. Thanks all
  9. Mod nation racers road trip (vita) went offline a while ago. The game that is going offline in October is Mid nation racers (ps3)
  10. Hello all, I am going to go through and start downloading some tracks, carts, and mods. I would appricate the same. All my downloads are titled Ryans 10 Downloads and my PSN is Ry4nsG4m3r74g Cheers and happy hunting
  11. I have a problem with the game (digital) that I need to restart the game to get any of the trophies to pop. They have always popped on the main screen after the restart.
  12. Hello guys! Lets trade, PSN: Ry4nsG4m3r74g
  13. Hello Empovyle, MrMaxiumusHTO, Sportbillygr. Just played all of your level. P4P when you can please. https://vita.lbp.me/v/rrzgs Currently sitting at 27/50 =/
  14. Hello All, Here is my level: https://vita.lbp.me/v/rrzgs p4p please! Cheers.
  15. Hello All, Here is my level: https://vita.lbp.me/v/rrzgs p4p please! Cheers.