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  1. Hey there ! First time posting on this thread ! I've been listening to a lot of Faith No More lately ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9_hCjcFNO0
  2. That is very interesting. Rune was the japanese name of the Lost Kingdoms games we got on Gamecube. Maybe it's related ? I doubt it though.
  3. I was about to start the game and was wondering if something was missable. Thanks !
  4. Thanks for that !
  5. I'm pretty sure they will have an order from Sony to correct it. This is a major issue no company would let pass when they know about it (or has a QA would consider it, a showstopper kinda bug). Because now they are selling an unfinishable game, which could probably put them in trouble. The worst that could happen is that the game could be remove from the store (And refund could now be possible, but I doubt it cause it's something that can be corrected with a patch)
  6. Same here, was expecting a Platinum. I even waited to replay the game on PS2 when i heard about this. Then that happened.
  7. Cannot have a better proof than that! It's really strange at the same time that this only happens at this specific place, there's not even poisoned air or enemies, just a invisible barrier that kills you..
  8. That's a relief. Beside, it's From Software, so they probably won't let this like that. Even though this is a rather Showstopper bug, don't even know why they release it without finding it.. You can however go though the Forest but the enemies are way too hard at this point
  9. This is really bad... Can they even patch a PS2 game ?
  10. Eternal Ring presently have a 100% Game Breaking Glitch at the beginning of Chapter 10, making it impossible to progress. (See my thread on the game forum). It sucks because I wanted to much to play it until the end
  11. In the newly release Eternal Ring (PS2 on PS4) , it is IMPOSSIBLE to pass through the cave at the beginning of Chapter 10 (Limestone Cave where the Earth-Dragon can be found). The character just randomly dies when passing through the cave. After some research, it's seems to be an old bug when people used to play the PS2 version on PS3 with the retrocompatible consoles. Seems like From Software didn't took the time to fix it while porting the game. So, nobody can get past that part now, making progress impossible for everyone. I searched for From Software support but everything seems to be in Japanese only. Now it's a 20$ waste, and since Sony does not refund, you should not buy it until something is done.