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  1. I managed to get to Hades with the bow, but he killed me.
  2. I bought my console with Miles Morales and the remaster of the previous Spider-man, then I got Village: Resident Evil, and now Hades. The rest of the games come from my backlog.
  3. I am using the Polish store, and there it just says the game has been announced. I hope it eventually becomes available. Anyway, thank you for the link. Edit: I checked the Twitter account for the game. There is an ongoing issue with publishing the game inc certain regions.
  4. Thanks for the link. For some reason, I cannot buy it. There is no price tag, it just says that it was announced. Weird.
  5. Judging by the posts above, I assume that the game is already out, but I cannot find it in the PlayStation Store.
  6. Looks fine to me. All my friends and co-op partners like these kinds of games so no worries here.
  7. I used the wolfsbane for nearly the entire game on Village of Shadows, it does not have as much ammo or stopping power as the S.T.A.K.E., but it still kills lesser enemies in one hit, bosses, mini-bosses, and Soldats in a couple. If you can't afford the second magnum, use Wolfsbane. While they are not cheeses, here are some of the things I remembered: For the Lycan ambush, hide in the shed, block the door, and stay on the stairs. I shot the Lycan trying to destroy the window upstairs, and the window was left intact for the rest of the If you stay on the stairs, the Lycans will trail one after another through the door to the shed, and you can easily pick them off as they come in. Be careful when going downstairs, sometimes the Lycans that go through the back window get stuck and will not come to you when you are on the stairs, but they will attack you from behind when you are downstairs. Village 1st visit There is a Lycan in the first hut on the left (I am pretty sure he wasn't there on lower difficulties), so be careful if you decide to get inside the house. The enemies on the field before Luiza's house changed. Now there is one archer, who shoots super fast, and a few Lycans with metal cages on their heads. Block and run up the hill, interact with the gate to trigger a cutscene, and then go to Elena's house. When you exit Luiza's house, the enemies will despawn. Castle Dimitrescu During the first fight with Alcina's daughter, two other enemies will come after you. If you are quick, you can kill the mini-boss before they even come inside, and you can easily pick them off. The fights in the library and the attic are the same as on lower difficulties. When you run from Alcina in the dungeons, Moroaicas walk around, so block when you are running past them. Boss fight: I stood in the second alcove, and the boss never destroyed it. Village 2nd visit I don't think anything changed in the village the second time you go there. Village 3rd visit + going to Moreau Two large Lycans are waiting for you when you cross the gate. One will attack you during the cutscene, and another one is next to the path leading to the windmill. The rest of Moreau's area remains the same. If you have a magnum with infinite ammo, then the fight with Moreau ends within seconds. Stronghold I killed the first enemies that drop down when you enter the stronghold and then ran to the line to ride across. When you get across, run to the end and throw a pipe bomb or two, when it explodes go to the door. I think that Urias now summons an extra Lycan in the fight, but I might be mistaken. Factory When you run away from Sturm, there are enemies along the way trying to grab you. Be careful. There are Soldats waiting for you from nearly the beginning of the factory run, so be careful. You can bait them to make an attack and run past them. Alternatively, you can shoot them in the face to frenzy them, and then you can shoot the reactor on their chest or back. After you open the case with the mold, the enemy behind you will awaken, which is not a change. Stay in the room, and kill him there. When you leave, another enemy will jump to your level from the level below. It's one of the Soldat Jets. Kill him and go to the forge. A Soldat Panzer is waiting for you in front of the forge. There are two Soldat Jets in the room with the giant fan and a normal Soldat that walks in after you. The rest of the factory is the same if I remember correctly. Sturm: This may sound stupid, but stay close to him. He will charge at you, probably miss, and you can quickly turn around and shoot the reactor on his back. Heisenberg: The first part is tougher than the second part. Use the cannon to shoot him when he is close to you to push him away from you. It is possible to block his attack, but you can do it once or twice, and then you die when you're on for, magnum him a few times. You will know it's over when he starts ignoring you and starts moving towards the center of the map. Chris Infinite ammo Dragoon is the key! Always pick the supplies your teammates prepared for you. There are a few extra enemies on the way down to the village. Kill them quickly and enter the village. When you are on the fields in front of Luiza's house, run. Before the large werewolf jumps down, you will be halfway to the next area, and he will never catch up to you. Kill the two enemies that enter the shed and the third one after you leave it. On the road towards the center, kill a few of the enemies that run towards you, and start blocking. Run towards the objective. The enemies despawn when you get there. 1st laser point is a freebie. 2nd laser point: from the starting position, go left through the gate and pick the supplies behind the house. Kill the Lycans that are likely behind you now, and go towards the blue gate. Throw a grenade or two to kill the rest of the Lycans, stay near the house and use the pointer from here. 3rd laser point: stay in the same area and throw grenades at the Lycans. The moment you can use the laser pointer, go up the ladder and use it from the roof. You should have enough time before the enemies attack you. Urias Strajer: You can use the laser pointer here, but it takes a while before it's ready for the initial strike. Stick to Urias's legs and run around him while blocking and shooting him in the back, legs, or chest, use the laser pointer when it's ready. Miranda The fight is the same as on lower difficulty levels.
  8. I'd say that all of the 50+ stat trophies are bugged. I finished three of four expeditions with over 60 points in perception and did not get a trophy for doing that.
  9. Thank you so much for this. I somehow did not go to the hangar.
  10. I am experiencing something similar to this but on the east side of Westbrook. There is a factory with a lot of enemies and turrets that I completely cleared and the mission is just there. I looted the small container, I killed every single enemy, and the mission will not complete.
  11. After installing patch 1.04, I am unable to save the game manually, force an autosave, use the atlas, fast travel, or quit the simulation. Does anyone else have this problem?
  12. I am playing on PS4. I managed to fix this by checking my save files for the game. I had several manual saves and a lot of autosaves for some reason. I spend a few minutes to load every save, and I deleted those that did not work. Luckily, one of the save files worked. All-in-all, I lost about five hours. I asked my friends who are playing the game if they encountered this thing as well, but fortunately, their game is working fine.
  13. I never bothered calling myself a "trophy hunter." When I spoke with my friends who referred to themselves as trophy hunters, I always said that I did not care about the trophies. I cared about the trophy — the platinum trophy. Be it as it may, I noticed that I was, and quite often at that, more concerned about the platinum in the games I bought than what was in the games themselves, so I decided to change a thing or two. My approach changed to the point where I said that I must enjoy the game if I were going to go for the platinum trophy. Fortunately, I am following my rule, and I play a lot of games, but if I go for the platinum, it means I like the game. I am proud that I never turned down a game, because of the trophy difficulty — the only thing I did right from the start when it comes to games and trophies.
  14. I really had to go through my profile and see what I could fit into these fields. Anyway, writing about video games is always better than doing your real work, am I right? The games are in no particular order. Most fun platinum's: 1 - Bloodborne 2 - The Last of Us II 3 - Dead Space 2 There are more games that I can fit into this category—both the newest Resident Evil remakes, for example. Other two Dead Space games, Cat Quest II, which was a change of pace I did not know I needed. How can I at least not mention the Serial Cleaner? Most grindy platinum's: 1 - Final Fantasy XV 2 - Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 3 - Resident Evil 6 I played Final Fantasy XV three times and stopped at the same moment when the game opened in chapter 3. I like this game. I like it a lot, but there is something fundamentally wrong with the pacing of it. I could say that the most grindy thing in it is getting Gladio's skill up to level 10, but for me, that wouldn't be the truth. I felt as if the entire game was a grindy. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it, and I still have to come back to it to have a chat with Omega. Resident Evil 6 was a great game when I stopped thinking of it as a Resident Evil game. The most tedious thing to do there was to get all the skills. Finally, Bloodstained. There was a point in the game when I stopped liking this game, and everything felt like a chore. Highest skill based platinum's: 1 - Killzone 2 2 - Metal Gear Solid 4 3 - Call of Duty: WWII Most boring / tedious platinum's I earned: 1 - Borderlands 2 - Assassin's Creed: Odyssey 3 - Brink I remember liking Borderlands when it first came out. I replayed this game some time ago on PS4, and I realized that it's the most boring game I ever played. I played it with a friend of mine during the evenings. Let me say that I would rather read the Polish epic poem Pan Tadeusz; Or, The Last Foray in Lithuania again than play this game one more time. AC: O was a good game, but it was too big, and I felt like I am doing the same thing over and over again. I don't want to talk about Brink. Platinum's that I did not achieve, but wanted: 1 - Wolfenstein II 2 - Dungeon Siege III 3 - Singularity I must mention Max Payne 3 here. If this platinum is still possible to get, I will get it. I got bored of multiplayer in this game.
  15. I plan to check the co-op mode, but I won't play through the game again. At least, not now.
  16. I am neither a trophy hunter, nor am I a completionist. Me getting all trophies in a game depends only on whether I like the game and if I want to invest my time into playing it. I don't feel bad if my games are "unfinished" when it comes to trophies since I do not have as much time for gaming as I had some years ago.
  17. This news warmed my heart and thawed the ice that covered it. I am going back to the Borderlands, baby! Whoop! Jokes aside, thanks for the information. Edit: I can confirm that the trophies have been fixed. I downloaded the newest version of the game, and all my missing trophies (including the platinum trophy) unlocked. Cheers!
  18. I am writing from my phone, so I am sorry in advance for mistakes and such - my phone's language is not set to English at the moment. Get Andromeda if you have the opportunity to get it cheap. It's a vastly underrated game in my opinion. DA: Inquisition is a blend of previous games. Gameplay-wie, its closest kin would be Mass Effect with a tactical pause. The Outer Worlds is fantastic, even through I have yet to finish it. It is compared to Fallout games, but the map design and overall gameplay remind me of Knights of the Old Republic rather Fallout games - without lightsabers and with amazing sense of humour.
  19. What about GreedFall? It is a great RPG. You can try something from BioWare - Mass Effect: Andromeda or Dragon Age: Inquisition, but they pale in comparison to the Witcher you have mentioned. Final Fantasy VII Remake and XV are worth a try, if you go with XV, then get the Royal Edition. I recommend The Outer Worlds as well. Something harder? Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne, but it's a bit farfetched of a recommendation.
  20. I am sorry for such a late response, I saw your post and said to myself I would reply later and I forgot. As for the game, wow, it has been ages since I have last played it, but it should not be too much of a challenge for you since you have gotten yourself a platinum trophy in DMC5, which in my opinion is significantly harder than any Ninja Gaiden. If you like these kinds of games, then you will surely enjoy the run for the platinum. I talked to my friend who got the platinum in all of NG games and according to him, NG3 is the worst of them - in general, not in terms of the platinum difficulty. All-in-all, after looking at your profile, I am quite sure that you can manage to get the trophies without even breaking a sweat.
  21. I came back to this game yesterday, got the platinum today It was a nice getaway from other games that I played in the recent weeks, and to be honest, I'd recommend it to other people. I am sorry, but not every game must have a plot with seven sub-plots, eighty-nine enemy types, chapter select, and be of the best quality.
  22. I wouldn't say that platinum broke me. Sometimes, I tend to take breaks from getting platinum trophies in games, but I remember that there were a few games that I got so angry at that I decided not to touch them again. They are: Metal Gear Solid Revengeance Star Ocean The Last Hope International Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 A part of me still wants to go back to Wolfenstein II.
  23. I do hope they patch the locations trophies. It is not only Pandora or Eden-6, but all of them. I am missing only the locations trophies for this game and I discovered all locations in the game, at least according to the bugged statistics.
  24. Gameplay-wise, it is okay. Apart from the fact that even on PS4 Pro,, it stutters when too many things happen at once, and every time you go to see your inventory. The story could be a lot better if they did not focus on prolonging the game so much. After a while, this game just becomes so dull. Also, why the side missions don't scale with your level? This has always annoyed me in this series.
  25. Ok, here goes. I finished the game yesterday and spent a lot of time thinking about the overall experience I had with it. I decided to break my opinion into a few segments here, so bear with me. Graphics The graphics in this game are stunning to put it simply. There is, in all honesty, no point in comparing this game to the original when it comes to graphical fidelity, and I will never understand the people who do it. Not everything looks excellent though, while the main cast of the characters and most of the environment in Midgar look fabulous, the NPCs look like that botched family you made in The Sims. Music Come on, it was great 20 years ago, and it sounds even better now. Also, the discs that you can find while exploring offer some remixes to listen to, and they are a blast as well - looking at you no 22. Quests While some of them are fairly enjoyable and typical for RPGs, some are simply stupid. I understand quests where you are sent to kill a dragon, or a dog, or anything, and fetch an item. You are a fearless mercenary, and maybe people in the slums of Midgar are afraid of dragons, dogs, and other things. I don't know, but some of the side-quests in the remake are just borderline idiotic, especially if you juxtapose them with the fact that the story has become somewhat more mature (in certain places). Story I guess that this cannot go without saying this: Ch-ch-ch-changes~ Combat I must admit that I am having a kind of love-hate relationship with the combat system in this game. There are things that I like, such as the fact that you can run around like a madman and murder the s**t out of everything with a Buster Sword, or just how you seamlessly transition from one character to another, and how fluid everything seems. What I don't like is the goddamn stagger system. The combat is great, and I like fighting enemies in this game, but some fights seem to drag forever because of it., and at certain points I found myself thinking that I would love to go back to exploring (or to Whack-a-box - man, I love this mini-game). I played this game with my wife watching how the story unfolded, and there were often times when she'd just get up and leave the room to do something else than watch me fight a f***ing house for twenty minutes. TL;DR This game is brilliant, and you should play it, especially if you are able to free yourself from nostalgia's steel grip.