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  1. #186 - Demon Gaze I got all but 3 trophies (Quasar and the two Muramasa) on this back in 2014. When Demon Gaze 2 was released it made me want to go back and finish it up. Now I'm ready to buy DG2 when it goes on sale. #187 - Oxenfree I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this game. Enough that I did all three playthroughs in one day (ended up 23rd on the fastest achievers list). I was also playing it while home alone and in the dark. Given that it's a pretty creepy game this made it even more fun. Have to say the sound and music in the game was spot-on. Each playthrough gave a decent amount of different dialogue and the changes brought on by a new game cycle were awesome. Even if you weren't trophy hunting this game would be worth at least two playthroughs.
  2. This is driving me mad. I beat it on insane, went through again on easy (getting Knocking On Heaven's Gate at level 5 along the way) but it still won't give me Aces Of Space. I've beaten the game 4 times - on normal with the black guy, on easy with the girl (using an unlocked ship), on insane with the white guy and then on easy with the girl (using her normal ship).
  3. If I ever manage to make it through my legendary story run (on level 8 at the moment) I'll quickly run through it again on easy getting 30x crazy and see if that works.
  4. #183 - Cat Quest Fun game. I'm going through some personal trauma at the moment and on this day it was at its worst so this was a welcome distraction. Finished it in a day with a couple of breaks. #184 - Jak and Daxter After doing it on my wonky Vita at the end of 2016 this was a cinch. It's crazy seeing how fast some people can 100% this. #185 - Lost Grimoires Another Artifex Mundi game on sale. Can't deny I'm noticing the similarities more and more, such as traversing underground tunnels via runes and cutting glass with diamonds. They need to hire new puzzle writers or something.
  5. I've installed the patch but it's still not unlocking for me. I've gone back through every level in arcade and got more than 15 crazy dodges. I've even done it on the tutorial and that extra level after the final boss. Any tips on what I might be doing wrong?
  6. #10,000 - - Jubilation Across Campus Give 500 girls euphoria.
  7. #180 - Deadpool Loved the humour in this. Went for a one playthrough Ultra-Violent run and enjoyed the challenge, only a few frustrating parts. Found it funny when looking at the trophy guide after beating it because it warns about not using melee attacks on the final boss, even on easy, and that's all I did. On easy he barely hurts you and on UV with the player perks you can pretty much spam your momentum attacks, starting with the square one that can be boosted with 10 seconds of invincibility. #181 - A Rose In The Twilight My initial impression was that this was a slower paced, more depressing Dokuro. It did grow on me eventually and I enjoyed it for the most part but the story never grabbed me. It didn't help that every scene from the bloodstains felt as if it could be outpaced by a glacier. I swear there was once or twice where I felt that my Vita had frozen because nothing was happening. #182 - My Name Is Mayo (Vita) Just sneaking this one in here, don't mind me.
  8. #177 - LEGO Harry Potter (Years 1-4) I haven't read the books in a good long time so this was a bit tough to follow. I think I prefer the newer LEGO games with voice acting. Thankfully I avoided the glitches, just a few crashes here and there and the occasional bug, such as having to restart a level because the AI Hagrid managed to get stuck inside a mushroom. #178 - Grim Legends 2: Song Of The Dark Swan Another one on sale and promptly platted. Have to saw, the hidden object puzzles in this one were heavily focused on the 'find x' such as 'find 10 apples' rather than their usual fare. There was one sound effect I remember thinking 'oh, this is different'. Good times. The facial animations continue to give me nightmares. #179 - Titan Souls My new second rarest platinum at 2.20% (interestingly, if ordered by achievers this is my 44th rarest - guess that's because it was given for free on PS+) What a rush this was. Frustratingly difficult at times but when you finally got that perfect shot it was so exhilarating. I'm pretty sure I fist-pumped the air on more than one occasion.
  9. #174 - Butter & Friends: Babysitter Sim Baby abuse is funny when it's food, right? Right? And the bread will be fat, you know, because bread is heavy on your stomach. This comedy thing is easy! How long does a level last? About 2 minutes? Screw it, just loop that 20 second country ditty and let's be on our way. #175 - Dark Arcana: The Carnival I buy these when they're on sale. I'm pretty sure I'll never run out of them at the rate Artifex Mundi are releasing them. #176 - Nurse Love Addiction In a world where men don't exist, only you can decide the fate of one girl's lips. I'll not deny that I enjoyed this overall but I was hoping for a little more. It felt as if they spent a lot of time building things up, which was nice, only to rush the endings. I'm also surprised to see that at least half of the people who have the platinum skipped through all of it, if only because I've never seen this be reduced in price. I'm not adverse to buying cheap games for a quick bit of fun (I actually get some weird sort of pleasure out of playing bad games so long as they're short), but spending £30+ on something just to skip through it in 90 minutes sounds like madness to me, like going to the cinema wearing a blindfold and earmuffs.
  10. I have 9 of those on the list so I guess that makes me a Metroidvania Connoisseur. I have: Axiom Verge Guacamelee Guacamelee STCE Headlander Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Salt and Sanctuary (both PS4 and Vita) Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Strider (PS4) Teslagrad I also have Rogue Legacy for the special award. I'd recommend adding Touhou Double Focus to the list. It's a pretty good metroidvania.
  11. #171 - Strider I got this because I remember playing the Amiga version as a kid. All I remembered was that I liked the music and it was insanely difficult and I could barely beat any of it. In comparison, this wasn't that hard but was a lot of fun. Finished the speedrun trophy in just under 2.5 hours. #172 + #173 - Spiral Splatter (Vita + PS4) Vita done in just over 2 hours. PS4 in just under an hour. My Vita sticks are a bit broken, in that they move things even when you're not touching it. As such, for most of the game I wasn't aware that the timer didn't start until you moved. I got stuck on 9-8 because of this, thinking the 3-star time was impossible. Finally realised I could wait for 3 seconds then move, making it doable once I got the sticks under control. It was also a little laggy at times which is horrible for games requiring this level of precision. PS4 was a cinch with controls that didn't fight me and smooth gameplay. If you're only going to play one version, play this one (it's also 10p cheaper for some reason?)
  12. #169 - Zero Escape: The Nonary Games As Zero Jr might say: Have a nice trophy! I got this for the same reason I got Danganronpa Reload - to give my wife the chance to see some amazing games that I had already played on Vita back when they were exclusive to that. I hadn't played 999 since the DS version in 2009 so it was great running through it again, especially with voices. With VLR it was great to have English voices as the European Vita version only had Japanese. I could have sworn the voice actor for Zero Jr was the same person who voiced Junko in Danganronpa, same schizophrenic style of speaking that made the character crazy but awesome, but apparently I'm wrong. #170 - Black The Fall I got a big 'Another World' vibe from this one, especially at Somehow I missed the unmissable coffin trophy and had to replay that entire section again. Otherwise simple enough.
  13. #167 - Squareboy vs Bullies Not much to say about this. It was a poor beat-em-up. If anything, it just made me want to go back and play TMNT: Turtles in Time. #168 - Alteric Fun enough but very short. The final boss drove me mad and badly needs a patch to fix. For those who are unaware: He is a square with 4 buttons, 1 on each side, which you have to hit to win. A lot of times the game wouldn't even recognise that I had hit a button even when my square head was passing right through it. Then, when I managed to get all 4 buttons he just sat there, on fire, refusing to leave like an unwanted party guest. I looked online and read that changing the language helped. Not for me. I beat him in Swedish, in Chinese, in French and in German. But sacré bleu, this persistant dummkopf kept on ticking. I eventually got it to work by choosing level 30 rather than 'continue' from the main menu. I was in Russian at the time and it was about the 7th time I had beaten him. Nostrovia! These two platinums brought me up to 100 platinums in 2017!
  14. It's a mess for sure. I had to play level 9 and 10 first before doing 1-8 for The Legend because of the slowdown causing unnecessary losses. Even then I was messing up on easy parts because of the lag. Same with doing some of the secret areas. What was funny was seeing how some of the obstacles had been removed. I assume this was to try to make it run better, so I can only imagine how bad it could have been. The final boss was also pretty funny. For some reason he thought shooting the sky was the way to go. Stellar stuff.
  15. #164 - Burly Men At Sea I liked the flower making rock monster. #165 - Headlander One of the easiest Metroidvania-style games I've ever played. Lots of fun though. #166 - Save the Ninja Clan (EU Vita version) I thought the PS4 version was a pretty good game. This version is a mess. The slowdown was so bad at times it felt like I was playing a slideshow. For a game that tries to be similar to Super Meat Boy any kind of lag is inexcusable. For now I'm the fastest achiever but I'm sure if a patch came out in future to fix the lag then my time could be destroyed.