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  1. #209 - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City As fun as I remember it being. Still prefer San Andreas but this is a great game that still holds up today. #210 - Seasons After Fall A quick breather between GTA games. Apart from that puzzle in the tree area this was a relaxing, pleasant experience. #211 - Grand Theft Auto III Compared to SA and VC I thought this game was really rough. I know I should be cutting it some slack because it's the first 3D GTA but still, it doesn't hold up great today. No map, fragile cars (thankfully you can use the repair vehicle cheat), lackluster missions and a boring main character. Also found the ambulance mission infuriating this time around and spent two hours trying to get a limo to spawn to finish the platinum.
  2. My only goal at the moment is to get at least one trophy each day. I haven't failed to get one since sometime in March 2017. Apart from that I'm just enjoying playing whatever takes my fancy.
  3. I wouldn't recommend The Deer God. It is a bit fun but it's a glitchy mess. I gave up after the PS4 version lightning altar glitch and the vita version stuck me in a wall. Twice. Even trying to revert to a backup save using ps+ wouldn't work. I've only bought Seasons After Fall. Have a lot of the under £4 ones already and don't see any others I want right now.
  4. #205 - The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 This game was huge. Did not expect it to take quite so long to beat. Pretty enjoyable though so thanks PS+. #206 - Spiral Splatter (NA PS4) A third stack of this to go alongside my EU PS4 and Vita plats. I actually quite like this game. I know it's short and overall pretty easy but I find it fun. #207 - Jazzpunk (NA) Second stack of this. Just as zany as I remembered and definitely worth playing if you can get into its humour. #208 - Mary Skelter: Nightmares I quite like the platinum image. The dungeons were some of the longest and most winding I'd played from a dungeon crawler. Unfortunately there was little variety and a lot of it felt like they had just copy-pasted the dungeons together. Still, a surprising game from Compile Heart and enjoyable enough that I put 45 hours into it.
  5. #203 - Energy Invasion A terrible game that should only be played by masochistic trophy hunters such as myself. How in the hell is it possible to make a game in 2018 that's worse than the original breakout that came out in 1976. #204 - Horizon Zero Dawn A really enjoyable game. Pretty much Tomb Raider in a Far Cry Primal setting with machines and Witcher senses. I'd like the inevitable sequel to have bigger machines and make them climbable. I want to break them apart with my bare hands. I did kind of start to get bored of the story truth be told. All those at the end had my head drooping.
  6. It wasn't my first go. It's technically my third time beating it. I finished the EU plat in October 2016 and that was technically two full runs of it as my save corrupted during the legacy expert levels (hence getting most in January then going back in October. I needed 9 months just to get the motivation to restart it all). I've also played the original N games. Here I am back in 2007 playing it: Yeah, expert quality. I know.
  7. #199 - Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space Second time after getting the EU plat in August 2017 #200 - 36 Fragments Of Midnight 3rd stack alongside my NA PS4 in December 2017 and EU Vita in September 2017 #201 - N++ Second rarest plat at 1.64%. Fastest achiever by over 2.5 days. 50 hours faster than what the trophy guide says. Second time getting platinum after finishing EU version on October 2016. Pretty proud of this one. Here are my stats when I had every trophy except 5000 losses: #202 - Eventide 2: Sorcerer's Mirror Most pointless choices I've ever seen in a game. Even less consequential than TellTale. Still fun enough to blast through
  8. Haven't posted since #193 so just a quick recap of the last ones I got in 2017: #194 - Forma.8 - Thanks PS+ #195 - Wanted Corp - Thanks again PS+ #196 - 36 Fragments Of Midnight (NA PS4 version) - No thanks to PS+ #197 - Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls (PS4) - To stack alongside my Vita platinum that I got in March 2017 But now for my first platinum of 2018: #198 - Persona 5 What a game. Finished in 102 hours (maybe add an hour or so for the bonus boss that beat me a couple of times because I was level 20 with a not-so-perfect Yoshitsune, had them within 1 attack of winning then missed one of them because sometimes life isn't fair).
  9. From 1st January - 13th December 2017 I went from: Bronze Trophies: 3744 to 6405 (+2661) Silver Trophies: 1325 to 2746 (+1421) Gold Trophies: 429 to 1173 (+744) Platinum Trophies: 68 to 194 (+126) Total of 4952 for the year. I should clear 5k before the New Year.
  10. I might get more before the end of the year but this is what I have for 2017: √ Letter 1000 Top Rated 36 Fragments of Midnight A Rose In The Twilight Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space Alteric Ar Nosurge Plus Arcade Game Series: Galaga Arcade Game Series: Ms. Pac-Man Axiom Verge Batman (Telltale) Batman: Arkham Knight Black The Fall Blasting Agent (PS4) Blasting Agent (Vita) Broken Age Burly Men At Sea Butter & Friends: Babysitter Sim Cat Quest Clockwork Tales Coffin Dodgers Color Guardians Criminal Girls Danganronpa Another Episode (Vita) Dark Arcana: The Carnival Deadpool Demetrios (Vita) Demetrios (PS4) Demon Gaze Deponia Dokuro Dragon Quest Heroes Duke Nukem 3D Dying: Reborn (Vita) Dying: Reborn (PS4) Energy Cycle (EU Vita) Energy Cycle (EU PS4) Energy Cycle (NA PS4) Enigmatis Enigmatis 2 Eventide Fallout 4 (also 100%) Far Cry Primal Feist Final Fantasy VII Forma.8 Full Throttle Game Of Thrones Goosebumps Grim Legends Grim Legends 2 Guacamelee Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition Headlander Her Majesty's SPIFFING Hitman GO Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 IA/VT Colorful inFamous 2 Jak & Daxter (PS4) Jak II (Vita) Just Cause 3 (also 100%) Knee Deep Lara Croft GO Late Shift LEGO Batman 3 LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Years 1-4 LEGO Jurassic World Lone Survivor Lords of the Fallen Lost Grimoires Lumo Monster Jam: Battlegrounds Mr. Massagy My Name is Mayo (PS4) My Name is Mayo (Vita) N.E.R.O. Nightmares from the Deep 2 Nubla Nurse Love Addiction Oceanhorn Oxenfree PaRappa The Rapper Planet of the Eyes Psycho-Pass Puzzle Showdown 4K Rise of the Tomb Raider Salt and Sanctuary (PS4) Salt and Sanctuary (Vita) Save the Ninja Clan (EU PS4 version) Save the Ninja Clan (EU Vita version) Save the Ninja Clan (NA PS4 version) Shadows of the Damned Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Slain Sound Shapes (PS3) Spiral Splatter (PS4) Spiral Splatter (Vita) Squareboy vs Bullies (Vita) Squareboy vs Bullies (PS4) Steins;Gate 0 Stikbold Strider Super Time Force Ultra Taiko no Tatsujin: V Version Tearaway (Vita) The Bunker The Inner World The Little Acre The Sexy Brutale The Treasures of Montezuma 4 The Wolf Among Us (Vita) The World of Nubla Titan Souls Touhou Double Focus Uncharted Uncharted 2 Uncharted 3 Undertale Virginia Yomawari: Night Alone Yooka-Laylee Xblaze Lost: Memories Zero Escape: The Nonary Games Zero Time Dilemma ラブライブ! School Idol Paradise Vol. 1
  11. I've done quite a few this year: Another World Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse – Episode 1 Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse – Episode 2 Hue Tales Of Monkey Island – Chapter 1 Tales Of Monkey Island – Chapter 2 Tales Of Monkey Island – Chapter 3 Tales Of Monkey Island – Chapter 4 Tales Of Monkey Island – Chapter 5 Sam & Max – Beyond Time & Space: Episode 1 Sam & Max – Beyond Time & Space: Episode 2 Sam & Max – Beyond Time & Space: Episode 3 Sam & Max – Beyond Time & Space: Episode 4 Sam & Max – Beyond Time & Space: Episode 5 Linger In Shadows Sonic The Fighters I, Zombie It's Spring Again Octodad: Dadliest Catch Thomas Was Alone Doodle God Doodle Devil Deliriant Unmechanical Extended (PS4) Unmechanical Extended (PS3) Level 22 Jacob Jones Tina's Toy Factory Act It Out: A Game Of Charades Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition Type:Rider (PS4) Type:Rider (Vita) Stick It To The Man Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
  12. #191 - Xblaze Lost: Memories Thanks PS+. From what I gathered from the pictures while skipping through the story, this was the tale of a group of women coming to terms with their ginormous breasts while a big-boobed robot protected a man who occasionally got red-eye. They also randomly went swimming and showed their butts off. And had a bath at one point because hygiene is important. There was also a girl with a broken eye who was searching for her sister with the help of a woman who was kooky and helped the serious sister-searcher with lots of silliness. #192 - Squareboy vs Bullies (PS4) I'd already done the Vita version so I got this for free. Knocked it out in just over an hour. It's not an entirely fun game but it's easy once you get the hang of stun-locking enemies and dash-locking groups of enemies. #193 - Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 I originally finished all but one trophy between Jan-Apr 2015. Decided to go back and grind for the Millionaire trophy which, let me say, was misleading in name. I was a millionaire 100x over before the trophy popped!
  13. #189 - PaRappa The Rapper One of the strangest rhythm games I've ever played in that you don't actually need any rhythm to platinum it. In-fact, I found that hitting the notes perfectly in time caused the game to tell me I was awful at rapping. Chapter 4's bird especially hated me. Once I figured out how to play it was easy enough to finish up everything. Finished it in just over 2 hours. Ended up 34th on the fastest leaderboard (not bad out of just over a thousand). #190 - Yooka-Laylee Finished this in 18 hours over a few days. As a kid I loved my N64. Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie were amazing games to me. So imagine my surprise when I find out they're finally bringing out Banjo-Threeie. Except Banjo has gotten so green with envy of modern games that he's morphed into some weird lizard thing. And Kazooie has become so bitter in her old age that she's become a bat. And Mumbo-Jumbo gave up witchcraft for science. And Grunty gave her quiz sheets to a duck. I honestly can't complain though, it did everything about those 90's collectible platformers that I love and the game was a blast to play through. Got a little frustrating hunting down the last few quills but the hunter tonic helped immensely with that. The final boss was also surprisingly lengthy but not insurmountable.
  14. The Witcher 3 was one of my favourite games of last year. I remember scribbling all over an A4 page to make sure I had all the missables in mind because there are a fair few. As far as Death March difficulty goes I didn't find it too bad. It can be a bit tough at first but once you start getting powered up you can just mow through people. Even monsters can be tanked with a few potions. Here's a few things to keep in mind: Even Odds - Keep two low level monster contracts. Come back to them at a higher level and do them without any signs, potions, mutagens, oils or bombs. These are the missable Gwent cards for Card Collector: Win the optional Gwent game during the quest 'A Matter Of Life & Death' During 'A Dangerous Game' take the cards as the reward Win the Gwent tournament in 'High Stakes' (Also gets you Gwent Master) Brawl Master - Make sure you save before the last fistfight because you can't retry if you lose. Same with the final horse race for Fast And Furious. In one of those fistfights make sure you win without taking damage for Fist Of The South Star (this should come naturally on Death March because you can barely take any hits as it is). Geralt: The Professional has one possible missable during the contract 'An Elusive Thief' if Assassin of Kings is missable if you don't do the right side quests before a certain part of the game . Those side-quests are: Redania's Most Wanted An Eye for an Eye A Matter of Life and Death Now or Never A Deadly Plot Blindingly Obvious (end with first dialogue choice) Reason of State Full Crew is missable if you don't do the associated side-quests. The people you need are: Woodland Spirit is missable if you make the wrong choice during the contract 'In The Heart Of The Woods'. Just save before doing it and if you don't get the trophy then reload and make the opposite choice. Other than that have fun, it's a great game.
  15. #188 - Dragon Quest Heroes What a goo-reat game Okay so the story was terrible and generic and I started skipping lots and the gameplay was repetitive but I don't know, much like Disgaea it just had a certain charm that hooked me. When I beat the game after ~31 hours and saw the trophy guide said 60 hours to platinum I was a bit downtrodden. Thankfully I had it finished after ~43 hours. I quickly figured out that grinding for mini medals was quicker and more efficient than trying to grind for items. By the end of the game I'd beaten around 400 bloody hands and in total they had dropped one sparkly sap (you need around 10+ for accessories + quests), whereas ten minutes got me 30 mini medals and I could just buy the damn things from the shop. The end bosses weren't too bad thanks to that beast Terry. Falcon slash + gale slash = high tension in seconds = invincibility and stunned enemy = free hits to regain tension = win. With double bunny tails +2 I had full freeze resistance to tank Zoma. Two high tensions took care of Nokturnous and Atlus was laughable. Had to beat Bjorn twice because for some reason he didn't register in my monster book the first time. Before that I had gotten intimately acquainted with Bianca because she was to mobs what Terry was to bosses. I heard her say rain of pain so much it started warping into other words and phrases. I think my brain was just trying to cope with the mental torture. After the bosses I got through 50 maps and had one trophy left. That's when it turned sour. The last trophy was luck based and I hate RNG-related trophies. Even though I'd been religiously talking to everyone after every mission I still needed a puff-puff from Maya, Isla, Doric, Psaro and Nera. Pretty soon Doric's laugh was driving me mad each time I went to Patty's. His laugh haunted me. I had to turn off voices but even then his mugging maw silently gaped at me every time he refused to puff. I started feeling sleepy, would find myself opening my eyes to find I was running into a wall, getting hit for 1 damage by enemies or just standing there like a loon. Next time I'd get it. Just one more. And then it happened. The screen faded and Doric wanted me to close my eyes. The platinum had popped and you know what? I closed the game. Screw you Doric.