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  1. DLC is region-locked so, for example, EU DLC will only work on the EU version of the game. Which gets pretty expensive when doing multiple stacks with DLC (looking at you DJMax Respect).
  2. Cheers for that. Not sure I want to keep playing if it's randomly unlocking without explanation, I'll wait in hope for a solution/patch.
  3. Any word from the developer about fixing it? During my relic mastering cleanup run I beat another 10+ mimic chests. Frustrating really.
  4. If the middle piece (first piece of each) is pink/purple you're getting a powerup. Relics (from what I've seen, 15/19) are all yellow. I've also had the issue with the mimic trophy. Beat 12 in a run and it didn't unlock. Used the relics that give more treasure chests, more special rooms and more enemies per room to get that many. Unless you've to do it without relics but that seems strange when all other trophies allow relics.
  5. So each trophy tells you the answer - stay in [place] for more than 5 minutes. You yourself explain that in one line, but you want me to watch a one hour video to figure out how to stay in place for more than five minutes? I'd maybe make a pass if your video had entertaining commentary but, much like your video, there are no words to describe how pointless this is.
  6. I have 70 (so ~10% of games played). I don't actively try to be in the fastest achievers so I'm surprised. #1 – N++ NA ( #1 – Roundguard ( #1 – Spheroids Vita ( #1 – Awesome Pea EU Vita ( #2 – Spheroids PS4 ( #2 – Whispering Willows EU Vita ( #2 – Slime-San EU ( #3 – Crash Dummy EU ( #3 – Super Skelemania EU ( #3 – Croc's World ( #4 – AER NA ( #7 – Shu ( #7 – League of Evil AS ( #7 – My Big Sister EU PS4 ( #8 – League of Evil NA ( #8 – Almost There ( #8 – Stranger Things 3 ( #8 – Gabbuchi EU ( #8 – Volume VR ( #11 – Word Sudoku EU ( #11 – Persona 5 Dancing ( #12 – Devious Dungeon 2 EU Vita ( #12 – Wailing Heights ( #13 – Save the Ninja Clan EU Vita ( #13 – Tina's Toy Factory ( #14 – League of Evil EU Vita ( #14 – The Magic Circle ( #14 – Runner3 ( #14 – Halloween Forever ( #14 – Dog Gone Golfing NA ( #14 – Epic Dumpster Bear ( #15 – Type:Rider PS4 ( #16 – Rock Boshers ( #17 – Deep Ones NA ( #19 – Super Skelemania NA ( #19 – Save the Ninja Clan NA ( #20 – Adventures of Pip ( #21- Armikrog ( #22 – The Messenger EU ( #23 – Waking Violet ( #23 – Chronicles of Teddy AS ( #24 – Thimbleweed Park EU ( #25 – Metagal EU PS4 ( #25 – Long Reach EU Vita ( #25 – Spiral Splatter NA PS4 ( #26 – I, Zombie ( #27 – Labyrinth of Refrain ( #29 – Feist ( #29 – Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion ( #31 – Spiral Splatter EU Vita ( #32 – Devious Dungeon AS ( #36 – Blasting Agent NA ( #37 – Volume HK ( #39 – Crypt of the Serpent King NA ( #40 – The Bards Tale ( #41 – Awesome Pea NA ( #41 – Candleman HK ( #43 – Butter & Friends ( #43 – Spiral Splatter EU PS4 ( #45 – Radio Hammer Station ( #45 – League of Evil EU PS4 ( #46 – Revenge of Shinobi ( #46 – Omega Strike ( #47 – Treasures of Montezuma 4 ( #47 – Salt & Sanctuary Vita ( #48 – Harvey's New Eyes ( #49 – Thomas Was Alone ( #50 – Sonic Mania ( #50 – Coma: Recut (
  7. I've two at 97%: Amnesia - had 100% then they added a hard mode trophy. Not going back to it. Rainbow Moon - I did everything in around 40-50 hours. There's a trophy for playing 100 hours. Nope.
  8. #397 - Slime-San I wanted to draw some attention to this awesome platformer. How does it only have a couple hundred people who have played it? It's right up there with Super Meat Boy and N++. Think it's still on sale (in the UK store at least) so I'd recommend picking it up. The trophies really make you do everything and you feel as if you've earned the platinum when you're done. About 450 levels over three 'campaigns' (+ collectables, time trials, and harder NG+ versions of every level). 30 challenges where you have to hit a bunch of targets. An arcade to complete (admittedly a low point, they're terrible versions of games like Mario Kart and original Doom). Even a speed-run of all 400 core levels in one sitting, which I managed in 90 minutes. Check it out!
  9. Isn't it off by default? Either way, it won't disable the trophy. The only thing that affects the deathmarch trophy is changing the game difficulty, you can even put Gwent down to easy and still get it.
  10. There's been a few, which makes picking a 'most boring' pretty tough. Some candidates: Danganronpa V3. I love the Danganronpa series. I love this game. I love all the extra stuff unlocked after beating the game. I love how they interlink with levelling up characters on a board game to take them into a dungeon crawler. I hate that I've beaten and unlocked everything and still have a trophy left. Why do I have to go around the boardgame with all 50ish characters? It's pointless! And it takes 10 minutes each just rushing through! Took me 9 days of staggering this, doing a few a day, just to avoid insanity. Gauntlet. So mind numbingly grindy I wrote a short story about how mad I went getting the platinum. Dragon Quest Heroes. As if hours of grinding wasn't enough, this throws in a RNG trophy where you have to see each character's 'puff-puff'. It's soul destroying having this as the last trophy, repeating the same actions over and over again and never knowing when it was going to end.
  11. 184/354, roughly half under, half over. Though I've never cared about percentages when playing a game. And I'll play most things, easy or hard, quick or long, I like a mix. I don't understand why anyone would automatically dismiss a game because it has a high completion percentage (is that a thing?), it doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad game.
  12. It's because it's still showing as zero achievers, likely due to early access. Once it's updated to show achievers bird+ will show as your 100th.
  13. I now have these too: Dust: An Elysian Tale Guacamelee 2 Forma.8 Shadow Complex Sundered Chronicles of Teddy Iconoclasts Castlevania Requiem
  14. I did similar to the video SlimSanta put up, except started with the right switch. You want to run as it's descending and it needs to just nick the edge of it, that gives enough time to get to the other switch. Once they're both hit, keep moving until the eye opens and hit it. It'll take a bunch of tries to get the timing and placement down, especially to know when to stop moving and prepare your arrow, you've a split second there, but it's doable with patience and practice.
  15. I finished Bard's Tale on 21st April. One of the trophies requires the senseless murder of 30 chickens, all without so much as a wing platter to eat afterwards to justify it. Eurovision wise, I don't like to ruin the surprise on the night by checking them out beforehand so I only listened to the favourite, Netherlands, and will pick that for the second requirement.