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  1. Just walk around the distortion to chamber 6. I'm not sure if you have to beat the lich first before it's a choice. And make sure to get another bullet from the blacksmith.
  2. In the pursuit of the platinum for this we'll all be doing many, many runs. Some will be terrible, some amazing. Let's use this thread to share the most memorable, to keep each other going, the next run might be your most entertaining! My most recent run (which made me think to create this) started terribly. I was a bit burnt out but having a final run before bed. Terrible first chamber. 1 heart left, wasn't trying. But I got a rocket launcher to carry me through the Oubliette. By the end of chamber 3 however, I was invincible: The Scrambler + weird egg + chicken flute. Add on fire bullets. No enemy was safe from 10 homing eggs that poisoned and set them on fire. If they somehow survived they still had a chicken pecking their legs, survive -that- and suddenly a flock of murderous chickens burst in to attack while I stood watching and laughing. If that wasn't overpowered enough, I also had gunboots + springheel boots. So I had infinite bullets from dodge rolling. Dragun was nothing but a pile of chicken feathers by the time I picked up master round 5.
  3. It's part of the Spring sale. You can find them in there.
  4. Well that sucks. I also had 5k/10k and blue star glitch on me. Would have comfortably been fastest achiever and got 500th platinum. Second glitched game this year after Demon's Tilt. Getting sick of trophies.
  5. I have 50 with 10 or less achievers. Lowest is 3 for the latest DLC of DJMax Respect.
  6. Fair play to anyone who chooses not to stack, same as anyone who chooses to stick to 100% completion, or who doesn't care. Play games the way that makes you happy. I've done plenty of trophy stacking, both for trophies and to replay games. Not so much lately, far too many quick hits saturating the market for me to care. I'll wait for that £10 mega Rata 50-games-in-one they start selling on PS4 around when the PS6 is out. But trophies give me a reason to replay a game, that's why I've done long games like Witcher 3, Sleeping Dogs and DjMax Respect twice. And I'll likely do them all a third time at some point in future years. I love games, I love trophies, and sometimes I love stacks.
  7. Only saw this in my emails today, didn't know it was a thing. Pretty cool really. Total Games Played: 73 Top Games: 1. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5-2.5 Remix (172 hours)* 2. Nioh (131 hours) 3. DjMax Respect (87 hours) *Would be interesting to see my 4th as technically this was 3 games (1.5, 2.5, BBS) and none of them took more than 87 hours. My guess would be Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise as that was in the 70s Total Hours of Gameplay: 1,762 (1,754 local, 8 online) Days Played in 2020: 350 Total Trophies Earned 2020: 2,772 (65 325 801 1,581)
  8. I didn't realise your question was if you had ps+ on one region could you get any other ps+ region games by simply having a regular account. You need to have ps+ on that region to play ps+ games given for that region, I thought that was obvious? So at the moment I have ps+ on my NA and EU accounts. It means I can download and play both region's ps+ games on my main EU account.
  9. Yes, you can download it and play on your main account. I've done that. Same with US/EU accounts (which let me do Hollow Knight twice for free).
  10. New game -> Beat level 1 without losing -> At level 2 open options, main menu, continue and choose level 1 again. Repeatedly beat level 1 without losing and the coins will continue to accumulate. Easy 500. Had I figured this out at the start I'd have ignored coins along the way and been a lot faster. This is easily platted in under 20 minutes.
  11. My top 50 rarest cover 0.29-1.23% and it's from 11 games: 12 - Lumo 10 - La Mulana 8 - Super Meat Boy 5 - Badland 4 - Futuridium 3 - Roundabout 3 - Dragon Fin Soup 2 - Chariot 1 - Pix The Cat 1 - I Am Bread 1 - Vvvvvv
  12. I was going to post a topic today about this. Even after 30+ hermits/shubs and 100+ drains I hadn't any of those trophies. Got hermit and drain today after doing it in one session. Got hermit after 25 (coincidence?) so easily 60+ total. Got 100 ball drains around the 80s today, maybe 300+ total (I'd say maybe it's game overs but it was my second ball when it popped) Still haven't shub or homonculi after 50+. No rituals after 200+ either. Getting bored of this.
  13. I played on TV and I think I was around 6.0-7.0 speed wise, depending on the song. I didn't find it too difficult, but mainly as I've played (and platted) similar games like DJMax and Musynx. Think the best I did was all charming on a hard six difficulty. Help wise, it's really what the trophy says: practice makes perfect. There are plenty of songs on the easier side (1-3 difficulty) + you can buy DLC for more easy songs. If VR isn't working out why not try TV?
  14. First trophy of 2020: Cat Prints Track down black cat Last trophy of 2020: The Warrior: Ventus Learn all of Ventus's Finish Commands I started out the year pussyfooting about, but by the end I'd become a warrior.
  15. PS5: 0 PS4: 408 PS3: 102 Vita: 140 Multi-Platform: 102 Total: 752 At one point I was 2nd in UK/Top 100 in world for multi-platform leaderboard, was actively seeking them out. I had a Vita for about a year before PS4 so that built that up. No sales or good games, and a wonky stick, is stopping me there. If the PS3 store was better, and the trophy recording didn't take ten minutes because of it loading all my games, I might consider more. But with all the sales, it's too easy to stick to PS4. Can't see me moving to PS5 for years with how much I've still got, let alone want.