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  1. #130 - Touhou Double Focus To make up for all those common plats yesterday, finished off a very rare one at 7.88%. Was a good enough game but the Vita really struggled to play it for some reason. I would have finished it last week if not for stupidity and bad luck. Missed some of the photos on my first play. Lost my no-save 100% run when it crashed after I'd done about 90%. 3rd play went fine. First sub hour speed run attempt, which I tried immediately after the above crash, got to final boss after 50 minutes, forgetting the great aerial slash along the way, then got beat twice (it adds 5m each time you lose) and nearly chucked the Vita at the wall. Second attempt finished in 36 minutes with one loss so was happy.
  2. I've had a busy 24 hours: #126 - Eventide: Slavic Fable Probably one of my least favourite Artifex Mundi games. The repetition of puzzles from previous games was really bad on this one and the character animations, as always, creeped me out. Dear god those furry monsters whittling away at that table, it'll haunt my dreams. #127 - Nightmares From The Deep 2: The Siren's Call Conversely, I thought this was one of the best Artifex Mundi games I'd played. The first one was already great but this upped it. Most of the puzzles were new or at least varied enough from previous iterations, the animations were crisp and the hidden object puzzles were fun. #128 - Late Shift I was expecting this to be like Wales Interactive's other game, The Bunker (or more fondly from my youth, Phantasmagoria) but was surprised to find it was a full movie with some interactions. It felt professional too with pretty convincing acting and a decent enough story. Media such as this should be encouraged. I'd love it if more interactive movies started being made. #129 - Dying: Reborn (PS4) I don't think this was as bad as the 38% metacritic rating implied. Yes the story was mostly obvious, the scares were pretty much non-existent (I actually laughed when the mannequin came through the window- it wasn't quite the same experience as Resident Evil's mutant dog 21 years ago), the writing was riddled with grammar and spelling errors, the voice acting wasn't worth being in a B-horror movie, the audio was all over the place and...what was I saying again? Oh, yeah, stellar game. Got the ultimate bundle so I'll be doing the vita version at some point.
  3. Nice one. Wasn't my favourite either by a long shot but it wasn't the difficulty that made me stop in the end, it was the sheer boredom caused by so much RNG and luck-based equipment and skill gathering. Even for a Tales game the grind was ridiculous. I was happy enough beating the final boss on chaos on one playthrough. For me, it's #125 - Ms. Pac-Man I'd already done Pac-Man, Galaga and Dig Dug, so when this went on sale I thought 'why not'.
  4. #124 - Slain: Back From Hell 3.77% - Ultra Rare Another UR platinum is always nice. I thought the game was great and the trophies added to the enjoyment. It didn't help that I hadn't fully read through the trophy list and didn't know about headbanging after every boss and the talisman, so I had to replay three levels a second time without losing in order to still get Heart Of Steel.
  5. I have 173 UR trophies so it's tough to choose. Most of them have fond memories of frustration or joy upon getting them. If I had to choose right now, probably the Lumo platinum (0.69%) or N++ platinum (3.15%). For Lumo, completing Old Skool Daze was a rush. I would beat hard sections and get pumped up and fly through sections, only to lose a life somewhere stupid and have to calm myself down to make sure I didn't mess up. It was also great beating it first attempt. Sort of - I got to the minecart twice, decided I wasn't doing well enough and restarted, third time I went beyond the minecart and finished it all. For N++, I had beaten over 90% of the game (including all expert solo levels) when it crashed and corrupted my save. This was when I first realised my saves were being auto-backed up to the cloud so my cloud save was corrupted too. I came back to it 9 months later determined to beat it and that's what I did.
  6. #123 - The Sexy Brutale Shorter than I was expecting but a very enjoyable game nonetheless. It's one of those games where you shouldn't rush through using a guide - take the time to stalk and spy on each character and enjoy their little stories unfolding. Well, before the unfortunate murders and all.
  7. #122 - Axiom Verge 6.71% rarity I've owned this game since last year but for some reason kept putting it off. Was worried I'd built it up too much in my head but turns out it's one of the best Metroidvanias I've ever played. Though I think I over planned the low% no loss under 4 hours run. Did it in 90 minutes with 26%. Was a lot of fun.
  8. I was agreeing with this until the trophies started to mess up. When I did it on Vita I had no issues, but on PS4 I had to replay level 6 on normal 3 times. It then failed to unlock Level 4 hard even after replaying 4 times. I had to restart the game and beat it up to level 4 hard to get the final trophy to unlock. But that's #121. I'm done with it.
  9. #120 - Blasting Agents 14th person to play this and 7th fastest at just over a day. I thought this was a decent game, especially for the price. The music was repetitive and terrible but the gameplay was simple in a fun way, like old Amiga sidescrollers. Easy was a cakewalk. Hard was initially annoying until I switched to the melee character. He's very overpowered with invincibility when attacking and faster DPS than the shooter. Made the bosses laughable. I didn't think it was that hard. Use the leaderboard to get cards that give +300% or more, meaning you only need a quarter of the target score. Any maps that have combat, use the card that gives unlimited poison arrows as they beat all regular enemies in one hit. Other maps you can farm animals if short on points. The only level I remember being annoying was the lost city, mainly because you needed a near full combo even with +300%, but after a few runs you'll get the hang of it.
  10. #119 - Coffin Dodgers Not much to say about this one. It was quick and a little fun.
  11. #117 - 1000 Top Rated My trophy whoring shamelessness has reached new depths. I think my pets got more enjoyment out of the noise of moving tiles than I did in those 9 minutes of vapidness. At least the platinum image looks nice. How about I make up for it with this: #118 - Rise of the Tomb Raider I've owned this for a while but I held off on playing due to all the trophy issues I'd been hearing about. Thankfully I had no issues (I think the latest patch fixed most of them?) The game itself was great. You had Batman's detective sense, Uncharted's set-piece madness and Assassin's Creed's climbing, all mixed with a bow that kicked way more ass than any of the guns. Though this irked me: Get one gold medal in score attack - Bronze trophy Get 10 gold medals in score attack - Still just a bronze trophy Get all 27 gold medals in score attack - Still just a bronze trophy
  12. #116 - ラブライブ! School idol paradise Vol.1 Printemps I love rhythm games and this was no exception. The stage and live gimmicks were fun and although it was a small, easy set of songs, I liked all of them. Not knowing Japanese caused a couple of issues, mainly taking a while to figure out how to adopt the idols' suggestions. I was just picking myself based on what they said, not realising you had to physically click on their suggestion. That meant a couple of extra runs through the story to get the other sub stories. Finding the force skip option also helped when I eventually looked in options. I'll probably grab the other 2 volumes when I can find them for a cheap enough price.
  13. #115- The Inner World A quick breather from working on Rise Of The Tomb Raider's score attack. I didn't actually like it that much. I thought the voice acting was all over the place and it kept crashing, but some of the puzzles were pretty fun.
  14. #114 - Broken Age Another game I decided to return to after a couple of years. Not my favourite point and click game but some entertaining dialogue, especially the spoon.
  15. #113 - Shantae & The Pirate's Curse My first Shantae game. Really fun game with enjoyable trophies. Thought the speedrun would be a hassle but I ended up finishing the 4 hour 100% with over 90 minutes to spare.