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  1. #234 - Thimbleweed Park I grew up on Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island and the like so to get another game in that mould was amazing. Loved how the fans who backed the game financially were put into it as part of getting a couple of trophies. #235/6/7 - League Of Evil (EU PS4 + Vita, NA PS4) This was a fun, slightly difficult platformer that's worth the cheap price (especially as it's cross-buy). Surprisingly, I found the game ran better on the Vita and I'd recommend that version over the PS4. I know it won't last long but I currently hold the fastest time on the EU Vita and NA PS4 versions. #238 - Trine: Enchanted Edition Played it on Steam years ago, wasn't fussed. Gave it another chance on PS4, wasn't fussed. It's not a bad game so I don't really know what my problem is with it, just feels a bit bland and uneventful. The story is also completely forgettable. Are the other two any better?
  2. #231 - Slyde #99pPlat #1minPlat #Trophywhoringforlife #unironichashtags #notevenontwitteristhishowyouusetags #232 - Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Okay so this was pretty great. Even though you know how it ends, I couldn't help getting sucked in and treating it like a self-contained story. My only complaint would be that the third chapter felt rushed. The second chapter had my heart in a vice, truly beautiful. #233 - Amnesia Collection Very apt platinum name: Insanity. Collecting 151 tiny boxes and dozens of notes over three games that are darker than a shadow's asshole is insane. Hated walking around in blur-o-vision trying to find things. I'm blind enough thanks. Surprised the Justine trophies are so rare though when that game can be beaten in 10-15 minutes. Still, 12th rarest platinum in the bag and another ultra rare.
  3. #227 - Saint's Row IV: Re-Elected Pure, silly fun and completely unashamed of it. Apart from a few grindy trophies and leaving it on until 40 hours had passed it was an easy trophy list. Is it just me or was this easier than the PS3 version? #228 - Shadwen This quickly grew tiresome. The AI is some of the worst I've ever seen in a stealth game, who all repeat the same 3-4 lines over and over. Not to mention it's one giant escort mission, which is never a good idea. Getting to go back and murder everyone in a second playthrough was small solace for the pain they'd put me through. #229 - Eekeemoo My first thought was this looked a bit like Tearaway. Then I played it. It wasn't the worst game ever but it was pretty bland. #230 - RadioHammer This one confounded me. Over 2 days I passed every song first attempt in 'story' mode getting 3 stars, going back in track mode and getting gold without any issues, even getting perfect scores because it was so easy. Then I hit the penultimate story song and it destroyed me, couldn't even pass it. Eventually got it after a week of playing it from time to time, then finished the remaining bits without a fuss.
  4. Sure, I'll enter: I read that other thread and found it all pretty amusing how much anger it generated. Personally, I have 26 plats over 85% rarity, but I also have 50 plats under 15% rarity. I just play whatever I want, I like all types of games. Don't really care what anyone thinks.
  5. I've ended up with 7 more since I last posted on 2nd March. 29 total for 2018 so far. #220 - The Darkness II A great game, as was the original. More games need to do this multi-functional melee/gun hybrid because it's a heck of a lot of fun. #221 / #223 / #224 - Midnight Deluxe (EU PS4, Asia PS4, EU Vita) The trophies had such potential to be better than this. It was an okay game. #222 - Blasting Agent (NA PS4) Goes with my EU PS4/Vita stacks. It's a decent game, definitely worth a play. Though if you don't use the melee character in hard mode then you're going to hate it. #225 - ICEY Pretty good meta-game. Not quite Stanley Parable level but worth a play through for the price. #226 - Shadow Complex Remastered A new Ultra-Rare plat to make up for all those common ones. My sixth rarest at 3.04%. I've owned this for about two years but never played it due to how daunting the trophies looked and getting distracted. Turned out it wasn't as bad as I thought. Sure you need to play it a few times but it's not overly long. The worst is grinding to level 50.
  6. #216 - Little Adventure On The Prairie (PS4) So quick, cheap and easy I did it again. Even at just under 12 minutes I'm only 16th fastest. #217 - South Park: The Fractured But Whole I love South Park. I grew up with it and even though recent seasons are of a worse quality it's still watchable and I still go back to old seasons on a regular basis. This, like Stick Of Truth, was just pure fun. The battle system was interesting, boss fights were imaginative and at times unexpected, the story kept up a good pace and the numerous little references had me laughing pretty much throughout it. Definitely recommended to any fan. #218 - Wheels Of Aurelia This was a pretty strange game. On the one hand it was oddly relaxing to simply drive through a few endings seeing as how it took all of 15-20 minutes, on the other it didn't have enough substance to withstand twenty playthroughs for the sixteen endings and unique cars and got very dull very fast. Even the conversations seemed tacked together with dialogue that didn't connect with what had just been said and repeated choices even after you'd already picked it. #219 - Crypt Of The Serpent King I think the only thread that's on this game-page talking about it being a new low for trophy lists is a bit harsh. This is certainly better than Mayo, Babysitter Sim, Little Prairie and the Energy games. I won't deny the trophy list is basic but the game itself is completely competent: it doesn't stutter, animations are basic but fluid, the whole game runs. It's just that it's aggressively mundane and average. With a few tweaks this could have been a decent game for the price: Weapons having actual variation rather than just damage, combining different enemies on each floor, more variety in floor structure/objectives and a few more things to find in the chests.
  7. #212 - Sleeping Dogs (NA) Also 100%'d. Second time doing this after getting the EU 100% in 2016. In my opinion this is one of the best GTA-esque games out there, absolutely had a blast playing it again. #213 - RIME Another decent PS+ offering. The jumping mechanics were a bit wonky but other than that it was an interesting journey. #214 - Little Adventure On The Prairie I could have treated myself to a sausage roll this morning. It would've lasted longer and been more enjoyable. I'm pretty sure the resultant bowel movement would've been more stimulating than this mess too. #215 - One Tap Hero For a mobile game this was actually pretty fun and had a decent amount of gameplay variety. Didn't outstay its welcome either.
  8. #209 - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City As fun as I remember it being. Still prefer San Andreas but this is a great game that still holds up today. #210 - Seasons After Fall A quick breather between GTA games. Apart from that puzzle in the tree area this was a relaxing, pleasant experience. #211 - Grand Theft Auto III Compared to SA and VC I thought this game was really rough. I know I should be cutting it some slack because it's the first 3D GTA but still, it doesn't hold up great today. No map, fragile cars (thankfully you can use the repair vehicle cheat), lackluster missions and a boring main character. Also found the ambulance mission infuriating this time around and spent two hours trying to get a limo to spawn to finish the platinum.
  9. My only goal at the moment is to get at least one trophy each day. I haven't failed to get one since sometime in March 2017. Apart from that I'm just enjoying playing whatever takes my fancy.
  10. I wouldn't recommend The Deer God. It is a bit fun but it's a glitchy mess. I gave up after the PS4 version lightning altar glitch and the vita version stuck me in a wall. Twice. Even trying to revert to a backup save using ps+ wouldn't work. I've only bought Seasons After Fall. Have a lot of the under £4 ones already and don't see any others I want right now.
  11. #205 - The Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 This game was huge. Did not expect it to take quite so long to beat. Pretty enjoyable though so thanks PS+. #206 - Spiral Splatter (NA PS4) A third stack of this to go alongside my EU PS4 and Vita plats. I actually quite like this game. I know it's short and overall pretty easy but I find it fun. #207 - Jazzpunk (NA) Second stack of this. Just as zany as I remembered and definitely worth playing if you can get into its humour. #208 - Mary Skelter: Nightmares I quite like the platinum image. The dungeons were some of the longest and most winding I'd played from a dungeon crawler. Unfortunately there was little variety and a lot of it felt like they had just copy-pasted the dungeons together. Still, a surprising game from Compile Heart and enjoyable enough that I put 45 hours into it.
  12. #203 - Energy Invasion A terrible game that should only be played by masochistic trophy hunters such as myself. How in the hell is it possible to make a game in 2018 that's worse than the original breakout that came out in 1976. #204 - Horizon Zero Dawn A really enjoyable game. Pretty much Tomb Raider in a Far Cry Primal setting with machines and Witcher senses. I'd like the inevitable sequel to have bigger machines and make them climbable. I want to break them apart with my bare hands. I did kind of start to get bored of the story truth be told. All those at the end had my head drooping.
  13. It wasn't my first go. It's technically my third time beating it. I finished the EU plat in October 2016 and that was technically two full runs of it as my save corrupted during the legacy expert levels (hence getting most in January then going back in October. I needed 9 months just to get the motivation to restart it all). I've also played the original N games. Here I am back in 2007 playing it: Yeah, expert quality. I know.
  14. #199 - Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space Second time after getting the EU plat in August 2017 #200 - 36 Fragments Of Midnight 3rd stack alongside my NA PS4 in December 2017 and EU Vita in September 2017 #201 - N++ Second rarest plat at 1.64%. Fastest achiever by over 2.5 days. 50 hours faster than what the trophy guide says. Second time getting platinum after finishing EU version on October 2016. Pretty proud of this one. Here are my stats when I had every trophy except 5000 losses: #202 - Eventide 2: Sorcerer's Mirror Most pointless choices I've ever seen in a game. Even less consequential than TellTale. Still fun enough to blast through
  15. Haven't posted since #193 so just a quick recap of the last ones I got in 2017: #194 - Forma.8 - Thanks PS+ #195 - Wanted Corp - Thanks again PS+ #196 - 36 Fragments Of Midnight (NA PS4 version) - No thanks to PS+ #197 - Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls (PS4) - To stack alongside my Vita platinum that I got in March 2017 But now for my first platinum of 2018: #198 - Persona 5 What a game. Finished in 102 hours (maybe add an hour or so for the bonus boss that beat me a couple of times because I was level 20 with a not-so-perfect Yoshitsune, had them within 1 attack of winning then missed one of them because sometimes life isn't fair).