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  1. I lied... #547 - Saints Row: The Third Time to platinum: 9 years, 7 months (33 hours) I love this series, I've played them all (excluding Mayhem if you count that one). I recently started Saints Row: The Third Remastered and decided to dig out my copy of the original to see how far I was from the platinum as I only needed 3 trophies. Turns out I was really close, only took about an hour or two. Now back to the remaster.
  2. You've hidden the trophies so I'm not sure if you've done it, but this video shows the technique you need to do for 5-10. It's the only level that requires it: With this I was able to get 50.04, without I could only get 50.30 like you. Also to note is that trophies for doing all levels didn't unlock at the same time for me. When I beat 10-10 I had all cheese/hearts but it only gave me the trophy for beating the last level. Replaying 1-1 twice unlocked those one after the other. Same with not losing/time trials, only gave me one and replaying 1-1 again gave me the other. I assume replaying any level again would work as the game sees you've met the criteria when you beat the level.
  3. #544 - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (PS4) Time to 100% complete: 1 week 6 days (~55 hours: 40 as Jack, 10 as Claptrap, 1 each for Wilhelm and Athena, about 10 minutes with Nisha as I had a PS3 Nisha) That's enough Borderlands for now. 16th rarest platinum at 3.65%. Easiest Borderlands with some of the most boring characters to play solo, if not for Doppleganger I'd have played once and called it a day like I did on PS3.
  4. #539 - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Remastered Time to complete: 1 week, 1 day (55 hours) I'd played Ni No Kuni before and enjoyed it, but that was before I started properly trying to go for trophies, so when the remastered version went on sale I knew it was a good excuse to replay the game and see if I fancied finishing it all. The game itself is wonderful, visuals inspired by Studio Ghibli with cutscenes done by them, a great Pokemon-esque capture and evolving battle system and a story as long as any Dragon Quest game for that deep traditional RPG fix. Unfortunately there are a few things that mar the experience, namely the side-quests of which most are frustratingly dull, and a ton of needless backtracking (even within the same town going from castle to town to castle) that feels more like padding rather than satisfyingly progressing the story. So long as you're efficient at keeping track of a few collectibles (familiars, ingredients for recipes, feeding one familiar) the platinum won't be that bad a grind at the end. Not to mention it's one of the few games where you can vary your grinding up with multiple locations for certain items and more than enough familiars to decide which ones you want to catch and evolve. I'd recommend it to any fan of traditional RPGs such as Dragon Quest. ... #540 - Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Time to complete: 8 years, 3 months (76 hours) So as I said, I played Ni No Kuni before. I still had my physical copy. I still had my old save file. I booted it up to have a look at pre-trophy hunting me and, surprisingly, I'd done pretty well. I'd just been inefficient when it came to familiars, ingredients for recipes, and feeding one familiar. Another four hours of efficient focus and I'd got the remaining trophies and the platinum. At 8 years and 3 months it's my longest time to get a platinum. I can't see that being beaten looking at the games that are older on my list so this will stand as my oldest platinum.
  5. I have 28 and the only one I wouldn't recommend is Gauntlet as it's a horrible grindfest that's not fun in any way. N++ is probably the best, pure platformer out there and tough, if you enjoy it you'll get dozens of hours of fun that lasts beyond the platinum. Rayman Legends is pure fun. Dark Cloud 2 if you want an amazing, nostalgic PS2 RPG, Catherine if you enjoy puzzles mixed with a visual novel, honestly I'd say they're all worth playing. Except Gauntlet.
  6. 100% #613 - Nioh 2 To go along with my Nioh 1 100% from last year. Nioh 1 took me 130 hours, this took 147 (with a bunch of hours idling), mainly because of the final DLC. Everything up to then I was doing fine while under-levelled with decent gear but that final DLC is brutal. I ended up going through to WotN (NG++++) to get better gear for the final DLC trophies on WotD (NG++). That made it manageable enough. Weapon of choice was tonfa. By the end I had ones imbued with lightning + fire and set poison to an active skill, which meant easy confusion, slower enemies and tons of damage. If you enjoy Ninja Gaiden type games mixed with a levelling system and Diablo-esque abundance of loot, this thing will be addicting to no end.
  7. How I got it: - Thorn Bird + Wild Vines - Any armour/weapon that increases thorn stacks (using the relic that gives rare or better equipment helps here) - The relic that doubles stacks on you + enemies. - Anything that keeps your mana high. On a few runs I found items that gave max MP per room, that's perfect. Focus on skeleton rooms until you find one with the yellow skeleton that's invincible. Use wild vines to pop all the pots around enemies then throw as many thorn birds at the invincible enemy. I got 500 stack on one enemy that way and still had 45MP to hit more, but had already passed 1000 stacks on all enemies in the room.
  8. Faster than Light and Not Him Again modes are glitchy. The boss, enemies and doors can all glitch, I've seen enemy projectiles freeze in midair, doors not open, the boss stop shooting, enemies stop moving, etc. It's a war of attrition, keep going and eventually you'll get a level run with no problematic glitches, it's not impossible just frustrating.
  9. #516 - Trials of the Blood Dragon 2.31% rarity I am ecstatic with this one. Originally played it back in 2016 when it came out and was happy enough beating it with all A ranks. Recently bought Trials Rising and playing through it reminded me of this so I went back. This time I went for the final couple of trophies I was missing, including A+ rankings, which I'd say are around platinum times in Trials Rising for comparison. The sheer variety in this game is amazing, though also frustrating as you've to master a fair few different modes of transport, not all of which are created equal. On foot segments can be clunky and a bit unresponsive. Some levels are straight up unfair, such as one where you're pulling a bomb behind you and it'll randomly decide to flip over and explode. Still, after a lot of perseverance I finished the last level I needed A+ on, level 24, after three hours of playing that one level I not only got it but got a time worthy of 48th in the world, fists were pumping. 7th rarest platinum overall. I'm happy.
  10. #506 - Mahjong Adventure Only really posting because I was the first to get it (on the EU stack at least). Not too difficult but if you don't manage your power-ups efficiently you could end up seriously frustrated. Getting gold medals is tight (time power-up is your best friend), money is limited and power-ups used on failed levels are lost forever. And now back to Persona 5 Royal.
  11. Just walk around the distortion to chamber 6. I'm not sure if you have to beat the lich first before it's a choice. And make sure to get another bullet from the blacksmith.
  12. In the pursuit of the platinum for this we'll all be doing many, many runs. Some will be terrible, some amazing. Let's use this thread to share the most memorable, to keep each other going, the next run might be your most entertaining! My most recent run (which made me think to create this) started terribly. I was a bit burnt out but having a final run before bed. Terrible first chamber. 1 heart left, wasn't trying. But I got a rocket launcher to carry me through the Oubliette. By the end of chamber 3 however, I was invincible: The Scrambler + weird egg + chicken flute. Add on fire bullets. No enemy was safe from 10 homing eggs that poisoned and set them on fire. If they somehow survived they still had a chicken pecking their legs, survive -that- and suddenly a flock of murderous chickens burst in to attack while I stood watching and laughing. If that wasn't overpowered enough, I also had gunboots + springheel boots. So I had infinite bullets from dodge rolling. Dragun was nothing but a pile of chicken feathers by the time I picked up master round 5.
  13. It's part of the Spring sale. You can find them in there.
  14. Well that sucks. I also had 5k/10k and blue star glitch on me. Would have comfortably been fastest achiever and got 500th platinum. Second glitched game this year after Demon's Tilt. Getting sick of trophies.
  15. I have 50 with 10 or less achievers. Lowest is 3 for the latest DLC of DJMax Respect.