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  1. #157 - Save The Ninja Clan (NA Version) Fastest achiever on this version! Though I doubt it'll last. If I'd planned it I could have got it in under an hour. #158 - LEGO Batman 3 (Vita) In truth, I probably enjoyed Jurassic World more but this was still a fun LEGO game. I'm guessing it's because it's the third one and they were having to branch out more but there was a surprising lack of Batman and a heck of a lot of Lanterns. Story still gave me a few laughs, especially the Joker and a few of the exchanges between Batman/Superman and Batman/Robin.
  2. I only own 5 physical Vita games: Disgaea 4 Utakumi 575 School Idol Paradise Vol. 1 Taiko No Tatsujin V Version IA/VT Colorful From a quick search around, I'm guessing the last two are decently rare. The others you can easily get for £20 or less. Except for Disgaea, which I got when I bought my Vita, the only reason I bought the others physically is because I can't get foreign games digitally on Vita. Even then, I stick to rhythm games because they're the only ones I can understand without knowing the language.
  3. #154 - Planet Of The Eyes Quick and easy. Could see inspiration from a lot of games as I played it but when I finished it I felt as if I'd just played a demo rather than a full game. When it eventually goes on sale I can see this being a popular game for trophy hunters. #155 - Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition I love this game. This is the third time I've beaten it after playing it on steam in 2014 and getting the 100% on Vita in January this year. I was surprised at the amount they added for this version. Really enjoyed the new areas and enemies, though that Goro-inspired punching one got annoying fast. If I had played straight with no breaks I would have been around 2nd or 3rd on the fastest achievers list, but I'd never be able to do that so fair play to those who can. EDIT: Let's chuck another one in here #156 - Save The Ninja Clan My initial impression going in was that this was going to be a cheap, knock-off Super Meat Boy with worse controls and level design. On all accounts I was correct, right down to near replicated levels (Up, Down, Up) and identical obstacle types. Its saving grace, however, was the glitch aspect. Finding the secret in each level was a blast and made it a lot more enjoyable.
  4. #153 - Super Time Force Ultra My new second rarest platinum at 2.73% First trophy: 3rd September 2015 Second trophy: 26th June 2016 Remaining 32 trophies: The last 3 days I really didn't expect to platinum this. The first two times I tried it I hated it. Maybe it's because I was playing it on Vita and the third time I played on PS4? But whatever suddenly clicked allowed me to fly through it, realise it wasn't that hard (or long) a game and I ended up enjoying it. It's like Broforce but with a time-rewinding mechanic.
  5. #151 - Salt and Sanctuary (Vita) I enjoyed it so much I did it all again once I saw the Vita had its own trophy list. #152 - Knee Deep I found this one hard to enjoy. The story was a mess and most of the dialogue lacked cohesion- especially when choosing 'strange responses'. At least it was short.
  6. #148 - Energy Cycle (3rd Stack) I'm ashamed to say I was 1 second slower than my second platinum on this. I'm losing my touch. All downhill from here. #149 - Puzzle Showdown 4K I don't mind a good jigsaw every now and then. My mum is a fan of them and I used to help her build them on the kitchen table when I was little. But no longer do I need to eat my Sunday dinner on top of a half-finished picture of the Mona Lisa! I think they missed a trick though. They should have added a feature where you could upload your own picture and they'd turn it into a jigsaw for you. That would have made it infinitely more interesting, especially when the majority of their pictures were not the most exciting. And #150! Salt and Sanctuary I bought this last year on the back of it being a '2D souls' game. It wasn't as hard as I was expecting, only a few tricky moments here and there and most bosses could be steamrolled rather than putting much strategy or defense into it. Didn't need to grind at any point either, except for materials when completing the Devotion trophy. I found that a 2H Greathammer (I used the Warhammer) + 2H Greatsword (started with Kuremoia then transfigured into the Seawolf Cutlass) covered almost everything the game could throw at you. Overall though, great game. Had a heap of fun and can't understand why I took so long to get around to playing it.
  7. #147 - Fallout 4 I love the Fallout series. Was originally going to go back to my PS3 version of New Vegas as it's a C rank but then I remembered I'd already replayed it on Steam so instead I got Fallout 4. Absolutely loved it, though the Paladin Danse bug nearly had me throwing my controller in anger. Thankfully the workaround during The Molecular Level worked and I didn't have to start a second playthrough just for the Brotherhood. Good old Danse though, he wasn't done annoying me. The very next quest he decides he'll take me to the quest building, then spots a Mirelurk seven miles away and chases it for a few minutes, spots a vertibird and shoots it down (aren't they owned by the Brotherhood?), runs away to a farm and stands around for a few minutes contemplating. After leaving him to his thoughts and doing the quest myself with Danse occasionally popping up like a bad smell to say well done, good teamwork, he then asks if I want his company! Well sure Danse, you're just the kind of person I want having my back when I take on the Commonwealth! Seriously, . Just working on 100% now. Far Harbor is great - loved the robot murder mystery side quest. EDIT And that's it 100% completed. 65 hours thoroughly well spent.
  8. #146 - Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour Found this by chance. I had actually planned on going back to the Vita version to get some ultra rares and improve my C rank only to find that it had been discontinued and is now impossible to download. Instead, I found this version and saw it was on sale so I bought it and knocked it out in a couple of hours. Was a nice breather from Fallout 4. Took me right back to my childhood, motion sickness and all. Thank god for parents who didn't worry about game content. 9 year old me had a blast tipping strippers, staring at alien boobs and kicking alien scum so hard they exploded.
  9. Three more since I last posted: #143 - Game Of Thrones If not for being on PS+, I'd have skipped this one. I read the first book and didn't really get into it. Haven't watched the TV show either. Even then, I did enjoy playing through it. So long as I ignored the same old TellTale issues of irrelevant choices and 'gameplay'. #144 - Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood An improvement over the first Enigmatis. Not much else to say - like TellTale above, they have a formula and stick to it and I both enjoy and get frustrated at times. #145 - Undertale I wanted to see what all the hype was about. Wasn't disappointed. Wouldn't be one of those who puts it as 'best ever' but it's certainly quirky and has a nice charm to it. Was hugely disappointed with the trophies though. Here you have a game with multiple endings, meaningful choices and tons of little Easter eggs and missables, yet the trophies are about getting mostly through the game and wasting time at a dog statue. A lot of wasted potential with the trophies.
  10. Wheels Of Steel 0.42% - Ultra Rare So happy to get this one. 24 minutes of perfect circular motion. Also got 7 other ultra rare trophies from this game.
  11. Based on rarity: Millenium from Badland - Save 1000 clones in single player - 0.47% Based on achievers: Dancing in the rain from Feist - Complete level 4 in under 3m45s - 17 achievers My own personal opinion on hardest: Either Achieve Enlightenment from N++ (requires you to beat the entire game) or Retro Rampage from Super Meat Boy (beat all warp zones).
  12. #141 - Energy Cycle (PS4) Shaved 6 minutes off my Vita time. Not bad for a game that originally took 16 minutes to beat. #142 - Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space If Ed Wood made video games... I was kind of hoping for a story along the lines of The Deadly Tower Of Monsters, maybe even Another World if going for a more serious tone, but nope, I got this. One of the worst control schemes I've ever played in a modern game and dialogue that sounded as if it was spoken from a diving suit submerged ten miles under the sea. It's a shame because you could see glimpses of potential when playing it.
  13. #138 - Energy Cycle (Vita) I am the 100% #139 - Shadows Of The Damned Loved this game back when I played it in 2012 but didn't care about trophies then. Decided to play it again and it's still a great game. Going through it a third time was a little tiresome because of unskippable cutscenes but at least the cutscenes are great to watch. Probably my favourite Suda 51 game. #140 - The Wolf Among Us (Vita) I started the Vita version in 2016 but it crashed on Episode 4 and corrupted my save. I hadn't backed it up because I just couldn't fathom a TellTale game doing that. Picked up the PS4 version later that year and platted it, then eventually got the motivation to come back and clean this one up too. As much as I enjoyed the story, I really feel TellTale should either give their games gameplay again (a la Sam & Max / Monkey Island) or go full-on visual novel and cut out the stupid QTEs. Ignoring the fact that it's near unplayable on the Vita, especially the action sequences, the lack of meaningful choices and fake gameplay is grating.
  14. #137 - Demetrios (PS4) Because I own the Vita version (which I platted in March) this version was free. Not going to turn down a quick, free platinum.
  15. This month has officially been my craziest month for trophies. These two are my 15th and 16th of the month and I've passed 500 trophies in a month for the first time! #134 - Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness Took me over 2 months because of boredom. I just couldn't get into it, even after going through a couple of endings normally. When the mood took, I'd put it on and let it skip text while I played something else, occasionally glancing down to make choices. The mini-game was fun until 6-2, then it was frustrating. I was elated when I got 610,000 points, then had to go through the drag of buying every single voice module. It's a shame because I really enjoyed the anime. #135 - Criminal Girls: Invite Only I enjoyed this. The dungeons may have been repetitive but I liked the combat. Not that that stopped me from using the damage glitch for the final boss to beat him while my level was in the 50s, and again in the final dungeon to blast through the bosses. The censorship was pointless but the motivation was all of 10 seconds at a time so I didn't really care, not that I could have seen the image half the time anyway with my fingers prodding all over the screen. Also, the art gallery included shots that were just as 'explicit' as the motivation ones, so why censor one part and not the other? I'll definitely pick up the second one at some point. Just going to edit this in here rather than post again so soon. #17 for the month: #136 - Infamous 2 All I needed was 1 pigeon and to purchase all upgrades. Amazing what I didn't do back when I didn't care about trophies. Now my longest platinum at 5 years and 6 months.