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  1. Will raiders occur more when I reduce my vault population to 30 while I still have my guys level 50?
  2. I kinda love it how they made a perfectionist trophy list with mostly gold trophies. If every small expansion has 3 trophies and the large ones have 5 than I'm in. Do we really need more than this?
  3. I know old topic but does anyone know how much time the Timesaver pack will shave off the platinum time? I'm interested in the game but 25 hours seems a bit much for me.
  4. This challenge was such a pain in the ass. There is a video from ps4trophies where the whole sequence is in slow motion and he explains where to shoot. It helped me a lot cause I at first could'nt see what was going on.
  5. I first completed the game on hard mode without looking at any challenges or collectibles. For me it was a lot more fun to just witness the story the first time and to only have to worry about staying alive. After that you can go through chapter select and mop up everything on easy difficulty, some challenges like stealth missions can be very difficult on hard. You can off course do everything in one playthrough but it would be a lot more frustrating.
  6. I think the season pass will have trophies and the fastest way to find out is to wait for the xbox achievements to pop up. I believe xbox one owners get the dlc 30 days earlier.
  7. Definitely Modern Family and Scrubs. There are a few shows suggested like Frasier and Seinfeld that I totally love but they are from a different time period, maybe you're not in to that. Although you can never go wrong with Friends.