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  1. Thank you so much for helping, i will add you and about steps im full ready (Hyperdrive installed )
  2. Hi , i would like to join to but what i need to do? Can i add you friend ?
  3. Thank you for advice. I'm browseing forums , but i shy to talk (there are so much reasons) but i hope i will talk .Thank you so much again.
  4. Thank you so much for advice , i will try and it's first for me . About grammer you are right it's mine 4th language and i still try improve it and i will use grammarly in future thank you again.
  5. Hi , i know but 1 and half year i'm lookimg for someone , yeah i boosted some games , talked to some but still don't have a long-time friend.
  6. Where do you live in Turkey?

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    2. kotutute27


      I don't know about Spanish speaker sorry, but there are some English speaker but if you lucky you will find someone can speak English language and maybe help you. I hope it will be a good trip for you becuse İstanbul is very beautiful city and it's so big.

    3. DrHambone


      I usually learn simple phrases like 'hello' 'thank you' 'food' 'beer' 'water' and 'bathroom' when I visit a new country with a different language. But for conversations or help, I'll need English. Luckily, I have internet and Google translate on my phone so I can translate with people if I need to :P I'm excited to see the Blue Mosque and the beach! And try all the street food of course - I love trying new foods!

    4. kotutute27


      Great, there are a lot places you can visit which everone is uniqe and you like you said you have net that will make a bit easier , about street food it's good try something new but a word of warning: be carefull 🙂

  7. Hi , i tryied chat but not everyone interested . I was talk about what if i post here like ; ''Hi, i'm ... , looking people not only to boost trophy but talk. I have ... games i want boost(a long list ) , my timezone ... , i'm avabile ... , my age, language etc'' that will be better becuse person who wanna talk will be know who is that person , if she/he have same games and maybe meet in future
  8. Hi , i was thinkng for 1 week about write that thing and finally i decide to do. I'm a shy person in net , because of that i always hide form forums and rarely i post something on anywhere. I know forum rules and what allowed to write or talk about it but don't know how to break the weak person inside me. Like ever human i like to talk , discuss about something , meet new people and maybe help someone who need help in real life or in-games but problem is i fear form being misunderstanding(not only that , there are people like me who shy that is why i thinked maybe can be break shy inside ourself) . I always thinked about meet gamers not only to boost a trophy but be friend , talk about games , discuss something etc. I know there gaming sessıons section but people there are only looking people to get trophy. What if there a section to meet new people who want be friend like ourselfs?
  9. Hi to everyone i want make a guide about dishonored dlcs but i dont know rules to make guide here(like what i can put in my guide what i cant) anybody can help me
  10. Lion of the Lolis Thanx so so much i finaly can play game .
  11. I just ran into an issue where I get a black screen upon loading the GOTY edition of Dishonored. Does anyone know of a workaround for this issue?