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  1. **************************************** THANKS TO ALL WHO CONTRIBUTED TO MAKING THE GUIDE******************************************** I can confirm that the digital version of the Royal Edition works. I've just unlocked 2 trophies whilst disconnected from the internet (1.29 keeps trying to download so I didn't want to take a chance). How I did it: Deleted previous copy of the game. PS4 was connected to the router via LAN cable. Laptop was connected to the router over wifi. Downloaded Charles on laptop. Proceeded to complete steps 1 to 6 of Golden Devil Gamer's guide. Downloaded the FFXV main game file via PSN website (approx 43gb). This is step 7 of Golden Devil Gamer's guide. On the PS4 download section the game shows up as approx 79gb. This is the 1.29 version. You don't want that obviously. Proceeded to complete steps 8 to 11 of Golden Devil Gamer's guide. Some of my subfolders were named differently but I made sure the region of the game was correct when I was in the process of remapping the patch file url. Deleted game a second time. Downloaded the approximately 43gb main game file. This is step 12. This now showed up as approx 73gb in the PS4 download section. If you see this, then you are downloading the 1.26 version. Proceeded to complete steps 13 to 15. Hopefully this helps someone....
  2. Excellent news! Many thanks to those who put the effort in to communicate with WB and get a response.
  3. Yo. I've got a save file on Insane difficulty. I'm on the last boss. I have a digital copy of the game so will be needing to delete as soon as I'm done with the zombie dlc (I plan on deleting this game on the 10th of July 2019). Send me a message on PSN with this as the subject and let me know the times/days you are free. Sweet as a nut!