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  1. The buyers should be drop kicked. on a side note though... I wouldn't even wanna imagine the price of some platinum trophies out there. Ex.) Super Meat Boy, White Knight Chronicles, or Dragon Fin Soup...
  2. Indeed. That was disappointing but not enough lower its quality. I never got to fight the secret boss for collecting all those collectibles. didn't even know it existed until recently. I have thought about playing the game again but don't think I will untill has trophy support; as ive beat the game so many times as is
  3. That legend of the Dragoon statement! Id platinum that game on every console available if it ever got a remaster. Hell even if it only got ported to ps4 with trophies I would still play the hell out of it. By far my favorite game of all time.
  4. wow thanks for the descriptive response. This helps a lot I wasn't really expecting a detailed response about this cause not a whole lot of players but ya pulled through
  5. Is there missable trophies? Doesnt look it like it. To obtain the true ending is there specific events needed or will simply doing every quest and such obtain the true ending? Lastly does it matter what difficulty this is played on?
  6. Ohhhh this makes a lot of sense 👍
  7. Its not a big deal dont worry. I had the same problem along with a bunch of others. Go to the silent towerand fight those monsters that was where I grinded everyones last skills. The enemies dont have to be above your level they just have to be recognized as "tougher" enemies.
  8. O.O thanks for all the info. I had a save with only 127k kr cause i hadnt saved since then so I continued into ng+ and am now buying ragnites widdling my kr down flrom 300k hopefully i get the 300k kr trophy from buying all this ragnite
  9. no joke I was at 295k kr and watching tv at the same time just now, I was gonna go back to the game to check my kr and accidentally started NG+ -___- biggest mess up so far lol.
  10. agreed I am farming the 300K kr as of right now and it is beyond boring, cause you gain nothing but exp from it. the ragnite are pointless because of maxed out grids for everyone, and after all those free mission you have plenty of chances to choose good ragnite for your other characters as well. I am only at 266k kr at the moment and now i am even more depressed from this post cause I just found out that I am going to need another 25k for the weapons too >.> thanks! but yes a pointless crap gind indeed
  11. ohhhh ok thanks for the info
  12. I am not trying to defend anyone with this, but what if you not connected to psn when you start the game on ps4 then transfer a cross save over to vita connect your vita to psn and then start the game. All of the trophies would pop and psn would show it only took a matter of seconds right? I am probable wrong just curious
  13. I love a good game that has plenty of things to do for 80hrs, and I even love a post game grind to get the max I can out of a game. But if this turns out to be another "go here kill this, turn in quest, rinse & repeat" type game, then 80hrs will feel more like a slow boring grind fest that I might not partake in.
  14. I dont feel rare enough for the rarity of rare folk club :/
  15. Good question, but I dont believe anybody understands how sony determines a trophies worth. Theres even less maps on the vita im confused too