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  1. Wish I could help out more cause I like new info on the game, but since this game doesn't get that much attention anymore good info is hard to come by
  2. yeah thats the 11 update song im thinking of. It came to the Nintendo Switch but not ps4/vita yet.
  3. The trophies should not be affected The only new song that is actually added from the base is Platina and that song is only playable after you have actually platinumed the game as in some other language that is what Platina stands for is platinum. I am talking about the ps4 version which should be the same as the vita and so forth. I liked this game, but I believe they have fully given up on the consolve version of it i think only the switch has got that 11 song update as of right now
  4. White Knight Chronicles I & White Knight Chronicles II #1 taking 600+ Hours to platinum #2 taking 500+ Hours to platinum when there was servers online. Now it takes 1000+ Hours to platinum offline. However I am pretty sure the WKC 1 save file after beating the story can be used on WKC 2; saving like 40 hours lol Good luck
  5. There is a secondary story after you complete the first one.
  6. The Online will put put you against bots if there are no other available online players. Also I am pretty sure that it would need one other player to be in the lobby ;before it would even do that so maybe people are leaving too soon or realizing that the bots can be brutal and they would also like to face actual people
  7. Sorry about the late reply to this. The MP trophies I do not believe will be able to be done solo because for the system to even let you in a lobby it needs to recognize that there is going to be another viable player. It will tell you that your connection is bad and give you an error code. Bandai has done some fixes on their side to fix some of the connection issues, and now if you manage to get into a full group it will just add a cpu in replace of the players that do leave. There is one character that you do not have unlocked from the start and is a requirement for one of the trophies. You will either have to pay the $1 for it or beat the story which wont take long. In Short: Get at least one other person to join you for the MP trophies and you should be good
  8. ohhh thank ya very much good sir!
  9. Hi Zachary, We've got an answer for you ! Hey Zachary, We are happy to get back to you with an update on your case. Unfortunately, there is a bug due to which you receive this error message. We will kindly ask you to check if you have previously blocked any players. You can check that from Friends on your PS4 menu and then pressing Options. If you have anyone blocked, please try unblocking them and the issue should be fixed. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding. Kind regards, Thanks to the good ol' Dragon Archon This was an email from Bandai support team. I would have just uploaded a screenshot but I dont know how to upload a picture to here
  10. the online is working now, i just did all the MP trophies. its highly team dependent on the wins. if you done have 4 people join the group it will just assign you a computer to play with. it took me about 2.5 hours to get them all. (Americas region is doing good) just finished the available challenge missions and it looks like i have to finish the story to unlock more because i didnt get the trophy yet.
  11. Actually I dont even know if the multiplayer is working properly right now, because there was an update earlier, and I haven't been able to do anything with the online portion of the game such as: Ranked Match, Custom Match, Create Rooms, Invite others, etc.. they all give 4 different error codes.
  12. The ranked matches will get really annoying if a fair amount of people dont play online. When you go to do a ranked battle it will search what ever region you have selected (can be changed with L1 R1 during the fight menu) if it does not find another individual with a good enough connection or nobody at all as the case is right now due to the game just launching. The game will kick you out back to the main menu. Its a little nit-pick thing but hopefully in a couple days the online play will have gained a good player base. Also I created a small discord server for this game so people can somewhat have a place to find online matches faster. https://discord.gg/EdpbvyE
  13. you are my hero haha. Now if only the multiplayer ones worked the same way
  14. I have a question about monster spawns. How come only a select few of the equips in the game are considered actaully missable, but after you connect with the seed in each palace the monsters no longer spawn?
  15. There is no NG+ on the console version of this game unlike the PC version. Checked this with another individual that has platinum achieved. However upon completion of the game you can start a new game and retain the dictionary information. Meaning you will lose level, items, gear, map info, recipes, etc... Missables: All of Chapter 1 Quest are missable. Chapter 5 "The Test" This quest does not have a marker above the persons head during part 2 and it does not show up in the quest journal either. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5958-xuan-yuan-sword-the-gate-of-firmament/24-entity-library This trophy is kinda glitchy but still obtainable. Save right before the entrance to the because the final boss is what triggered the trophy for me but only reloading the save and killing it 5 times