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  1. ohhhh this is strange haha, thanks for the info. I finally managed to do it in 16 minutes flat using the pathfinder map, and skipping all the shops.
  2. I did not get the trophy for completing the game in under 30 minutes, however it is 10 seconds shy..... but still im sad
  3. Very Awesome! thanks man
  4. Very much so, im sure its doable. I also fully believe that it is 50% luck based that a zombie doesn't spawn literally floating right above you around the 4,000 mark, or that pillar area actaully has an opening when it gets up close to 5k.
  5. Just from playing this game for about 30mins, it has floating zombies, teleporting dogs, and sometimes you can smack a zombie with an axe the blood will splatter but you will still die. However this game is actually pretty addictive. I wen't 1,649.0m using only the axe on my 3rd try with 13 kills I got 2,299 skulls (in game currency). Run took approximately 2-ish minutes. A bit further in and at 1,226.0m I got 3,630 skulls because of using the mini machine gun with double ammo having 300 ammo from crates. Looks like 1skull / meter + 50skulls / kill Say 1.6minutes / 2,000 skulls. Thats about 3 Hours & 18 Minutes to platinum, assuming you do it perfectly, never die, and manage to get all the kill related trophies in one run. ~ARMORY~ Axe = FREE Hand Gun = 1,000 skulls Mini Machine Gun = 10,000 skulls Machine Gun = 20,000 skulls Shotgun = 35,000 skulls Mini Gun = 50,000 skulls Grenade Launcher = 70,000 skulls Katana = 90,000 skulls Flame Thrower = 120,000 skulls Grand Total = 396,000 skulls ~HELPERS~ 100 Skulls per helper Start With Gun = Randomly chooses a starting weapon. Will be any single on that you have purchased. *includes Axe More Armor = There is no armor in this game. It gives double ammo, stays for the entire match. for example pistol gets 10 shots normally and 20 with helper. More Crates = It will randomly spawn down more light post crates during the track. However these crates can be spawned side by side. The trophies in this game shouldn't take very long to get, but that 5,000m Best Survivor Trophy could be pretty difficult or just plain flustrating to obtain. small tip: turn sensitivity to about 10% because you do not need to aim off to the side, and with it turned even to 50% the pistols reticle will slam all the way to the side of the screen just by tapping the analog stick. small tip: while using the Axe you can literally just spam R2 (attack button) and it will hit the enemies in about a 180 ° radius in front of your user. It seems like the game registers you pressing R2 about 2x faster than you can swing the axe. small tip: dogs will stay in place for about 1 whole second as soon as you hear them growl. you can shoot them down. If you are running with no weapon, they will zig zag once then continue and go the same direction. Just choose the opposite direction , and you can dodge them with super ease.
  6. heck yeah, thanks man
  7. woah! i need to find this path
  8. right. I just did the chariot on extreme 3 times with sniper alone and got 1 proficiency each run with it, taking about 12 shots a run
  9. awesome thanks for the info!
  10. yeah thats all im coming up with also. im using this queen bee method for bounty at the moment that I found on youtube. its getting the proficiency up about as fast as the boss farming methods are
  11. Hello I need a little bit of help with this trophy. I only have smg and hangun at 1000% proficiency. Is there a good way to farm these levels, and what exactly is the way proficiency points are calculated? Is it hits accumulated, weak points, or just bullets fired? ive got just about every trophy finally, but this one is bugging me a good bit
  12. The buyers should be drop kicked. on a side note though... I wouldn't even wanna imagine the price of some platinum trophies out there. Ex.) Super Meat Boy, White Knight Chronicles, or Dragon Fin Soup...
  13. Indeed. That was disappointing but not enough lower its quality. I never got to fight the secret boss for collecting all those collectibles. didn't even know it existed until recently. I have thought about playing the game again but don't think I will untill has trophy support; as ive beat the game so many times as is
  14. That legend of the Dragoon statement! Id platinum that game on every console available if it ever got a remaster. Hell even if it only got ported to ps4 with trophies I would still play the hell out of it. By far my favorite game of all time.
  15. wow thanks for the descriptive response. This helps a lot I wasn't really expecting a detailed response about this cause not a whole lot of players but ya pulled through