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  1. I bought the game at release and at the time I believe there was a rather volatile glitch that required two controllers? Not sure if there was a new one that came after that but I couldn't find any when I played it. Irrespective, I preferred to obtain it legitimately anyway
  2. #2 - Call of Duty: Black Ops III Rating: 7.8/10 Difficulty: 8/10 This game. This was the first game I picked up with my PS4 and my first COD after a two-year hiatus. Then I saw the trophy list and yeah, I was a bit intimidated but I figured I could handle it. In retrospect, it wasn't as hard as I originally perceived but as far as Plats go, this one definitely asks a lot of you. I did everything solo: the Realistic playthrough, all the accolades and the no-death Veteran run. But the toughest part is completing the Combat Immersion on Realistic difficulty. I actually finished on my third attempt but for whatever reason, the game decided that I hadn't (thank you Treyarch). Obviously I didn't manage to complete it until after another twenty or so attempts and a gradual descent into insanity. It will remain my proudest Plat for quite some time I imagine. With regards to the game, I definitely enjoyed it. The campaign is extremely dark and gritty and very very original to say the least. Definitely a strange plot but it is very unlike the usual COD formula so I found it rather refreshing. I didn't form any real connection to the characters and like many games - though the plot twists were welcome - it became a bit too convoluted. However, the narrative is very strong and the writing is very believable. Zombies isn't something I've ever been hugely involved in, though I can appreciate the unique setting and the general satisfaction you can derive from this type of game mode.There is a lot of depth to it and obviously this is expanded with all the additional maps that have been introduced via DLC. Multiplayer was my thing for many years. I used to play COD almost exclusively when MW3 and BO2 came out. Initially, I loved the multiplayer but now I think I actually loved simply playing COD multiplayer again after so long, rather than the actual game itself. I wasn't engaged as long as I was with the previous games and I eventually stopped. I definitely poured in a few days worth of playing, but the maps were terrible (in my opinion) and the pace has been completely elevated. Lots of spawn-die scenarios. In MW3, I clocked a total of 33 MOABs (25 killstreak) and 6 Nuclears in BO2 (30 killstreak). But I never managed one Nuclear in this game, simply because I couldn't adapt to the hastened tempo, ergo I was never really any good haha. I suppose you can appreciate the new movement system and the subsequent verticality that comes with it, but Call of Duty is meant to be old school boots-on-the-ground shooting for me. Critically, this game is very decent and there is a lot of fun to be had. But the extent to which you do is heavily dependent on your play style and I don't think many COD players managed to adapt to or welcomed the direction in which Call of Duty has now gone. Now I just need to wait for the season pass to go back on sale and then I'll hit those DLC trophies to get my 100%.
  3. #1 - Batman: Arkham Knight Rating: 9/10 Difficulty: 3/10 I'm a bit late to this forum though having earned a few Plats already. But I figured I'd still share them and my thoughts on each game, just for my own sake haha I genuinely feel like this game is underrated. It isn't as jaw-dropping as its predecessors, but it is a fitting conclusion and an improvement in almost all gameplay elements compared to the prior entries. The story is a bit too convoluted for me personally, but it takes you to some very interesting places and the writing is phenomenal in certain scenes - which is obviously bolstered by the stellar voice acting. Plus, the graphics are beautiful. I spent many a minute simply standing and watching the ocean, and the raindrops trickle down Bats' suit. Definitely one of the best looking games I've ever experienced. Loved driving the Batmobile, especially chasing random bad guys, though the Batmobile combat and puzzle-solving became extremely monotonous and unchallenging. And of course, many of the side missions were just far too repetitive and ultimately unnecessary. However, the Arkham series is and has been my favourite since I picked up Asylum. And City is, to this day, my favourite video game (though not the best in my opinion). So I felt like I was going to always love this game,despite its flaws - some of which carried through from the previous games anyway. The visuals, writing, score, acting, smooth gameplay totally trump the few negatives of what truly is the ultimate Batman experience. I have to thank Rocksteady for this franchise; it has offered me hours of enjoyment and I sincerely hope they make another installment in the DC Universe as their next IP (Green Arrow. Please.)