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  1. Thanks for the reply, is this a new thing? i haven't played for a few years and was thinking to go back and finish it off. I seem to remember all of them except the scarecrow dlc being in my season pass (base copy of game) and the DLC being some special pre order or special edition add-on on some paper in the case? and i struggled to figure out how to find it 🤔 I will check when i have time
  2. Eventually wanna 100% this, Is it possible to get this anyway apart from buying the dlc code from someone online yet or contacting devs? (from ps store of any region?) seen people selling online on ebay but for way too high price or physical and not willing to ship to me and for some reason unwilling to scratch the code off and send it to me 😑 Tried contacting devs with no luck and don't wanna buy a whole new copy of the game just for one trophy, will probably just leave it if thats the only option lol
  3. This worked fine for me on EU version but on US it missed one of the score trophies 😐 Deleting and reinstalling without deleting save game works, AS version seems to fine too
  4. @dokkanexpert i used this video to do the challenge doing them in the order of the video, has relatively accurate location for each herb aswell. (In my experience) Edit: Also a word doc or piece of paper is useful to tick off what you have done so far.
  5. Thanks!
  6. Does difficulty affect trophies?
  7. If i deleted the game and redownloaded after getting some kills would it still accumulate? because i heard you have to have the dlc downloaded when you do those kills?
  8. I could only find their forums and i got no reply there , could you tell me where to contact them exactly please?
  9. Thanks ill give it a try
  10. Did you contact WB or Rocksteady?
  11. Thanks i'll go get it now
  12. Yeah lol, it just gets tiring tryna inform everyone.
  13. Something i've been tryna say for days but okay lol
  14. Nah i didn't need that or legendary animals either I did study one macaw on guarma like i said previously but i don't know if that changed anything, i would assume none of them are needed and the parakeet is part of a side quest or something i think to take them all out so that might be why it's not needed. In theory if that pushed the counter forward (doing the guarma animals) wouldn't the people who did them have the study trophy 11 animals earlier than me or however many guarma animals there are? Instead of just everyone not needing the parakeet? Seems like it just isn't needed. Could be wrong though.