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  1. SUPER DESTRONAUT DX Platinum Destronaut Get all the trophies #76
  2. Final Words Thank you for playing. #75 a new milestone NIER: AUTOMATA
  3. Who Needs a Map? Endurance Challenge: Locate 5 crypts Level 25
  4. Platinum Earn all other trophies Rogue aces #74
  5. Next time i hope in a more easy way of writing down the points,spreadsheet and google drive is not my thing i dont know if something easier exists
  6. Platinum You unlocked every trophy in the game #73
  7. In my spreadsheet column P score wont show anything instead it says #VALUE!
  8. Biosplattered #72
  9. For me its 7 cos thats the first final i have played and was masterpiece,sublime and still it is i will choose second best 8 and third im beetween 9 and 6 worst since 6? i think 10-15 i know a lot of people will hate that im saying this what about the last entry,i think it was a total mess,unfinished still after almost ten years with million patches and dlcs final fantasy are in downhill since 10 and after squaresoft merged with enix ominous future
  10. Favourite Final Fantasy main series only (is there a way to choose multiple choice except one?)
  11. Its not a vs thing,i just want to ask what ps people own at this site
  12. Who is in the top 5 list until now?
  13. My opinion is if you own a ps4 base model its not worthy to buy again same (almost) console but if you dont have any at all ,definetely i will pick up ps4 pro curious to see the percentage