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  1. I agree 100% If im wrong i apologize but if the correct number is 599 i changed my guess to 598,7 i should be the winner
  2. I should be the winner if the correct answer is 599 I was 0.3 way from guessing the right number I was more close than anyone else
  3. [email protected] its the greek support email which they gave me the 21 avatar pack instead of el try uk But im not sure it will work Try it
  4. 1- My retail copy was bought from England 2- My account is from Greece,can't read my 100% save file 3- I have a secondary account from UK i download it from there and now is everything ok, i can load my completed save file in my basic account
  5. It seems to have a problem with the save file it won't read it I had a retail copy of horizon complete edition(i dont have it anymore) save file is 100% I have now 2 separate save files in system storage
  6. #151 TranStar Employee of the Year Platinum
  7. RELAX dude,nothing will happen to you or your profile,don't take it so serious
  8. April fools day
  9. If its not 8k and 120fps i won't buy it
  10. Yes you can redownload your games, you can't buy from july 2
  11. Do it express your id name(hysteria)🙂 I'm joking of course
  12. Sony- October 2020 we will close internet store of ps3 Sony- March 2021 you can't buy anymore games on ps3 psvita from summer Sony-November 2021 you will lose all ps3 psvita purchased games After all this is sony,you can expect anything from them