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  1. I dont get this, we will get the trophies again on our trophy list?? i have earned all trophies except the december update
  2. Father and Son #65
  3. Sign me up, i have the platinum of final fantasy vii final fantasy ix final fantasy x final fantasy x-2 final fantasy xii zodiac age final fantasy xiii final fantasy xv Chocobo Trainer
  4. I have completed 6 games,add me please Axiom verge Dust an elysian tail Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition Salt and Sanctuary Shadow Complex Remastered Teslagrad Metroidvania Warrior
  5. Sony censorship policy of course and playstation classic
  6. a true star king trophy platinum 5.55%
  7. GOD OF WAR 4
  8. King of the Hill Platinum #64 next in the list God of war 4 (how do i make the trophy icon bigger ???)
  9. some kind of gamer you are...
  10. Truly awesome Rayman Legends After a long period of time 3 months more or less i finally did it playing almost every day the challenges about 10-15 min the most time consuming trophy for me
  11. me too i dont care for multi, i kinda hate it only for games, psplus sales and cloud saves
  12. Yes they are story related
  13. SOMA is a great game for those that dont have it,i bought it last year at a sale 7-8 euros Iconclasts only for me this month i dont care for the others games 4
  14. Unforgettable game played back in the 90s surprising that is coming to ps4 😀