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  1. I never cared ,I play whatever I want the moment I want,I will not think ah I must play that game now so I can milestone my favorite game next I'm not a ocd person
  2. Some games cant be (example Rage) found unless you search or go to all games yeah service is in shambles as you say and the worst thing is that they will never fix it Yes they said middle of the month
  3. The update shows that everyone has 0 trophies,or trophies are not updated yet?
  4. So generous of you Clammy Sign me up I don't have a chance to win,just for the fun
  5. Not a bad thing i suppose, FF thrived on not open worlds like 6 7 8 and 9, the golden era
  6. 2 pm CET
  7. #193 #194
  8. Reborn
  9. First part April 20,second part after 3 half years or maybe 4 if it comes first months of 24,only on ps5 Part 3 2 or 3 at least years,26 or 27 and probably on ps6 So 7 years to play the remake,rebirth or whatever is called and 3 generations of playstation consoles Of course I will play all parts but waiting 7 years for one game to be completed in parts its.... If square is planning the same with other ff remakes they better release it after 5 or 6 years of developing and like a normal game meaning 1 release 1 game
  10. I really have no words

    My condolences to the family

    1. gamercris066


      Sorry for your lost.

  11. The only bad thing is that we must wait 1 more year, plus 2-3 months delay
  12. I only play the main series of Final Fantasy never liked spin off,they are mediocre or bad games So I have 10 completed,that means I'm on Bronze tier and I will be staying there forever😀
  13. i think god of war sold 20m copies ps4 120m so its around 15%
  15. nah some people say 'some do it for free' so with your logic you are doing the same thing in the opposite way,you complain coz they give games that are on different service on same platform oh yes hypocrisy i agree