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  1. That's pathetic and you consider yourself a gamer??
  2. VR required?? No thank you
  4. Because if this game does not need a video guide What games does it?
  5. I have tried this trick so many time to no avail My highest try is 456 I can't reach 1000 its impossible
  6. Of course i did notice while playing last of us 2 but that game is normal to have loud noise coz is 'heavy' game yeah i agree with you some games of ps4 do that while some others dont which some of them are demanding
  7. I started this game yesterday night and from the main menu my ps4 started to sound like jet engine,when i play the game its decreased a little but again is annoying,i think i will use headphones for this one Does enybody else has the same problem?
  8. I dislike it All games should have 1 and only trophy list
  9. You should review games in big sites mate you are very good on that much better than some others 👍
  10. Most replies is last trophy you earned,about 250 more Most views is recent platinum,about 1 million more
  11. #159
  12. 2000 pages,probably the most famous topic?
  13. It's not so hard try to play a lot and eventually you will succeed the only hard part is infallible trophy
  14. Its updated automatically from main menu
  15. They just patched it a few minutes ago,only the first 1 wins the crown on third round