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  1. Can anyone explain me what is discord?
  2. The old blood master Wolfenstein the old blood #85
  3. Before countdown runs to zero and when you lose 3 times countdown will appear again, with your second player then press start or the touchpad before time goes zero Repeat this until you beat the game Choose free play in options and easy,very important
  4. Forgotton anne #84 Thank You For Playing! You've been all around the Forgotten Lands.
  5. #83 Metagal Platinum GAL Get all other trophies
  6. Daggerhood Platinum Thief Get all the trophies #82
  7. A Closer Look Look in all peepholes and telescopes long enough to hear Edith's commentary What remains of edith finch Level 26
  8. Wolfenstein master Collect all trophies #81
  9. BEYOND: TWO SOULSā„¢ MASTER Collected all trophies! #80
  10. Metal Slug Master #79
  11. It worked thank you very much lordguwa and maureneršŸ˜€
  12. This may be a stupid question but i use 2 accounts each for one player im right or is another way by using one profile?
  13. Do i choose at game option 5 continues?last life you mean when coountdown appears on screen?when i play with first player and i lose all my 3 lifes and countdown begins then i press start with second controller but credit goes down by one and the first player countdown goes to zero and if i press with controller 1 start it takes another credit
  14. Can someone help me to understand how the trick with 2 controllers works?