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  1. furi boost master trophy
  2. I just learned that this will be the psp port and not the original psx voice actors and dialogues (what is a man,a miserable little pile of secrets) and im annoyed cos i have preorder it,i will cancel my preorder,very disappointed
  3. Heavy rain
  4. update is ready for download,for cartographer trophy bug
  5. All trophy hunters here in this site including me are in some way or another cheaters,for example going and watching in youtube or in sites explaining how to earn a trophy is cheating,its simple people that win trophies by not looking at videos and sites and discovering all by they self how to earn trophies THEY ARE NOT CHEATERS, thats my opinion
  6. Castlevania Requiem: Symphony of the Night & Rondo of Blood
  7. Hollow knight voidheart edition Celeste Sublime games
  8. i bought digital copy and i will buy too physical in spring,masterpiece
  9. Celeste
  10. Here they lie
  11. Dear Esther: Landmark Edition
  12. HOLLOW KNIGHT: VOIDHEART EDITION my first and probably last preorder
  13. bloodborne the old hunters dlc
  14. Thank you, for the gifts😃
  15. Im very happy with this release,only 2 weeks to go and is very cheap,cant wait😁