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  1. Anyone know the best mode/difficulty/ship combo to get this trophy? I've been using ship 3 (with the tracking weapon thing). I completed 'full' mode on the easiest difficulty and ended up with about 2.2m points (you need 3m).
  2. What difficulty/mode is the minimum where I can get 3m points?
  3. Because I hadn't played this for a while I totally forgot that each world has a bit of both. Thanks again, man. Just one DLC trophy to go.
  4. ah thanks, man. I'll check in with the Druid and see what she says.
  5. My world is a crimson one. I've done basically everything in it. I got the Platinum a while back. So now there's these new trophies (well, new to me) and two of the bosses need to be in a hallowed world. What's my best strategy to get these sorted? My character is fully geared up so I'm not keen to start a Journey world. But would that be quicker than starting a classic Hallow world and tearing through it with end game gear?
  6. yeah I can buy that pack but I don't want to because I should be getting it free as part of PS Extra.
  7. Apparently. But even so, I don't want to be locked out of it for no reason!
  8. This is annoying. On PS Extra right now you can get JC4 and JC4 Reloaded. However, because I already have JC4 through PS+ (Essential), it won't let me download the Reloaded version. Is there a way around this? I've tried to get it via the website, app and on the console (PS5). It's unavailable to me everywhere. I understand the wingsuit you get from the pack is super useful.
  9. It's cumulative. It just adds up over multiple runs.
  10. In case you're wondering. This is a story mission in the third chapter. Second to last mission (called Video Game Violence). The one where you are in a tank. You need to fire your rockets (never switch to machine gun) and hold R2 to move faster. And then you need to flip about randomly and hope that you generally move forward while causing damage. Once I figured out holding R2 it didn't take long to make the trophy pop. Note: you can set a speed run timer in the options to make sure you're within the minute.
  11. NM
  12. Firstly, the game is good. Like StilRh says, it's relaxing and it is a puzzle game. The city building aspects are way less fiddly than the usual game of that type. In terms of the trophies, there's nothing too taxing here. If you're efficient with how you place stuff, you'll be fine. Getting to island 4 is probably the trickiest. The 20,000 points one sounds worse but that's cumulative. I ended my best run with just over 10,000 points but got the trophy. The timed ones I did last and they are pretty easy it has to be said. Just pick a lumber pack first, place them near trees. And by pack 3 or 4 you'll get a city pack. Concentrate on putting the City Centre near a statue and then your mansions on one side of it and houses on the other. But all close, like a game of Tetris. Then just build on that and you'll get this quick. Just keep an eye on the bottom right of the screen so that you press triangle as soon as possible.
  13. If trophies aren't done right, then it's a problem. Not a massive problem, not a game-ruining problem but it's just bad design. It's part of gaming and you can be all too cool for school about it and be like 'well as long as it's fun' and that's fine but the game would be better if the trophies were better. For example, if games had trophies specific to them rather than this tiresome CASPO leveling up thing.
  14. yeah that sounds like a plan.
  15. I've played a bunch of the games on here now and so far the easiest to get through a Score Challenge on has been Higemaru. By that I mean the easiest to get on the leaderboard. I was nowhere near getting this trophy though. From TrueAchievements (MkMaster13). This is odd though as you can't use rewind in a Score Challenge I thought.