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  1. The individual who contacted me said nothing about share play or boosting or anything like that. They said I play a game and they play a game and then we both trade trophies back and forth between the two games.
  2. I can see helping someone earn trophies like in co-op. I have done that on several occasions. But to earn trophies for someone else to claim as their own. To take credit for earning a trophy that someone else actually earned. This is an acceptable practice? It isn't considered cheating?! OMG what has happened to us?
  3. Have a question. Someone contacted me and wanted to know if I would "trade" platinum trophies with them. (???) Never heard of such a thing! Sounds like hacking or cheating to me. Is this some kind of scam or what? Made me feel very suspicious. I turned down their friend request along with the "trade" request and blocked them. What good is a trophy you didn't earn?! Is this a common occurrence on the internet?
  4. I strongly suspected that was the case. I want to play the whole thing so I could get the most out of the story and wasn't sure where to go after season 2. Thank you very very much!
  5. How many actual seasons are there to this game? 3 or more? Trying to figure out where A New Frontier and Michonne fit into this story or do they? If they are part of this story in what order should I play them?
  6. For the most part, I would have to agree with you. I just finished playing the game solo and enjoyed it. I have played a lot worse and a lot better, a lot harder and a lot easier. What is easy for me is hard for someone else and vise versa. After all, we're individuals, not carbon copies. As for the freezing up, locking up, crashing and glitching problems that everyone is complaining about. I have found this to be a problem on the PS3 when there is too much clutter ( game saves, undeleted messages etc. ) left on the systems memory. I make it a regular habit to store game saves on flash drives. To delete completed games, game saves, unnecessary messages, etc. off the system memory before starting a new game. It only makes sense, the less your system has to contend with the less chance that something can go wrong. Now as for skipping cut scenes and game dialog - I don't understand this practice. That is like buying a candy bar, taking a bit out of it and throwing the rest away so you can buy another candy bar and take a bit out of it. (???) The good has no meaning or value if you never experience the bad.
  7. How many secret levels are there in Doom 1993?
  8. I totally agree with you. If neodragoongirl hadn't told me about how she got them, I probably never would have got to obtain and play them. I now have both Platinums in my collection thanks to her. If anyone else comes across similar situations with Artifex Mundi games, please drop me a line and let me know so I can pass it on to others.
  9. I'm in the witchcraft room. Have caught 8 of the 9 flies but the 9 fly is nowhere to be found. Is this a glitch or have I failed to do something? I restarted the level. This time all time all 9 flies showed up. I have to assume it was just a glitch.
  10. When doing a HOP, if you hit the pause button does the 10 minute clock stop?
  11. This is how neodragoongirl helped me find and obtain the 2 games: - go to ps store home page - scroll down to ad-ons and click X - scroll down to avatars and click X - scroll down through the avatar listing until you find the avatars for either game - highlight that avatar and click X - now scroll to the right and highlight game page and click X - this shows the actual game listing and you can now choose to buy I realize this is not an orthodox way to find a game and that it is totally dependent on rather or not the game has avatars for sale, but hay, it ended my searching headache and I was very grateful for that! lol I tried to send you a message but your privacy settings wouldn't let me.
  12. So far I have found 2 games that have this cataloguing problem; Queen's Quest 3 and Modern Tales. Both can be obtained through PS Store but not through the normal catalogue locating process.
  13. There seems to be a seriously bad cataloguing problem going on with Artifex Mundi games in the PS Store. The games are not getting listed by game title or developer. A friend found 2 of them by accident when she was looking for avatars and told me about it and how to go about getting them. It turned into a real scavenger hunt. It was frustrating. I contacted AM about it and hopefully they will send me an updated game listing. Irony Curtain is a P&C and yes I've looked at it. I too am a fan of HOPAGs and Artifex Mundi.
  14. I was just wandering if anybody else had trouble finding this or any other Artifex Mundi game in the PS Store?
  15. I totally agree with everything you just said and am very glad to see that someone else sees things as I do. In reality, forums are basically nothing more than opinion polls. It is an educational tool for the openminded to see a given subject from "different" perspectives. This is where true learning takes place. An individual can not ever hope to obtain knowledge or even wisdom until they first learn to listen. People are not carbon copies of each other. To verbally attack and condemn someone because their opinion is different than yours is hypocritical. An indication of a bigoted thought process. As for this game; in my OPINION, the art work, graphics, open world design and the realistic animal behavior and movement was outstanding. An easy 5 stars. Weapon capabilities, limitations and movement was not realistic. Give it 2 stars. The hunting and fishing wasn't bad. Give it 4 stars. Capturing, breaking and the bonding process with wild horses wasn't that bad but the horse behavior during grooming was lacking and even seemed too mechanical at times. The only horse I found realistic was the wild white Arabian. Give it 4 stars. The monetary system on both wild and domestic horses was totally unrealistic. give it 1 star. The overall story line was poor at best. The story didn't flow. It seemed lifeless and boring and totally failed to keep my interest in it.I seriously believe a high school creative writing class could have and would have done a better job. I would have to give it a 1/4 star. 3 things totally ruined this game for me; 1. The massive collection of seemingly endless Easter egg hunts. 2. The overall generally hateful attitudes of both main characters and AIs was far from the truth for this time period. 3. The overly excessive grinding requirements totally destroy any incentive to continue. I keep playing the game in hopes of finding some redeeming qualities in later chapters but to be honest, I only see it getting worse. Would I recommend this game to anyone? No. I would have to warn them against it. My overall rating for this game is 2 stars.