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  1. Well this is a new one on me. Never knew this kind of thing went on or happened. Learn something new ever day.
  2. I recently purchased Distraint 2 from the PlayStation store and played it. I earned all 16 trophies including the platinum. When I tried to sync the trophies with PlayStation it would not recognize the trophies! Why is PlayStation selling a game and then refusing to acknowledge it's trophies?! Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  3. Thank you very much.
  4. Is there a good Platinum trophy guide and roadmap for this game? A good Platinum walkthrough would be great too!
  5. That's what I was thinking. Don't want to make it harder if I don't have to. Especially never playing the game before. Don't want to end up doing multiple playthroughs. Thank you!
  6. In Rise of the Tomb Raider, to get the Ultimate Survivor trophy, do you start the game on Survival difficulty or Extreme Survival difficulty? Trophy guide isn't really clear on this and I'm a little confused on how to proceed.
  7. Am playing Tomb Raider: Legend from the PS3 Trilogy collection. Have completed the game on the Tomb Raider - Hard level and got the trophies for it. Am trying to do the Time Trials using the unlocked cheat codes and even the glitches but the game will not recognize either. Even on completed Time Trials. Have cheats and glitches been patched to where they no longer work or am I doing something wrong? HELP!
  8. As far as I know, yes.
  9. I'm in the 1st area called the Red Zone. Trying to complete a job off the Jobs Board entitled Finding a Pattern. Job description reads "Take Photos of Armored Convoys." I have only liberated 3 areas and been all over the Red Zone numerous times and have seen no vehicle traffic at all. I even restarted the 1st area 2 times now and nothing. So where are these convoys suppose to be at?! How do you find them?
  10. Have kicked over 20 enemy into bottomless pits in 3 different locations in the game and can't get this trophy to pop. Am playing on hard mode and only using the bare essential equipment when doing so. Have even deleted and reinstalled the game with the same results. Have watched and closely followed vids and still nothing. Any suggestions?
  11. That was it! They were using a capital i (I) in the middle of their name in the place of a lower case L (l). They had me going in circles on that one. lol Thanks.
  12. There are no hidden trophies and I have seen the individuals profile on other peoples' friends list.
  13. I updated the profile before looking at it and comparing the two. I don't want to use names or link because it may be perceived as finger pointing.
  14. Recent received a friend request on the PS4. According to their PlayStation profile they have earned 1006 platinum trophies and a total 40316 trophies. I looked that same individual up on PSNProfiles and according to PSNP the individual has only earned 20 platinum and 2174 total trophies. I didn't misspell or mistype either user ID names and have rechecked each several times. How can this weird trophy count be possible? I noticed the number of games played, number of friends and number of communities was also different but the same games, friends and communities were on both profiles. I went back on the PS4 and did an Online ID or Name Search and the only profile that showed up was identical to the PSNProfiles profile. So what is going on here? Can two people have and use the same identical User ID Name?
  15. The individual who contacted me said nothing about share play or boosting or anything like that. They said I play a game and they play a game and then we both trade trophies back and forth between the two games.