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  1. #133 - Syberia 3 Platinum adventurer
  2. #132 - Evoland Legendary Edition Complete
  3. #131 Ace Attorney Trilogy
  4. #130 The Final Season
  5. #129 KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master
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  9. Divinity: Original Sin - Original Sinner So many missables trophies in this game. I'm proud of this Platinum! Final Fantasy IX - Hail to the King Yeah... Am i suppose to say something about this one? Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Birth by Sleep Master Don't take me wrong, i love the Kingdom Hearts series but this Platinum...That was so painfull! Doing the same thing with 3 different Characters... Don't want to think about this one again Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Completition I'm still wondering how i've obtained this Platinum, seriously... Uncharted 4: A thief's end - It... I'm still crying inside...
  11. Same for me. I'll wait the full release of all the episodes before buying.
  12. Hello everyone, i know this is maybe early but is there a guide/walkthrough wich cover 100% of the game? I assume, like the first one, that many trophies are missable. Thanks in advance
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