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  1. #130 The Final Season
  2. #129 KINGDOM HEARTS III Complete Master
  3. #128 Party like it's 2024
  4. #127 Ripto's Remorse
  5. #126 Gnasty's Demise
  6. Divinity: Original Sin - Original Sinner So many missables trophies in this game. I'm proud of this Platinum! Final Fantasy IX - Hail to the King Yeah... Am i suppose to say something about this one? Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep - Birth by Sleep Master Don't take me wrong, i love the Kingdom Hearts series but this Platinum...That was so painfull! Doing the same thing with 3 different Characters... Don't want to think about this one again Final Fantasy X-2 HD - Completition I'm still wondering how i've obtained this Platinum, seriously... Uncharted 4: A thief's end - It... I'm still crying inside...
  8. Same for me. I'll wait the full release of all the episodes before buying.
  9. Hello everyone, i know this is maybe early but is there a guide/walkthrough wich cover 100% of the game? I assume, like the first one, that many trophies are missable. Thanks in advance
  10. #124
  11. #123
  12. I have the platinum for the first Divinity and i can tell you that it can take some times especially in honour mode. It took me 100+ hours to get it but that was an epic journey trough the game. Patience is the key, don't rush trough the game, take your time to explore every area and be carefull because they are a lot of missable trophies (most of them are).
  13. #122 + 100% ALL DLC'S
  14. #121