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  1. It's automatic, once you die you will be asked to press square, if you do you will lose the stone and then have to buy a new one.
  2. I never really felt the need to use back up saves, but i guess sniper elite teached me that lesson. Hopefully you won't run into the same problem. If they manage to somehow get this working out i might be able to enjoy the DLC's anyways. And about the title of the thread, it was the heat of the moment, "Save reset" would have been enough i guess.
  3. Does it upload automatically? I wouldn't think this would happen
  4. Apparently there is a bug going around that can happen anytime, with no apparent way to fix it, where your game just resets without warning (including campaign progress, unlocks and collectibles). Was half way through the collectibles, lost an entire morning for that and now everything is gone. Is there a way to cancel the season pass on the store and get my money back? since i am definitely not going to touch this game anymore.
  5. Played the entire game and even got platinum (multiple playthroughs) without any issues.
  6. - Be level 30 - Do all 16 missions on Hard - Can be done Solo or with a team (doesn't matter if it's with randoms or friends) Remember if you go to your map and press L1 or LB for the "Mission Overview" all 16 missions are listed however 3 of them will be at the top and they will change everyday, so if you are following the list just remember that. Trophy is not glitched. Mission List: Madison Field Hospital Hudson Refugee Camp Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint Amherst's Apartment Times Square Power Relay Broadway Emporium Subway Morgue Napalm Production Site Lexington Event Center Police Academy WarrenGate Power Plant Rooftop Comm Relay Queens Tunnel Camp Grand Central Station Russian Consulate General Assembly
  7. I got it in a missions where almost all of us went down and some even died. Just keep doing missions for the other trophies and you will probably get it, even if people die.
  8. How about 3 seconds? EDIT: Well there is a flaw in the system... this guy got his fist trophy 1 year before the final one... but the final one was 3 seconds after if you know what i mean... i assume your guy did the same. Well that makes it easy to be on top 50 fastest lol.
  9. Then read what i wrote again... I played the entire game with tank controls, but while in the options menu it changed from tank to the other one but i reverted back, all while i was still on the options menu, never returned to the game without tank controls...
  10. So I finished the game while playing with tank controls through the entire game. Surprise! Trophy did not unlock... -I switched to Tank controls has soon as i could. However there was something that happened during year 2 where I went to the setting to adjust the music volume but because this game is special, the menu starts wherever you left it the previous time so instead of switching the sound i switched the movement mode (because that was the one highlighted for some reason...), of course i switched back to tank before returning to game but since the game is special... It probably made me lose the god damn trophy even though i never left the option menu without tank controls active. So yeah just a heads up to people going for it, if you ever need to go to your options menu don't switch the movement mode by mistake... God i am soo pissed right now... Mainly because I did not enjoy the game enough to do a second playthrough.