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  1. So using turbo controller will grind some of The annoying trophies.
  2. 1) Splinter Cell Double Agent 2) The Amazing Spider Man 3) Max Payne 3
  3. I still have Mafia the city of lost heaven ps2 disc back from 2002-3 i think LOL By looking on the pics from the mission "Bon apetit!", the game looks amazing. I really wonder what trophies will be for the first game, i assume that completing all Luca Bertoni's missions will be there, maybe collecting all rare cars for Ralph the idiot.
  4. The offline method is to play games before the trick and once you ready to synch, do the trick, this is the riskier and things can go wrong. The online method is first do the trick and play afterwards. I played hundreds of vita games only using the online method, never had a problem.
  5. The problem is the trophy lists not the games. most of their games are fun but they manipulated the trophy list so it’s become 10 minutes plat.
  6. It’s all about reaching every final boss with the weapon at level 8 (max).
  7. 32720 of my trophies earned from 11pm to 9am (my time at work), i can't even remember the last time I played at home.
  8. Yep, I plat it a few weeks ago and a friend of mine with Conan exile couldn’t join online, I gave him the JP version and it worked.
  9. Yes, EAS told me they don't intent to release it on PSN, that's why i bought it, there are still copies available on PLAY ASIA.
  10. PLAY ASIA exclusive. It's a bundle of both foxyland games, i hope i recieve it any time soon with all this Coronavirus crap.
  11. "WARNING" LOL This how a trophy list should be mate, RATA games are fun imo but somehow they manipulate the trophy list for their games so everyone can plat it.
  12. Does this list and Miles and kilo new list will have digital release?
  13. So wait until March 6th, the game with this trophy list will be released on the JP psn store
  14. But if you only care about the trophy list, you don't need to buy these unless there is a unique trophy list, like this one and super destronaut dx.
  15. EAS always release their limited Runs on the JP psn store just like super destronaut dx. tnx to ikemenzi for the specific release date.