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  1. Here: 1) change settings to fast skip 2) run all girls stories (there are no choices) 3) run all after stories (there are no choices) 4) enter extra library (cg and bgm) 5) platinum A Really hard entergram VN
  2. The exploit for other modes saves a decent amount of time for the plat, took me only 90 minutes to plat the EU version, now we gonna wait for vol.3 haha
  3. Haha I also have all versions for all Sherlock games, and obviously I have full platinum collection except this list, I’ll go for it on Friday, the devil daughter is by far the easiest in the series.
  4. Ok I checked with frogwares: All the RR versions share the same list, this list, even though the KR version published by intragames. All previous lists are gone and for the RR there gonna be one list, this list. P.S if you bought the original version you can still buy the RR in the same account lol
  5. It’s actually already re released in HK and JP and the devs fixed the price from 7200 yen to 4600 yen.
  6. The game re released on all regions, the question is what is gonna happened with the previous lists? I can confirm this list belongs to RR in EU and NA but I wonder what gonna happens in AS, JP and KR. If someone can confirm all 5 regions get the same list for RR that will be great.
  7. Yes, but they are “easy” compared to GOW 1 and 2 lol
  8. 1) select option 6 to enter the yellow menu. 2) select option 5 on yellow menu and enter the code: granzella. 3) create manga with robot R9B and the last red missile in the new dlc pack. 4) there is a trophy for publish a manga with the new items from the dlc. 5) another trophy is for using the satellite item, in the item name there is a code 1096-2010 so you know which is the correct item. 6) There are 2 trophies for simply using 30 dlc items in a manga.
  9. I plat this one on ps3 and ps4 and never heard about a workaround for titan mode.
  10. Really? Never heard about a workaround for titan mode, anyway playing this one on easy difficulty is just like punching a punching bag, it never hit you back.
  11. You know that in order to get the platinum you need to beat it on titan difficulty? So there is no point playing on easier difficulty, just take the challenge. This is the best GOW by far.
  12. They also delisted the very first Sherlock game, the testament of Sherlock Holmes PS3, I remember buying both versions in 2017 I think a few days before it was delisted.
  13. Use the first dragon he has the easiest playthrough, every dragon have a different playthrough.
  14. I had just platinumed one of the ps4 lists and yes it’s a decent game with a decent trophy list. 2-4 hours depends how well you understand the game. Jandusoft have a lot of games and some are kinda easy but at least the trophy lists they release force you to fully enjoy their games. This is why the rarity for all of their platinums is 20%-60%.
  15. Yes the NA/EU fixed with a patch a few years ago, the AS version is attached to this list.