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  1. I played on ps4.
  2. Just wanted to make sure before buying.
  3. I didn’t had any trouble with this. started 1st save on sweet and 1.6 speed and finished within 29 minutes. started 2nd save on sweet and 1.6 speed and finished within 23 minutes. Got both trophies without any problems.
  4. The game on psn store isn’t for ps3. The ps3 version released physically only, there are hundreds copies around the internet.
  5. Yep, that’s what happened to me, I realised I am not enjoying gaming anymore, just playing crap games for easy trophies. I didn’t even knew those crappy games still getting released in hundreds of stacks 😂 seems there will be always people who buy them just for the trophies.
  6. I didn’t tried cause these games don’t have large audience, and not many trophy hunters looking for them, they mostly platinumed by old school trophy hunters like myself who start hunting 8-9 years ago.
  7. As a retired trophy hunter I can tell you, just stay away from this crap. these are just virtual trophies which worth nothing, I wish I could get my money back from all these games, especially the Japanese ones 😂
  8. I noticed that there are 2 trophies with 0 achievers on both PS4 and PS5 versions. Are they bugged or just hard?
  9. There is no actual way to teach, it’s simply about completing missions, you can’t reach 15MIL by just playing. For example, if you get the ball 4 times in the left ramp you’ll start PREY mission and you’ll receive 500K points, then you need to hit a few Blue plate that blink in a specific time and you’ll get 2M for it. Another easy mission is the multi ball mission, just hit the mid-left plate a few times and when you reach 50 spins you’ll get 2 extra ball, now just keep flipping and the 3 balls on the board will gain millions in no time. Those Pinball games are skill dependent so just practice.
  10. You need 50 spins to the plate in the middle where it’s sends you to the blue bells. Very disappointing pinball, easy as hell took me 18 minutes. The previous title was also ridiculously easy, basketball pinball.
  11. Do the trick before earning any trophies, this method called the online method, you basically playing with your main account. The only difference now from Hakoom video is that you need to generate a device password for you psn accounts.
  12. I was wonder if it’s possible to create a feature that shows a user progress in a trophy list without entering the list itself in the GAMES section.
  13. Yes in this one the missions don’t benefit much point except the Eggs nest, I had my 15m with mostly this mission, I think I beat it 6-7 times in the 15M playthrough. But overall this is the easiest in the series imo.
  14. It is become a little pain in the ass now: 1) In order to enter your gmail in the email app you need to activate 2 step in gmail account and generate App/Device Password in the gmail account, it won't work without it. 2) When you start the trick and switch between the accounts you can't use your password, you need to generate App/Device password in your PSN account, both of them lol 3) Once you finished the trick and you enter to the trophies app, there will be no trophies on PLAYSTATION NETWORK tab, only on your PS VITA SYSTEM tab. But don't worry about it because the trophies will sync perfectly, you can check my profile, I’ve just platinumed ULTRA MISSION NA VERSION.
  15. What did you do? and which email you used? cause Gmail and yahoo not working on app anymore. EDIT: nevermind i fixed it, seems an app password was needed with google acount, FYI the vita trick still works.