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  1. The tag is wrong, this is the EU list.
  2. As I said, I have the advantage to play during work and not waste my free time, I am working 12 hours a day in my store, so I have about 6 hours of actual gaming time, since I have to take care customers and organize my store. The real wonder is about other trophy hunters, how they got time for this, maybe some of them are like me and they can play during work.
  3. The real question should be, how we got the time to play so many hours, and i honestly don't know about others at top of the leaderboards, but for me trophy hunting is a time boost during work, i own a big convenient store and i simply play when i am working, i take care customers and organize stuff and continue to play. But i really doubt if others have the advantage i have, i really can't see myself play during my free time at home, i prefer to be with my wife and kids, sometime during the weekend i play at home but that's it. I just don't see the point wasting 6-10 hours a day on gaming when you can do other things.
  4. Unlike the latest games they released, in this one you have to finish every mini game and HOS, too bad they didn't include a trophy for expert mode.
  5. I think These two can be played without vr, in the previous lists the title was coolpaintr vr, this one simply says coolpaintr, strange.
  6. Tnx but the WiFi method is impossible or takes more than 100 times. used lan cable method, unplug and plug and I managed 4 out of 10.
  7. How can I do it? There is no WiFi button in the ps menu, so how?
  8. How you do the vita trick on ps tv? there is no wifi button in the ps menu
  9. Offgamers sells 100 gbp for 112 usd.
  10. True, but do what I do, play on expert and enjoy the game, in the last game: path of sin you can skip all mini games after completing three, but I still push myself to enjoy it, I even watch the cutscenes and dialogues. But I am with you on this one, artifex mundi needs to go back with their trophies like with nightmares from the deep or dark arcana.
  11. Anybody know which 7 cases this game have?
  12. Something about age certificate.
  13. I had just recieved a response from the developer, this game will never return to EU stores.
  14. It's available in North and South America, i already bought it, but the EU vanished, i hope you'r right.
  15. I looked in every EU psn stores and didn't find it ?