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  1. Old man’s journey is the same thing and even better.
  2. YEP But i think you are not totally screwed, the grind will take longer, how much longer i really don't know.
  3. The HK version is the same list as the NA.
  4. This is the JP stack Anyone can confirm if the game is japanese only or there is English option? Btw there is a V-preca card with 5000 yen you can buy in the internet
  5. all skills, weapon upgrades and everything else carry on for other difficulties. There is no need for a guide or method for master of masters difficulty as long as Jack is fully upgraded and learned all skills. Took me 4.5 hours to complete master of masters. The only reason this game is not 10-12 hours platinum is the low amount of resources, so there is a lot of grind.
  6. You need to wait for people to sell this one for a reasonable price. It’s collection of both foxyland games sold on PlayAsia with only 1000 copies. people actually selling this on eBay for 70-80 usd lol.
  7. Not this time, this one is about 3 hours Platinum, no scene skip. Also the game has a lot of crashing which screw your main save and you have to start all over again, people who go for this should backup the main save after each route.
  8. I don't know if you still need help for that but you need to collect all fairies in the level while in dual mode. Look on your minimap on bottom right, when a fairy is nearby it will flash with a fairy picture, simply go to the location and hover for about 1-2 seconds over the fairy and you collect it. I didn't play it yet but i will go for it tomorrow.
  9. It’s the AS list, the game released on Friday. And you right, I don’t know why I thought the trophies related to certain difficulties, all can be done on bronze with 5 lives. I will close this one.
  10. Anyone else had the bug with dodge mode where the timer keep counting and all dodge mode trophies unlock at the same time? I Hope the the CR team won’t flag people for that.
  11. Platinum is now obtainable Update 1.01 released I test it on my alt account and it work
  12. Does god mode unlock in this one after 30 hours of gameplay? I know it was in the Xbox version but some trophies are different from the achievements back then.
  13. What I did and worked for me is turn off the internet, do a playthrough and once you reach the main menu after credits change the date on the console in 1 day, do another playthrough and repeat. Maybe I had luck but that’s what I did and got the 100%. Lmk if it worked because I am planning to do the 2nd stack. The most important thing is to do a complete playthrough without mid-saves or pause the current playthrough.
  14. Nice, I plat this one blindly took me almost 3 hours, with this cheat and secret item pickup the platinum could be under 1 hour easily.