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  1. Solicitud enviada!gracias por su ayuda por aqui!
  2. I only need the 2 crowns of the kirin, there is no way I can get out ..... and I only have tanned research, some method to get normal gold-silver investigations?
  3. someone could help us with this trophy to a friend and me? thanks.
  4. Do you have, or do you need ?
  5. Hi, could I join in some way to try to get the trophy?
  6. Ifrit dead! Level 51! 40 hours... 4 dragon wisker level 120
  7. Can you play online DLCs directly? Or do you have to go through history, level up, etc?
  8. I'm missing in European server because of the bug. arun boss, level 60.65 and labyrinth of terror ... I believe in American server a reaper and I jump well the labyrinth of terror, but the level 60 is still bug ... And I have not made any dungeons, only the labyrinth ...:(
  9. First server. Mystic, I made sky garden and do not jump dungeon trophies or level 60, create a reaper, neither give me dungeon trophies, nor level ... Second server. I believe mystical up to level 40, I believe reaper, I kill all the boss, for arun boss trophy and neither jump ...
  10. I do not jump trophies after sky garden ....: (..... neither level, or dungeons ....
  11. The same thing happens to me, could anyone respond?
  12. Someone would have their world filled with bolt-on coffers stored in the cloud of psn?
  13. To complete it, jump the trophies faith all the difficulties, the rare thing is that jumps first the one of difficult difficulty !!
  14. Hello could you tell me why I have marked the game on my list 'INVERSION' .... I hope it is a mistake since I have never used tricks or anything similar.The game is coop and if a friend loads you control points, you pass the checkpoint and skip the trophies, I guess that will be that a greeting and thanks