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  1. That's what I call a good advice.
  2. For 3 hours I'm trying to beat first event of Ignition and I'm not even close to 1:19. You hit the wall? Restart. Hold brakes for too long? Restart. Little bit left or right of the track? Restart. Trying to drift? Your car will spin out of control. These is no room for errors at all. You have to be precise in every move. And Ignition is not even hardest dlc. It's not fun at this point. Onrush is fun. Burnout is fun. But this..I had more fun grinding and beating Injustice and Dishonored Dunwall City Trials. I will not give up so easily, but damn..this is just frustrating.
  3. I made the Witcher 3 my 100th platinum and I'm already planning to make it my 200th with the help of stack. That's how great it is for me! If you are saying Batman is your favorite superhero then go for Arkham Knight. Best superhero videogame series for sure.
  4. Hey i see you have complete Just Dance 2015 today did you have all 6 monthly mash-ups? because i habe all unlockes, only the monthly mash ups not, an didnt get the platin trophy

    1. Wuzziaka


      Hey. Yes you need monthly mash-ups for "I want it all" trophy. 

  5. Thanks for the heads-up. Dream about 100% profile completion lives on!
  6. I'm currently playing online with my friend. So yeah, servers are up and running.
  7. Ignore it and hope for a better system.
  8. Try to buy it from console. I can't buy anything from website besides ps plus free games.
  9. I just checked your scores @Hoagie324 and you have 2 levels to challenge. First is "Rolling Pastures" with 33,000 point and its unreal to beat. I believe its the max score we can have at this stage. Second is "Shack Shover" with your 38,750 points. I currently have 40,500. So it's possible to beat but not easy. Anyway we can work with that. Everyone just need to score 39,000 points and we are good to go.
  10. Still waiting for @Hoagie32 to reply.
  11. Special thanks to @athanasios_osfp for being greedy.
  12. Well done guys. Great communication. Wow.
  13. I just checked with jasondm300 and I can challenge him. So if someone else is interested I think we can make a group and get both trophies for everyone.
  14. I just sent you a friend request. Can you please add me I would like to check if you are eligible to help. I need both trophies.