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  1. Death Stranding... but after the story is finished, doing and redoing missions is really boring
  2. Same problem here, I contacted EA and they couldn't help me too... after a few tries they suggested me to create another EA account, linked to a new PSN account... Seriously EA!?
  3. Hi everybody! Will the next dlc have the trophies? I didn't read anything about it
  4. DOOM, started a few days ago. It doesn't look so hard, is it?
  5. Sorry again, but that method doesn't seem to work... i just visited 4 different tropical planets and in each one there were 10/15 different species of animals... I'm near to get all the trophies for the platinum but still any trophy for the animals... 😭😭😭
  6. Ok, I'll try just looking for exotic planets. Thank you!
  7. I really can't find all the animals in any planet... too many to discover and I take a lot of time for each one... then when I miss one or two animals they seems to be unfindable... any other trick?
  8. seems to be quite easy. Most trophies can be done in just one hour
  9. MGSV: The Phantom Pain a real pain for the platinum! It is my first PS4 game and I really can't get all the trophies because it's extremely long and boring...
  10. Where can I find the description of all the medals?
  11. Where do you find the stat tracker in game? The site isn't working for days and this is my last trophy for the platinum... I should be around 2500 kill but I don't know
  12. Hi everybody... I need help with this trophy in the Journey. I've just finished a complete season winning everything and with an average rating of 8, scoring also a lot of goals and assists... at the end I had a value of 7.600.000. Now I restarted the journey just for this trophy... I've started playing at the lower difficulty and doing every possible bonus but I earn just 100.000 per match (starting from 4.900.000). Is there a faster way to reach the 8 millions of value?