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  1. There’s a save migration option on the PS4 version after the most recent patch. Not working for me atm but probably as it’s being bombarded
  2. And just to stop you worrying when it takes ages to unlock Let The Game Begin does count as a Hive. You'll probably be grinding for a while though, I got all bar one hero up to Hero Level 50 while doing it. I wound up getting the 250 Hero Level trophy at about 160/170 levels total so it'll most likely be the sole grind you have to do!
  3. Can also confirm And That’s How It’s Done is working now. Can’t speak for Fundamental yet but hopefully should get that in an hour or so!
  4. I'm reading that as 17 days to get everything else sorted before the patch screws something new up!
  5. Redid the first mission a few times after seeing this, tried the Hulk section about 10 times and no trophy pop for either so definitely still bugged (at least in that mission). Pure speculation but I have a feeling that the bug itself is related to when they made it so you can't grind assignments in HARM rooms anymore which I'm fairly sure I read is being reversed with the Clint Hawkeye content drop.
  6. No, neither that nor And That’s How It’s Done have popped for me
  7. Yep you were right, had to not be campaign or HARM missions to get the trophies to pop (except the two that were mentioned before)
  8. To add to this I think there may be a few more than the two mentioned above. Unless they've changed how they pop to only be able to unlock post campaign I should (I think) have unlocked the following: Trying on Perfection Seeing Stars More Important Things To Do Fundamentally Flawless The Best Around (Unsure on this one, I did the Cap Training room on Challenge IV without dying as some guides from around launch said this worked) Not ideal
  9. If anyone can help me with this as well I'd appreciate it! I'll chip away at getting closer to the core myself but if anyone can help before I get there it'd be appreciated!
  10. Apologies if formatting goes a bit screwy, first time posting a topic! Feel free to rip this if anyone winds up making a trophy guide! Name Ing 1 Ing 2 Grilled Fish Fish/Cepahlod Steamed Shellfish Shellfish Popcorn Corn Poached Fruit Fruit Paella Shellfish Grain Lobster Germinal Lobster Heat Treated Crab Snow Crab Grilled Veggie Savoury/Root Veggie Plain Rice Rice Shellfish Stew Shellfish Veggie/Mushroom Grain Salad Grain Veggie/Mushroom Southern Boil Crustacean Grain Bread Wheat/Corn Flour Noodle Soup Rice Flour Fish Curry Fish Grain Clam Cake Clam Flour Black Coffee Coffee Beans Apple Pie Apple Flour Bisque Crustacean Veggie/Mushroom Grilled Mushrooms Mushroom Bouillabaisse Fish Veggie/Mushroom Berry Pie Flour Berry Pear Tartlet Pear Flour Fisherman's Pie Seafood Flour Cherry Pie Cherry Flour Peach Cobbler Peach Flour Lobster Roll Lonster Flour Crab Cake Snow Crab Flour Shrimp Tempura Shrimp Flour Grilled Chicken Chicken Veggie-pot pie Flour Veggie/Mushroom Calamari Rings Squid Flour Tuna Tataki Tuna Savoury Veggie Hot Milk Dairy Mushroom Salad Mushroom Veggie Mock Gruel Sawdust Dairy Clam Chowder Clam/Hard-Shell Clam Dairy Shrimp Cocktail Shrimp Fried Surf Shellfish Fat Squid Skewer Squid Grilled Octopus Octopus Muesli Berry Yoghurt Cereal Bowl Grain Dairy Rice Pudding Rice Dairy Eggs Sunny Side Up Egg Maple Salmon King/Sockeye/Blue Salmon Maple Syrup Fruit Candy Fruit Sweetener Corn Bread Corn Flour Fat Fish Sticks Fish Fat Vegetable Stir Fry Fat Veggie/Mushroom Green Salad Leaf Veggie Fat Fried Rice Rice Fat Latte Coffee Beans Dairy Egg Salad Egg Veggie/Mushroom Sweet Coffee Coffee Beans Sweetener Pork Chops Pork Casserole Grain Meat Corndog Corn Flour Pork Fried Crawfish Crustacean Fat French Fries Potato Fat Focaccia Flour Fat Cake Flour Sweetener Meat Stew Meat Veggie/Mushroom Pancakes Egg Flour Surf and Turf Crustacean Beef Fried Mushrooms Mushroom Fat Fried Chicken Chicken Fat Cup of Tea Tea Meat Pie Meat Flour Crepes Wheat Flour Milk/Cream Wonton Soup Rice Flour Meat Sweet Yoghurt Yoghurt Sweetener Omelette Cheese Egg Candy Sweetener Scrambled Eggs Egg Dairy Crème Brulee Egg Sweetener Frittata Egg Fat Tomato Pizza Wheat Flour Tomato Schnitzel Fat Pork Cheese Fondue Cheese Bacon and Eggs Egg Pork English Tea Tea Dairy Cheese Sticks Cheese Flour Sweet Tea Tea Sweetener Grilled Steak Beef Garlic Bread Whear Flour Garlic Toffee Dairy Sweetener Sauerkraut Meal Sauerkraut Pork Beef Fondue Beef Fat Onion Rings Onion Flour Homemade Paper Sawdust Household Glue Questionable Meal Lettuce Coal Wood/Sawdust
  11. This guide is absolutely fantastic and worked like a charm, apart from the get a million trophy but managed to brute force that by filling an empty lot with fridges, moving a single sim in from gallery as the neighbours and bulldozing but that minor inconvenience was massively offset by the ease of everything else! I can see this being doable in 2 (maybe under) hours if you get a good run at everything! Thanks again for everyones work!
  12. I'm curious about the steps we need to take following a name PSN ID Change. Was: DrewAClarke Now: CaptainPrizun
  13. For Chefs Secret Soup it’s 2 shakes of salt & 3 of pepper! It’s in the trashpedia for the level so may be worth checking to see if it changes on a player by player basis.
  14. Did you do it all in one load of the game by any chance? I have a theory that quitting and reloading resets the internal counters of the game or at least drops them by a percentage amount.
  15. Do you have boost mode on? My pro sounded like a jet engine with it on for Darksiders 1, turned it off and it went back to normal.