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  1. This guide is absolutely fantastic and worked like a charm, apart from the get a million trophy but managed to brute force that by filling an empty lot with fridges, moving a single sim in from gallery as the neighbours and bulldozing but that minor inconvenience was massively offset by the ease of everything else! I can see this being doable in 2 (maybe under) hours if you get a good run at everything! Thanks again for everyones work!
  2. I'm curious about the steps we need to take following a name PSN ID Change. Was: DrewAClarke Now: CaptainPrizun
  3. For Chefs Secret Soup it’s 2 shakes of salt & 3 of pepper! It’s in the trashpedia for the level so may be worth checking to see if it changes on a player by player basis.
  4. Did you do it all in one load of the game by any chance? I have a theory that quitting and reloading resets the internal counters of the game or at least drops them by a percentage amount.
  5. Do you have boost mode on? My pro sounded like a jet engine with it on for Darksiders 1, turned it off and it went back to normal.