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  1. Thank you for pointing me to their discord! I found there how to submit a bug report and the devs were very quick to respond. They let me know of the requirements and I got the trophy now! For anyone else that can't get the final cutscene to work, there is a requirement of having done all the house sequences first. Go back to the normal game and go after the houses until Selene mentions it's the last time she's going to enter the house. Then go kill the third phase boss and she'll mention the hospital. Restart then and you'll be able to interact with the bed! I had my ps5 give the white light of death after a power surge and although I had the platnium, the latest save I had backed up didn't have all of the house sequences done.
  2. That's a good hypothesis and I appreciate you thinking of my issue. However, after the 6x poppies scene I went all the way to phase 5 with Selene not saying anything after I defeated the third boss. I did this because I was unsure if restarting could impact anything since for the poppy runs I had some sort of confirmation that I could reset, but didn't get anything after defeating the third boss. I've defeated the third boss a bunch more times and still can't get it to trigger. However, fascinatingly enough, after one of the deep runs the child picture in the hospital changed. I'm not sure what triggered it, but I know it changed because Selene said something after reading it, whereas she normally doesn't say anything if you've already looked at an object. At this point I'm going to wait for the next patch and hope that the devs know of this issue. Hopefully I'm not the only one facing this issue! Edit: Just found a video showing the ending here: When I go into the room the first time whenever I got back to the hospital sequence, it always does the bass drop that's shown in the video, Selene even said the first time that "mother saved all her smiles for Helios." It's just that there's no prompt on the bed. I've tried pressing triangle without the prompt but it doesn't do anything. Frustrating bug to an awesome game!
  3. Thank you, I must have a bug. The bed is empty and I can read a poem nearby, but I can't interact with the bed. Selene has also never said anything about going back to the hospital whenever I beat the 3rd 4th or 5th boss, so maybe I'm going too fast after the boss or something. I'll keep doing runs and hopefully figure out the trigger
  4. Can anyone describe what you did to get the final cut scene? I have interacted with every object, killed the phase 3 boss multiple times, but I can't get any cutscenes in the hospital. I collected all the ciphers in case that was it and still no cutscene. Yes, I have gotten all the flowers and got the trophy for that.
  5. I can't get the final cut scene in the hospital sequence. Checked every prompt multiple times, beat phase 3 boss multiple times, don't know what I'm not doing right.
  6. They keep spawning very obviously in the middle of rooms which are progressively further and further. Just restart as soon as you find one and do the first person sequences. All of them were before the third boss.
  7. After lots of testing, I can say that this exploit at the very least can give you access lots of money easily and doesn't seem to impact your real xp. Like was said above, it'll show a huge negative amount of xp, but you can still gain levels doing normal challenges. I made 3 million quickly with the exploit, then set up 4 factories optimized for the different challenges, then just accepted all challenges and leveled up pretty quickly. Thanks for finding the exploit!
  8. It works but it won't give you the required levels. It does give you money but it likely wrecks your xp and chance to get the lvl 40 trophy. I hope I'm wrong though and doing something incorrect. Has anyone been able to do it successfully? Poster above saying it works doesn't have the trophies.
  9. Its still working for me. Try the steps more carefully, I tried being as precise as I could.
  10. Didn't see this posted anywhere else. Step 1. Open the game and set up as much DPS as possible (Use an idle calculator) Step 2. Hit PS button, then go to setting, then Time, then manual, then go back one month (It's American format so first number) Step 3. Double-tap PS button and it will go back to the game and you will advance many zones or get a lot of money. Step 4. Maximize DPS again. Step 5. Double-tap PS button and you will go back to the time selection. Go back yet another month. Step 6. Double-tap PS button, this time nothing should happen. Step 7. Double-tap PS button, go back to current time (forward 2 months) Step 8. Double-tap PS button, you should advance zones and get money. Step 9. Go to and do step 5. I've played for a day and have gotten to zone 2500 Note that my mercenaries are now broken, they are stuck at max time for their tasks. But the pros of doing this heavily outweighs the cost of not being able to use mercs.
  11. For any future trophy hunters with this problem - I was sure I won on every map twice, and while I was boosting exp I won on Joker's funhouse with hero and it popped. Not only am I sure that I won on every map twice with each faction, but I also remember always winning on that map with heroes. So if it doesn't pop just keep winning I guess, sometimes its recorded, sometimes its not, even when there is no errors or disconnects.
  12. Oh boy doing it a third time after deleting the save. Thanks Obama!
  13. I've won on each map with each faction (3*4) and the trophy didnt pop. I spent hours and finally went through it all a second time - no pop. Did anyone else have issues?