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  1. Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes(PS Vita) - Platinum achieved in 7 Months 2 Weeks. Started November 11th 2019. Rarity 25.37%. With all the work I’ve been doing lately this was a good one to chip away at with my little free time. Was hoping to make this a June game but now I’m done my July game early!
  2. Just keep retrying the Random Ability Events. When there is a new Random Ability Event, participate in it, then after you finish get the new ability. Go into your settings on your console and Delete the Player Settings, go back into Injustice 2, and fire up Multiverse. It will ask you to do the tutorial, do that, then go to the random ability event and try it again. They are usually up for 3 hours and I could get the event done 8 times in that 3 hours with the method I used. If you are really good at fighters you can probably do it more times than that. I got the trophy within a week and a half after starting this method. If you only delete the Player settings all your money and items should remain saved.
  3. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (PS4) - Platinum/100% achieved. First trophy February 7th 2016. Completion time 4 years 4 months. 100% rarity 2.21%. Had so much fun on the Vita I cleared PS4 too, so much new content! I had a lot of fun with these games, I think I might start work on Guacamelee 2 sometime but the Last of Us 2 is out soon so I wont have much free time.
  4. Guacamelee(PSVita/PS3) - Platinum and 100% achieved. First trophy December 19th 2013. Completion time 6 years 5 months. Rarity 3.75%. This game was fun. I made it so close to the end the first time I played it and that always made me not want to go back and play it, but I finally cracked. Entered the code for Hard and did everything in a single run. Some things were tough, I made sure to get the 5 orbs before tackling any of the harder DLC stuff though to make that slightly easier. Great atmosphere in the game, great music, smooth combat, awesome graphics for a Vita game. I’d give it a 8.5/10.
  5. I like the sounds of this. I agree with @Fnee2000 on going by your rank per year and how many games you have completed off your backlog.
  6. You need to have really specific timing on your button presses. If you are even a millisecond off your character won’t be able to make the jumps.
  7. It still works. You just need good timing. If you’re talking about adding another account to the vita.
  8. Far Cry 4(PS4) - Platinum achieved, 5 years 6 months to complete, first trophy November 22nd 2014. Rarity 17.51%. It was an easy game to clear up and some of the views look really nice in the game. I felt a lot of my button presses weren’t registering when I wanted them to. Time to work on the DLC to update this later. Anyways, that’s backlog #3 for this month.
  9. Hakouki: Kyoto Winds (PS Vita) - Platinum in 1 year 5 months. First trophy December 2nd 2018. Rarity 64.16%. Just an easy visual novel with a great platinum title that is very fitting “Does This Mean I Can Go Outside Now...?”
  10. Okami HD (PS4) - Platinum trophy in 6 Years 3 Weeks. First Trophy April 25th 2014. Rarity 14.24%. I am the “Top Dog”. I loved this game a child, I still love it now. It reminds me a lot of The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker, it’s got tons of exploration, side quests, collectibles that aren’t actually a pain, and a fairly straightforward trophy list. This is one of my favourites of all time 10/10, I also got it as platinum 350. Now I can start on other games until my next milestone!
  11. I’m right into Okami HD, I have a hard time putting it down. About a quarter of the way in.
  12. The trophies haven’t been uploaded to the servers so you wont see them here until they are. But you can view them else where online. There are even guides up online. You can still unlock the trophies on PSN though as far as I know.
  13. Currently working on Okami HD. Love this game and it’s been in my backlog since 2013 I think. Looking forward to cleaning it up and getting it for platinum 350.
  14. Persona 3 Dancing in Moonlight (PS4) - Platinum achieved, first trophy October 28th 2019. Final trophy April 29th 2020. Platinum in 6 Months 1 Day. Rarity 51.60%. I love these Persona Dancing games and I’m still working on Persona 4 Golden on PS Vita. But I dont have a lot of time lately.