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  1. The Woodlanders are The very first mouse at the very beginning you run away from, then in village there is Robin, Tussa, Fraybie, Laban, and Coyle, the last three are Ichabod, Dorabella, and Belladora in The Catacombs level. You have to hit all 9 in one playthrough, Collectibles can be done through level select. The story for this game is great, it’s planned as a 6 Act Story though, so right now we just have Act 1, the gameplay is horrid, bad AI, I clipped through walls probably 20 times, and sometimes my mouse would always be in a falling scenario making me unable to jump. The Maps were really cool though, but you can tell there is a lot of work needed to be added to the game, but I personally think the story alone was worth the $20, I’ve paid more for games I enjoyed less.
  2. Just played a game called the Lost Legend of Redwall, it was a book series and tv show I loved as a kid, it was a little glitchy, and the gameplay wasn’t great but it had a strong story and character voices. Turns out I am first to platinum it on this site.
  3. I got the platinum, to get the “Not a Peep” trophy it has to be done on your very first ever try.
  4. The Owl Photo with the telescope in level 4 is at the very last window before the final hole, and the Lighthouse is on the bridge being patrolled by the rat with a torch in Level 2.
  5. I’m testing to see now. I did the stealth trial getting all 8 hidden badges(which count as lore) but no trophy for not getting discovered. I did however to a reset of that trial so it may have to be done on a fresh save first try no retries. Until then I think it may be glitched. Also thanks for fast replies. The Scumnaut trophies are really tough too. There is also extra lore in every level so it makes getting those trophies easier. Update: You do not need to have all collectibles in one playthrough. Level Select works for that one, but not the riddle.
  6. There is a level select! Not sure if you can unlock the trophies for collectibles through it though cause I need the first three levels collectibles I am just doing one more quick run through.
  7. Anyone else not being able to go to Level Select after beating the game? Also wondering if anyone knows where the 4 Bonus Cahches are in the very first level.
  8. It does not qualify for this event, but I don’t really post in any other forums. I got the platinum in Life is Strange Before the Storm and played the Bonus Episode and wanted to share with you all my experience. The amount of easter eggs and connections to Life is Strange makes this whole entire world feel legitimate. Sure a lot of the conversations were really awkward, but when I look back at my high school years I had conversations borderline on that awkwardness. The first two episodes were fantastic, it was a lot of relationship and character building, but I found the last episode became too “Sherlock Holmes” for me. But the final sequence was wonderful. I dont know if it plays out the same way for any of the decisions you make but if there are different endings I definitely had a very ideal ending. The Bonus Episode was a nice little bit of play time to cap off the season, definitely fixed the mistakes of episode 3 and made the whole journey worth it. I’m now going to go play Life is Strange on PS3, right away to see how much they connect and score another platinum along the way because as many references as I found in BTS, it’s been a long time since I played LiS on PS4.
  9. Battlefield 1 is platinumed now. First trophy December 2nd 2016, platinum in 2 years 7 months. I enjoyed this game enough, not sure if I’m willing to do the multiplayer DLC stuff though.
  10. Just an update, I play those POWGI games on my Vita, I love word games like that, I try to avoid trophies while I play at work, until all I have left is trophies, so then I just finish the puzzles I need for platinum, once the Vita is done I go and speed through on PS4, and my COMPLETION RATE IS NOW 50.20%!!!!!
  11. I should be able to get 100% in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey this month if they release the final updates on time, also hoping to get more work done on Minecraft PS3 Edition, and going to get back into Far Cry 4. That 50% completion is on the horizon I have been working at it for some time now. Started this website with only 28%. I am also looking to start some new games and try to keep Gundam Breaker from being a back log game.
  12. Minecraft Story Mode Season 1 100%, completion, 2 years 7 months 2 weeks. Finished off the DLC for my first game of the month.
  13. Looking for some help with this game. Add me up on PSN and include Far Cry 4 in the message and we can get started.
  14. I got the platinum in Minecraft Story Mode Season 1, first trophy November 20th 2016, 2 years 7 months 1 week. Unplanned platinum but another enjoyable Telltale game not much different from others.
  15. I’d like to be updated I have every unique platinum for Uncharted