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  1. I have two Vita’s, the one with my Sonic save is my original Vita, and the charger is that stupid rectangle one that reminded me of the old iPhone chargers but bigger, and it had to be plugged into this little power box thing, then into the wall. I might just use my other Vita and start from scratch though.
  2. I’ve also fell into the no games completed slump. I have very little motivation to play games at all, I’m slowly working through Sackboy A LittleBigAdventure, but I only play that with my sister. I want to get back into Sonic Racing on my Vita, but I can’t find my charger right now. Hopefully I will complete a game in June, we’ll see!
  3. Tried everything, my PS3 was a day one purchase, so it’s probably about time I pack her away anyway. Ethernet cable won’t work, tried restarting the router, tried resetting PS3 to factory settings. You name it, I’ve tried it.
  4. Hey, congratulations on the streak, I think you might have the longest streak in the event, don’t beat yourself up though, I wasn’t able to complete a game for April either, for pretty much the same reasons, life has been busy so many things are happening in my life at once I just didn’t have time to get into my games, my desire to play games has been low since the beginning of the year, I was hoping I could still keep a game a month, but I failed my own challenge, my PS3 cant connect to the internet anymore for some reason so all those backlog games are locked out now, and I’ve been playing Sonic Racing Transformed on Vita, I’m loving it, but I only do a couple races a day so it’s slow progress, and I’ll hopefully finish Player Unknown Battlegrounds but that game is a huge drag.
  5. Bruin-rocks-Ground Pounder (First trophy with a time stamp) or Bruin-rocks-Bare Knuckle Brawler (First trophy I ever earned)
  6. @Psy-Tychist @Crispy_Oglop @JayDeLosDioses I’m sorry guys, I had to leave the group chat for Bloodborne. It’s too many notifications and it kills my phone battery. I will still make an attempt to complete the game though!
  7. I will make an attempt at this as well. I havent played Bloodborne in a long time, I ended up missing the Crow gear early on and could never find it so I sort of just gave up on it. Might start a fresh game to try this out.
  8. My first playthrough where I got all Detective Clues, and as many Batsuits as I could took me about 4.5 hours, by second playthrough took 1 hour and 34 minutes, and my Third one I had to go back and collect all the upgrades, but even with that my 3rd playthrough was 2 hours 2 minutes. I did all this without the use of a guide as well, so I got stumped in a few spots, and took a bit to figure those out. So all in all I think this platinum is doable in 8-12 hours.
  9. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate All 31 Trophies 18th March 2021 • Platinum in 7 years, 4 months Another game done for March, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate(Vita). I enjoyed this way more than I thought I would. Not sure why I never really got into it 7 years ago. It’s a 2.5D Beat’Em Up, the fighting system is a little similar to the PS3 Batman games, albeit dumbed down a bit. It’s a pretty short jaunt through Arkham Asylum, but any longer it would start to drag. There are seven boss fights throughout the game, and they all require a different strategy to beat them, utilizing certain items to benefit you in the fights. The Asylum is full of small nooks that you can open up after finding the right items, they usually lead to collectibles or shortcuts. All in all it was an interesting game, I’m glad to of cleared it from my list!
  10. The Last of Us Part II 26 of 28 Trophies 12th March 2021 • Platinum in 8 months, 3 The Last of Us Part II is platinumed, it was platinum #400, it goes with my #20 Milestone, which was The Last of Us. I love the games, I’m still working on Grounded mode on both, it’s a pain. Platinum rarity 30.80%. A little bit of a diversion from my ultra rare platinums. But hopefully I’ll snag PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds before the end of the month or the beginning of next month.
  11. @Gretchen27 I don’t want to be any trouble, but, In addition to being added to the 2021 Backlog Streak, is there anyway my March 2020 game could be changed to, say, The Hungry Horde, or Persona 4 Dancing All Night? It pains me to see Little Adventure on the Prairie there...
  12. @Gretchen27 you can add me to the Monthly Backlog Challenge, I am going to try and complete a game a month, currently trying to finish Stardew Valley.
  13. The Swords Of Ditto All 21 Trophies 23rd February 2021 • Platinum in 2 years, 6 months Knocked out another backlog game, this one was quite a lot of fun until the end game grind. Reminded me of Legend Of Zelda sort of, but not quite as good. The Swords of Ditto(PS4)Platinum 2 Years, 6 Months. Rarity 7.71%
  14. Was flOw as hard as the rarity suggests? I think I have to finish it as well but I’m always put off by it. I’m trying to get to 600 Ultra Rare trophies, so might just knock it out anyway.
  15. I’m currently playing Swords of Ditto, I have no memory of playing it 3 years ago, but apparently I did, not sure why I put it down back then either because I was having a blast playing the game the last couple days. But now I have a tedious grind ahead of me, but it’s but really as bad as I am assuming it will be, I’m already 20/50 penguins, and 40/50 history runes, and I still have to beat the final boss three more times for the secret ending.
  16. Death Road to Canada - This is one of my all time favourite games. Ever. More people should play it. It can be extremely challenging at times, but, with practice and patience, the game can be done. It tasks you with making it from Florida to the Canadian Border during a zombie apocalypse. Lumo - This is a gem, another game that can be extremely challenging, but, also with practice and patience can be done. It has you travel through a dungeon collecting Rubber Ducks in the first half, and playing some hair pulling mini games in the second half. It’s rife with references to many other games from the 1980’s. La-Mulana Ex - CastleVania meets Indiana Jones, I don’t know how else to explain it. It’s a ton of fun, but it has some crazy difficult trophies, and it doesn’t always respond well on the Vita, but it’s also available on PS4, I have yet to try that version though. It’s fairly simple in controls, but the amount of items, and weapons is complex, and not much is really explained to you, except in riddles that you find scattered throughout the different temples on ruins, it’s a lot of work, but, it feels really rewarding when you succeed. Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut - This is a fantastic pixel style Silent Hill game, multiple endings, and tons of exploring. You travel through an abandoned city, trying to escape, while mutants try and kill you, you can choose to kill the mutants(and face the consequences), or sneak by them(and reap the rewards), absolutely amazing game, if you want a chilling horror adventure, this is what you are looking for. Mercenary Kings - A fun co-op run and gun like Contra, move fast, and precise and you will succeed. It’s a mix between boss battles, scavenging missions, and rescue missions, you can play with up to four people, and there is tons of crafting, different weapons, knives, mods for your character, and items to personalize your own tent. Reminds me a little of the Borderlands 3 Sanctuary, although 2-D and it’s in the middle of a jungle.
  17. Mercenary Kings All 26 Trophies 10th February 2021 • Platinum in 5 years, 1 month My 2021 Backlog Streak continues. With an ultra rare to boot! Platinum Rarity 1.39% I love Mercenary Kings, I originally put it down cause I thought the grind would be harder but it wasn’t so bad and now I’m helping a friend through it, and I just picked up the Vita physical version, so more bullets to be fired and grenades to be thrown coming my way. Mercenary Kings(PS4) [5 Years 1 Month]
  18. Please add Mercenary Kings(PS4), Super Time Force Ultra(PS4/Vita), La-Mulana Ex(Vita), Persona 4 Golden(Vita) All PS3 going forward Dead Space 1, 2, and 3, Terminator Salvation, Batman Arkham Asylum, Sleeping Dogs, Machinarium, Dante’s Inferno, Puppeteer, South Park the Stick of Truth to my list of games I am working on this year, thank you.
  19. Thanks for the recommendations, I unfortunately don’t own most of them on disc, but if I find them cheap I will pick them up. Batman Arkham Asylum: I kick myself for never finishing this. I loved it so much but the ending killed it for me, so I never wanted to play it again on Hard. But I might jump back in cause it’s been so long Jak and Daxter: I had one orb left, and my power went out and wiped my save, I was to young back then to know about back up saves. So I have to collect all the stupid orbs again. Journey: I loved it, but it’s too slow for me, especially with the little time I have to play, I like big action now it seems, another reason I should jump back on Arkham Asylum. Machinarium: Thank you for the recommendation there. I always missed that I guess, I’ll knock that out soon! Alice Madness Returns: I don’t own it but really want to. Sleeping Dogs: Sounds like it’ll be the action I’m looking for. I will start that soon Dead Nation: I struggle... I die... I struggle... I die... Tales of Monkey Island: I may try it out. I wasn’t a big fan though. Dead Space: I have all of them, and I love them all, including 3(I played it on the 360 and loved it) I’m down to give it a shot again, I also want to do the other two, but, they are difficult games for the little amount of time I have. I hate dying and losing progress, I usually just power down at that point. Puppeteer: Forgot that existed I have it on my PS3 though... Maybe I’ll clear that sometime. If I don’t get big action I like games with shorter “levels” so I can take breaks. Dante’s Inferno: I got that in my list. South Park: I also have it on disc, been meaning to play it. But my last memory of it was standing outside a garage wondering what I was supposed to be doing. overall I have increased my PS3 playlist, it’s just a matter of firing it up, my PS3 also doesn’t have HDMI capabilities, so it’s harder to set up. I have a bunch of adapters to change the output for my PS3, so it eventually works with an HDMI cable. My PS3 is also 13 years old, so it’s sort of a collectible for me, I’m afraid it will die, so I take care when I use it.
  20. Yeah, I do still have a PS3, I just have such little time to game, that when I get the opportunity I prefer jumping on my PS4, but I’ll take any recommendations for PS3 games, one such game is Terminator Salvation, I have been working on that for ages. It’s so boring.
  21. My Games Working On list is as follows LA Mulana Ex The Last of Us 2 Ghost of Tsushima Yakuza 0 Persona 4 Golden Gundam Breaker 3
  22. What would the mystery events be? Can we get some examples of potential Events? I’d really like to join this.
  23. I used this method to get my platinum in May of 2019. I thought I shared this method somewhere.
  24. A game I was most proud of finishing in 2020? L.A. Noire, and Okami HD. L.A. Noire: This was a fantastic game, the map, the time period, the characters, the writing, the gameplay, everything about this game was top notch in my opinion. Exploring the city and collecting all the classic cars was a blast. Rockstar hit the jackpot with this game. I’m not a huge fan of most of their games, but this one stands out. It’s a little slow paced, and it can be tricky to solve some of the crimes but I was able to successfully platinum the game without any guides. I would recommend this game to everyone, most games you play as a criminal but this flipped the script and it payed off really well. Okami HD: This is one of my all time favourite games. I was so happy to get the opportunity to platinum it. There is a lot of Japanese mythology in it, and the combat was really inventive, using the paint brush to cast spells was really interesting, the game world and graphics are beautiful, it’s packed full with side quests, mini games, collectibles that aren’t a pain in the butt to acquire, and a fantastic cast of characters. I wish this game had a second stack so I could get the platinum again. This was also my platinum #350, so it will permanently be in my milestones. Did I help anyone or receive any help?: I do believe the only person I ended up playing with from this event was @Fnee2000 we boosted Far Cry 3 together, Truck Racer(which I still have to finish myself) and I got some help power leveling some characters in Diablo 3. A Memorable Moment from 2020?: I was able to get my average completion above 65%, I successfully 100% LittleBigPlanet, it was my first platinum trophy and it took me over 10 Years to fully complete, and then a memorable moment that isn’t related to this event was my completion of Death Road to Canada, it was such an unreal game, I got hooked on it, and I want to give it another try(if only I had a HK account).
  25. Gundam Breaker 3 43 of 56 Trophies 7th January 2021 • Platinum in 1 year, 6 months 11.46% My first game for January. I love this game, it is amazing, highly recommended Vita game with tons of replay value. I have made my Gundam so overpowered. He auto heals faster than he takes damage, and his DPS is outrageous, I still have DLC for this so I will work at it and maybe have 100% by months end, or by years end, I have other Vita games I want to play too, so I have to make time for those. I know I said I was going to go inactive, but, I think I’m going to stick around and try at least one game a month. I still want to complete Last of Us Part 2, Yakuza 0, Shenmue, Rogue Galaxy, The Binding of Isaac, and a handful of others. But I’m also going to make time for new-to-me games I haven’t even started yet. I would also like to congratulate everyone that got a game a month for the year of 2020, lets try it again this year! @Gretchen27 @Fnee2000 @AUSTRALIANDJ @REAPER4536 ( @Psy-Tychist hopefully 2021 is a better gaming year for you, congratulations on 11/12 months for 2020) Gundam Breaker 3 [1 year 6 months]