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  1. A friend has called his horse Jon Bon Pony
  2. Thanks for clearing it up. It definitely seems doable with plenty of practice. I'm not the greatest player, never managed to get the Invincibles trophy.
  3. Does anyone know what difficulties the teams in Division 2 are and if there is an easier path to take?
  4. Thanks, I'll definitely use these
  5. Shame ped respawn isn't in the game
  6. I have not done all in 3 ways,. that must be what the problem is. I was using the counter as a guide. Thanks, not looking forward to getting some of those pups that show all peds, the kangaroo jump is a nightmare.
  7. I have completed all 63 events in first place with each one showing a red stamp. The problem is the in game counter for the mission says I have 48/50. I have gone back and completed some events 3 times and it will not go up. Can anyone help?
  8. I would reccomend Monaco or Baku. If you can cause another car to crash, or better still a few go in to the crashed one they will hopefully block the track. Also make sure that the safety car is enabled and that you have the latest patch as without the patch you only have the VSC.