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  1. Thanks, it's in my backlog so I'll have a check.
  2. I assume the legendary version isn't version 1.00 so that can't be used with this exploit?
  3. Does anyone know if the PS4 physical version has a free PS5 upgrade?
  4. Isn't Hitman 2 on PS Now until the end of the month? If so would getting a trial be away of accessing the dlc?
  5. I'm thinking about buying this as it is on offer on the PS Store. It looks a fun game but I was wondering what the trophy difficulty is and whether the DLC packs can be used in career mode and if so, do they act as a boost in that the rides in them are free?
  6. This method definitely works. Just don't do what I've done and got my main account to a S rank and my second account down to C through disqualification and for my second account to vanish from the lobby. I'm now having to get my second account up to an S rating as despite it being rated A it still can't join the same lobby as my main account. I would try and downgrade my main account to speed things up but I can't find any ranked 5 lap lobbies and no one is joining mine.
  7. I've just completed Angelic Ruins on PS5. I didn't bother with corrosive weapons and the arena was full of body parts. On the PS4 it would crash on Round 17.
  8. Thanks. That's a relief that it's got easier.
  9. Has this got any harder? I'm slowly building a Bundesliga team focusing on pace. I'm not the greatest player so if I don't make Div 4 through placement matches is it difficult to make my way up through promotions. Also to build more coins should I do squad battles and if so, should I stop at 29 games to avoid getting ranked in a division? I'm doing friendlies at the moment but it is slow for earning coins.
  10. I haven't done the placement matches yet and I'm not familiar with the game mode as I didn't play FIFA last year so I expect to lose too many matches to get in to Division 3. Can I quit during a game and not have it count as a loss or has it got to be at the end of the match?
  11. I wonder if it will be more stable using PS5 backwards compatibility.
  12. I got to level 100 when a Peyote event was taking place. I'm not sure how often they take place but you will reach level 100 in no time that way.
  13. Promising update on the Codemasters forum. A weekly event is due to start on Monday but this has not been confirmed by Codemasters yet.
  14. That's brilliant, thanks
  15. Is someone able to explain how you let the AI drive? Thanks in advance.