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  1. The rivals trophies don't seem so bad this year. Original post has been updated with this list
  2. Apologies, I saw the Volta trophy and immediately scanned to the highest value trophies and assumed they'd been lazy and kept the same names. The real list should leak in a few days.
  3. These look like the real deal. Not a bad spread
  4. I'm interested to know as well. The scenarios could be tricky, especially the one where you have to bowl out the West Indies for less than 45 runs. Hopefully two controllers can be used for a few if the harder ones.
  5. These packs are not bundled with the the season pass. They are only available with the Gold Edition or sold separately. The same applies to the credits multiplier.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to respond. This had made me a lot more confident about the game.
  7. This looks like it could be a challenging platinum. I'm a bit confused with the tier system. Do you have to get every star in one tier to progress to the next one? Do you have to get every star in the gold events in every tier to unlock the final event? The time attacks sound challenging, I've read the thread about Macau so I know I should change gear ratios. Are there any other settings I should change? I read that changing springs to 10 and making braking maximum aggression helps. Sorry about all of the questions. I have the plats for the other games and I'm more of a casual player these days with family commitments so I don't want to spend hours on a single event. Thanks in advance.
  8. Not sure if this is wort trying. I'll start playing in a few days so will report back.
  9. A friend has called his horse Jon Bon Pony
  10. Thanks for clearing it up. It definitely seems doable with plenty of practice. I'm not the greatest player, never managed to get the Invincibles trophy.
  11. Does anyone know what difficulties the teams in Division 2 are and if there is an easier path to take?
  12. Thanks, I'll definitely use these
  13. Shame ped respawn isn't in the game
  14. I have not done all in 3 ways,. that must be what the problem is. I was using the counter as a guide. Thanks, not looking forward to getting some of those pups that show all peds, the kangaroo jump is a nightmare.
  15. I have completed all 63 events in first place with each one showing a red stamp. The problem is the in game counter for the mission says I have 48/50. I have gone back and completed some events 3 times and it will not go up. Can anyone help?