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  1. Holy shit after 120 to 150 because I stopped counting lol I finally got this trophy and the plat.
  2. Yeah there is a lot of us with this problem it seems as plenty moaning on Twitter about it.
  3. It would be cool if this even worked as for me and many others the game is not giving me these lol.
  4. What is the most amount of Hives anyone has done for the trophy i am still doing these daily and having no luck with the trophy popping so at the point of giving up now?
  5. I done like another 15 hives today and still no trophy not even sure how long it would take me to start a new game and get back to playing hives probably way too long lol.
  6. Yeah i had plenty before the patch and it only popped after collecting another 50 post patch.
  7. I got all trophies in coop apart from Hives which I'm still yet to get and the intel popped on collecting exactly 50 after the patch.
  8. I stopped counting at 80 no idea how many im on now this game is about to be deleted forever lol.
  9. Clocked up 80 now and no trophy do I carry on or just delete this game and move on lol.
  10. I got mine after collecting 50 files after the patch so I had 85 in total but 50 post patch, I do think collecting 50 more than you already have will pop the trophy now.
  11. Depends how the game tracks picked up intel you might find you need to start a new game and pick up 50 so the total goes up.
  12. Just the Iconic missions or have you done all the main mission chain as you need more than just the Iconic character missions?
  13. Okay guys an update i think the latest patch has fixed the tracking on this trophy since the update i collected exactly 50 and it popped the trophy so i hit 85 in total but 50 since the patch, So if anyone else can collect 50 post patch and able to also confirm this.
  14. I will have to check again but i think that one i tried and it was only a Silver if i can get them again ill confirm.
  15. Upto 70 files now and still no trophy