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  1. Nah it shouldn't matter which cars you used only thing I can think of is delete all your saved data and try again.
  2. I did it on PS4 and PS5 1 lap on each track using a supercar and it popped no problem.
  3. Overtaking a car in any mode counts as an overtake.
  4. At one point they told me they were working on a patch a few month later i contacted them again and they wanted me to go into details on what the problem was, They tried saying do a reinstall etc they are just useless as we still haven't had a patch to fix it so it's best to just buy it on disc and play it unpatched.
  5. Have you tried turning the console off and back on, As I have had trophies do this in the past.
  6. Seeing as you can't just jump in and out of races due to the wait time you might as well just race them.