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  1. I did GT6 the miles were a bit of a grind but were talking 3 times that amount on GRID lol.
  2. Looks like ill be joining you once again on the Codemasters forums for the 2nd game this year with stupid requirements lol.
  3. Damn that sucks I did read even on PC it's very glitchy and it doesn't help the more routes you add the worse the lag gets.
  4. I got the trophy for unlocking all bus stops so from there i have tried multiple routes everywhere trying to connect them all up and no trophy all that is happening is the map is lagged out to hell, I have the other 50% and 75% trophies they popped no problem anyone got a picture or tips how to get this? EDIT: Doesn't matter i closed the game reloaded and it popped lol.
  5. I started it and thought i would wait it out a while so this is good news.
  6. Platinum #1150 Remnant from the ashes
  7. Anyone got a route that works that we can replicate?
  8. Tried on 1.00 and 1.02 and a full season contract still gives no rep FFS.
  9. It was unlockable in MP but they fixed it so solo only now on 1.08 patch in offline adventure mode i got mine.
  10. I'm pretty sure this is fixed now so you have to do it solo in offline mode like my video above.
  11. Got it on 1.08
  12. Alright cheers will try in adventure mode tomorrow.