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  1. Leveling up trophies are fine this list is way to easy though no challenge at all.
  2. Latest Platinum Resident Evil 2
  3. Platinum #978 Bouncy Bullets (PS4)
  4. Got 4 at the moment Original PS4, Slim, Pro & The 500 Million Limited Edition.
  5. I did all Insane with randoms so it's possible but obviously getting a group with headsets would make things easier.
  6. Quite a few games do this but ain't the simple answer just turn up TV or use headphones?
  7. You just need tier 5 of every weapon but with latest patch as you level up a weapon you have to buy a tier to level up the next tier anyway unless you haven't patched the game then yes you can buy tier 5 only
  8. Yeah im not saying you should have to close and open again as it's a bug for sure i edited my walkthrough to let people know about this.
  9. You do not need any of the secret areas for the platinum if the trophy doesn't pop close the game reload it hit play and it will pop.
  10. Warlock's Tower Vita/PS4 Platinum 948 & 949
  11. I'm sorry i hurt your feelings 😂😂