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  1. The PS4 disc does give a free PS5 upgrade.
  2. Alright cheers I'll just wait it out and see what happens.
  3. Anyone know if the likes of 30 weapons to 4 stars would autopop if I go back to 1.00 or any of the decal, attachment etc trophies?
  4. I haven't been able to get past the character screen for days now i hit X to play online and it does nothing.
  5. In the end i found that all the facts I was missing I had to change story choices and not the ?, So all the facts do come from story choices that you can change anyway but with no guide I just kept changing and checking if it added a fact.
  6. I still need like 5 of these between the 4 investigations is there a way to get these at the end of the game and can i find out which facts i need and what to change? In the open worlds they are only clues and facts are meant from finishing missions but i guess some you need the right path?
  7. How did you get the other facts I have completed the game apart from the 4 investigations but missing a total of 5 facts lol
  8. Is this a common problem online, Act 3 boss got killed after i had died and was in the town so i didn't get the complete Act 3 trophy?
  9. In the party menu then to the left of the PSN ID there is a small square with 2 little daggers just click that square when in the town.
  10. Doesn't say we have to be level 99
  11. That's what i thought as well just went and checked the list again lol.
  12. Looks like a nice list that will keep us busy for a good 1000 hours lol.
  13. As above i could complete it a lot later into the game.