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  1. Platinum #1883 Freddy Spaghetti 2
  2. Platinum #1880
  3. There is still copies out there that are new and sealed so they would have a code included but they might not even work now anyway.
  4. You can do this in the first year of My Team just take out a couple of the other drivers when needed 😂
  5. Yeah it will be as it was due to have an Asian stack.
  6. I've done 2 player career 3 times now between PS4 and PS5 and had no problems on either version.
  7. Everything is fine to play apart from going for the league trophy as that is broken.
  8. No they don't autopop
  9. In My Team set to 10 races I had multiple parts that I had to go in to R&D and click adapt on before the end of the season, Not many had the option for me to adapt so depending on the parts you have you might of been unlucky.
  10. Yeah it is glitched.
  11. I had a truly awful time with this game on PS5 i should of just played it on my PS4 lol.