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  1. I tried Insane solo and co-op and it seems online feels impossible but offline tough but more doable.
  2. Anyone recommend best class for insane and maybe a screenshot on which perks they used?
  3. Knife is allowed for sure as i killed 1 zombie with the pistol then used knife for the rest of the mission and got the trophy.
  4. At the moment there is a bug that wipes all stats it can happen from getting disconnected, Blue error screen & even just closing the app this is why I'm not playing much at the moment until they fix it.
  5. Went through all events got gold on each one before i moved onto the next and all trophies popped as they should.
  6. Playlist contains all 15 scenes:-
  7. 音声記録の全貌音声記録のプレイリストに全て音声を登録した I think this is meant to be the one where you record something in the 3rd option in the extras I played quite a few press up and a box appears but no trophy?
  8. Yeah that's what i thought.
  9. Alright then I have max materials but on the left shows I nothing to upgrade and if I hold square it does nothing and I have never upgraded before so only highest tier I can craft is blue at the moment so I guess I cant get the trophy for crafting an exotic now with this character unless Ubisoft fix it.
  10. Maybe they patched that recently then as all guides I looked at today stated you cant upgrade that one to an exotic.
  11. I have completed all story missions and now in Tier 1 but I never tried upgrading the crafting station till now, When i go over to it all i see are blue items but i have no blue print to upgrade the crafting station so i cant craft Purple, High End or Exotic etc, Anyone else had this problem and found a work around or is there something else I'm missing?
  12. Does that one even count though? I'm sure i saw someone posting about that else where and people said it didn't but i could be wrong.