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  1. Platinum #820
  2. Kingdom Hearts 3
  3. 111k so there is room for some error.
  4. That's what we like to hear 😎
  5. Samael Legacy of Ophiuchus Holy shit this game is bad normally about $32 as well no saves no checkpoints the game doesn't even have any setting options but supports HDR, Night time you can't see anything and in the day you can't see much and day last probably just 1 min you really need to play this shit to see how bad it is.
  6. Kingdom Hearts 3 at the moment loving it so far.
  7. Mine popped very early into the game it was a triangle skill but i didn't see what as i always use specials when charged.
  8. Luckily uploading to PS+ only takes a few seconds
  9. I just gone straight into this one and never played the others before played a few hours really enjoying it so far.
  10. Never give up the race ain't over until the finish line people in front could easily have penalties as well which could put them behind you.
  11. So this is the response I got.
  12. Neptune is needed but you can always use a canister and throw at the enemies.
  13. Out of all them I just want Grand Tour lol