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  1. 1/10 difficulty there really is nothing hard on this game at all.
  2. Yeah no VR needed and can be plat in under 3 hours.
  3. Very easy.
  4. NA only It's not a VR game.
  5. There is only 10 lessons in this game? test? or whatever you want to call it lol, I have done videos for lessons 2 to 10 as lesson 1 you can finish with any score as it's just learning you the controls and is over in a couple of mins.
  6. Alright cheers these are the last 2 trophies i need now if i can do this method it would speed it up but if i have to race them i don't mind either.
  7. Anyone know fastest way to get these or do we need to race every Practice, Qualiy & Race for 4 or 5 seasons?
  8. Default should be good enough for online that's all i used for the online trophies.
  9. For going through that game again I would want at least £1000 for the amount of hours it takes.
  10. Yeah soon as you are 2000 you move to gold.
  11. Finally got this stupid trophy done i really hope they change the requirements and how skill rating works.
  12. Yeah that is how i am doing it now last 3 races started 15th, 15th & 13th and got on the podium on each due to taking my time trying to avoid people more than actual racing lol.
  13. It's when you also get rammed in the back over a corner you get a warning for hitting someone and also a time penalty for corner cutting and end of the race they have no time penalty like WTF.
  14. Hopefully they don't nerf the ranking to 50 trophy keeps the platinum ultra rare. I feel your pain ive lost so many points due to other people and their destruction derby racing.