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  1. 1.04 patch to fix the issues is due this week so it's not out just yet.
  2. Well you can always just buy then sell after but 10 hours on this game might be perfect, I played couple of hours yesterday and a couple today and enjoying it so far so for me maybe after 10 hours it would get boring and tedious so a shorter length is probably best for this type of game.
  3. Update 1.09 i have the platinum now and the save/quit then load didn't work for me what i had to do was save before the trophy requirement then close the app and load, Not sure why my game would never pop trophies if i just saved then quit i had to close the app each time but oh well done now.
  4. I've tried both twice even deleted game and saves and redownloaded most trophies just do not pop for me on 1.09, Seeing as you can't use item/travel commands as they prevent trophies from popping even when you save and quit.
  5. Alright cheers mate will give it another go. Anyone got a guide that works perfect with latest patch as the current guides using the console are pretty useless on the latest patch?
  6. I'm not sure they do as I tried the cutefish trophy same as the video 4 times and had no luck at all.
  7. Which trophies can we pop on the latest patch using the dev console?
  8. Thanks to that easy delta daily...
  9. Cheers.
  10. 2:42 for me as i spun it so lost some time.
  11. I keep setting times but I'm doing the same waiting on a delta event.
  12. I think you actually need to set a time to be on the leaderboards.
  13. Cheers and yeah just wanted a quick trophy left so i could see it pop after all these hours and yeah putting my PS4 on some bags of ice lol.