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  1. I would just wait until after the Feb patch hopefully should play a lot better by then.
  2. I'll believe it when I see the patch land. 🤣
  3. You should be fine on 1.05 i rushed through it and had no problems at all.
  4. Report it here to them
  5. Watch Dogs Legion has way less stuff to collect than Fenyx.
  6. Sorted it now cheers didn't know i had to trigger them like that.
  7. I have no marker on the map but used a video to find it's location but it's not glowing red it's like it's closed anyone else had this glitch on them i guess no way to fix it?
  8. Cheers i actually got lucky there was a group of a few guys and next them was explosive cans i jumped on them blew them up killed the guys and trophy popped.
  9. Nothing seems to be working for me just no damage at all.
  10. As far as i know you can't change it to online if you start the game offline.
  11. I done The Hunt and waited days and no text or phone call, Anyway I can trigger this to get the 3rd quest I done the other 2 missions following a guide to make sure I didn't mess them up?
  12. That is not the problem this thread is about, This thread is about people that have a problem where the game crashes before even getting to the main menu so can't even select/play events etc.
  13. That came out a few days ago and did not fix this problem.