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  1. In the party menu then to the left of the PSN ID there is a small square with 2 little daggers just click that square when in the town.
  2. Doesn't say we have to be level 99
  3. That's what i thought as well just went and checked the list again lol.
  4. Looks like a nice list that will keep us busy for a good 1000 hours lol.
  5. As above i could complete it a lot later into the game.
  6. Well i never said he doesn't have the right for it to be deleted, I simply said I didn't see why it matters so maybe you need a chill pill.
  7. The amount of times i ran to Elysium for the fucker not to be there has been unreal lol.
  8. I don't see why it matters if that profile is on this site you don't have to view it just move on with your life lol.
  9. I still think 30 weapons to level 4 and the 1000 electric kills trophies are glitched reading comments on other posts.
  10. Disc version is meant to have the free upgrade but it's still not there for me if anyone knows a region with the upgrade yet?
  11. It might pop at 500 with no problems as it seems fine on the PS4 version.
  12. Anyone tried to see if trophies autopop?