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  1. Looks like a nice list that will keep us busy for a good 1000 hours lol.
  2. In the party menu then to the left of the PSN ID there is a small square with 2 little daggers just click that square when in the town.
  3. Doesn't say we have to be level 99
  4. That's what i thought as well just went and checked the list again lol.
  5. As above i could complete it a lot later into the game.
  6. Anyone found a decent method for this trophy as in is it worth closing the game instead of quitting the race if someone takes you out etc, This trophy is actually a real pain due to people taking you out I lose more points than I gain can see me dropping to bronze soon because of other players...
  7. Well i never said he doesn't have the right for it to be deleted, I simply said I didn't see why it matters so maybe you need a chill pill.
  8. The amount of times i ran to Elysium for the fucker not to be there has been unreal lol.
  9. Anyone tried to see if trophies autopop?
  10. I don't see why it matters if that profile is on this site you don't have to view it just move on with your life lol.
  11. I still think 30 weapons to level 4 and the 1000 electric kills trophies are glitched reading comments on other posts.
  12. Disc version is meant to have the free upgrade but it's still not there for me if anyone knows a region with the upgrade yet?
  13. It might pop at 500 with no problems as it seems fine on the PS4 version.
  14. I don't have the DLC so maybe this is just glitched and I need to start a new game then as I'm sure I've done over 400 kills and not got that trophy either. EDIT: After hours of trying finally got this trophy.
  15. I know this is an old thread but i have now done 20+ kills easily with all non DLC bolts and still no trophy i tried deleting and reinstalling the game and still nothing so any ideas?
  16. This is why it would be better to just remove leaderboards so no one has a number of where they are in the world/country, There is also so many people that have a country set that they don't even live in anyway which sort of make country ranks pointless anyway. Trophy hunters are becoming more and more toxic over the years with these easy plats instead of moaning about the trophy list a lot of people have shifted the abuse to the people playing them, Like you said Just because they're there, doesn't mean people have to do them yet people still feel the need to give abuse to the gamer rather than the game.
  17. Be better just to remove leaderboards, So many people crying over people doing easy platinums why do people even care about what others play it's their money right? People should be blaming Sony for allowing these 1 min plats and stacks and not blaming the trophy hunters.
  18. I think the full game is like 5 levels then the 2nd game has like 13 levels i think so we could be getting a few of these games.
  19. Alright cheers
  20. I know people loved the last bowling game so here we go again 😂