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  1. It's 2079 already, still no sign of My Name is Mayo. But hey, they're still waiting on the paperwork! Hang thight guys, it's almost here!
  2. Finally, some news, it's going to be released soon! I am happy!
  3. Makes me really sad that they are killing off such a great handheld. Everything about the Vita that has to do with marketing also sucks, like the memory cards, so fricking pricy, why? It seems that Sony is not going to get smarter any time sooner... sadly...
  4. I think that the PS Vita release will be the same date with the Switch because there both handhelds, so I guess we have to wait till the Switch release?
  5. Thank you so much Leo, I appreciate your help!
  6. - Assassin's Creed II & Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Batman Arkham Asylum & Batman Arkham City - Uncharted 2
  7. Does anyone know when Oceanhorn will be released for the PS Vita? The game developer said in september 2016 that it would be out soon, but months later and the game is still not released?
  8. Just a bummer, I (and more people for sure) have been waiting on the EU release for two months now.
  9. Yeah, of course some people would check that, but at the end of the day not everyone checks it. It would be best just to highlight those trophies with a tag in the list of trophies of that game, would really make the list of the game more well-ordered
  10. Still no news right?
  11. Is it just bothering me that there still is no release date for My name is Mayo? They said they were releasing it in February... Two months ago! Still nothing... Are there other people who are also waiting on this game?
  12. That's actually really helpful for the people that need to know they can't obtain all the trophies in an old game or people that want to play any kind of old game on the PS3. Why don't they do this? It would really help!
  13. @DARKB1KE @Shadiochao It was a question about the trophy lists this game had. But thank you guys so much! You answered my question.
  14. Does anyone know that the deadly tower of monsters has a seperate trophy list for the US version of the game. I've already platinumed the EU version and I really loved the game. Now I see that the game is on sale in the US Store, so can someone help me??