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  1. @Voland44 it can only be done locally as of right now, just plug up a second controller if you have one. Shouldn't take long it's only 100 kills, good luck.
  2. @T-100 I originally got the game at launch and played the prologue and maybe one mission from the first act but then let it sit for the last 2 years due to all the glitches and issues it was having. I updated the game recently to the current patch and still used my original save to play and complete everything else. I didn't have any issues with the other own all weapon trophies so it just seems weird this one wouldn't pop. Everything else worked for me except the own all primary weapons, I double checked and I do have them all. So you are saying my only option is to restart the game and play it all again with a save from the current game version?
  3. I've completed the game unlocked and purchased all guns didn't have any problems for secondary/sidearm trophies but I can't get the one for having all 14 snipers to unlock at all. I've tried dying, restarting the game after quitting, reloading checkpoints. Nothing seems to work, does anybody have a solution? it's the last trophy I need for plat
  4. I used to be pretty big on trophy hunting a few years ago. I would try to get the platinums or 100% for most games I played. I put myself through a good many trophies that I otherwise would not have attempted just to get a game completed. At first I enjoyed trophies, but as the years went on trophies ended up sucking the fun and life out of gaming for me because I felt like I couldn't enjoy the game unless I was earning trophies at a decent rate. If I was having difficulty with a particular trophy I would get very frustrated. Out of the 50 some plats I currently have I am glad to say I enjoyed almost all of them. I decided to give up "trophy hunting" or attempting completion about 8 months ago. I've currently decided that working on my backlog of games across PS3 & 4 and getting my average completion stat up from the high 30's is my current goal. But as for completion I no longer force myself to sludge through a trophy list for a 100% or Plat. I do however look at the trophy lists before hand and just plan out the trophies that won't give me much trouble or frustration so that I can go through the game and just have fun. I aim for a completion in the 75-100% range if possible now, but by no means force it upon myself or let it dictate what I do and don't play like I used to.
  5. @Captain_Bone_666 thanks for letting me know! I've got it installing on my ps4 right now. Really looking forward to the game, good luck on your survival run!
  6. Have they fixed the games performance issues yet? I picked this up on sale but have been holding off on playing because I don't want the experience ruined by the launch issues. Just wondering if any recent pacthes have taken care of the bulk of the issues. Thanks.