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  1. I have not logged in in such a loooooong time because of works 😂

    1. Tidus


      But anyways, I managed to plat .hack//G.U. Last Recode yesterday; so satisfying since I used to obsess over .hack//G.U. back in the PS2 days 😁

    2. DamagingRob


      Congrats on the Plat!

    3. MaximumOverdrive
  2. FFXV is surprisingly easy to plat,not that I'm complaining B)

    1. Tidus


      *was /engrish

  3. Yo, pcgamesupply is selling $10 PSN Card (US) at a discounted price rn ($7). The offer's gonna expire in 7hrs from now. Just a heads-up if anyone wants to buy one.

    1. Plataclysm


      tried to buy 10 of them, only thing that sucks is they only let you buy 1 card at discount.

  4. #65 Digimonstory Cyber Sleuth. I guess it's time to get back to life again ToT

  5. I'm at endgame and when I use the Mirror Dungeon I don't see Digital Space 1? Do you guys know how to unlock DS1? Lol ok nevermind I unlocked the dungeon after downloading the free DLC and taking up Sakuyamon's quest
  6. Finally defeated Imperialdramon PM! Magnamon saved my ass lmao, that DEF :D

  7. Ahhhh finally have the mood to play video games again, BLESS ToT

  8. Is currently playing Deus Ex which is one of my favourite games on the PS3
  9. This is why nobody joins my Game Sessions
  10. I wasn't even aware there's a Digimon game for the Vita I have always enjoyed the past Digimon games so I'm excited for this, if only they'd expedite the release date
  11. The fab rear diffuser that I wanted is out of stock, duh typical >.>

  12. Maintained his name since the last time I saw him
  13. #63 Official Rainbow Moon Hero Finally had the time to plat this one
  14. 1:28, "I bet people's heads will explode when they hear about ****" I dunno, for some reason I can't stop thinking it's FFX-3 because of FFX-2.5 Novella .... but then again I could be wrong though... well actually, I HOPE I'm wrong
  15. that feel when work is slowly overtaking your life >n<

    1. Tidus


      *taking over. derp

    2. F22-Razgriz


      tough turn but you'll get the hang of it...takes time but eventually, you'll find "time" and your groove.

      take it easy on yourself, man! I've been there and I know exactly how it feels. Cheers! :D