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  1. It's funny to see when bunch of ass-exploding trophies are just Bronze:D
  2. Hello everyone. Once again is this ONLY LimitedRunGames version or I can get those trophies with Deluxe Edition.
  3. My hints and strategy. 1) Your starting tower (Eastern) is perfect as it has graug bait. Look directly to West, it's under some bridge. Graug will spawn slightly right or further than bridge. Left of the tower there is one caragath near canyon. Sometimes three caragath will spawn. One time I saw graug there. Keep all this in mind, you will need it in the end. 2) From starting point bait graug and mount him. Just ride through the map and search for captains. Find them and eat. If you see a Worm, catсh and get info about any of Warcheafs. I didn't notice any differences between any of them. Again just ride and eat. You must eat at least 6 captains before 8 minutes run out. In good situation you should get 8. In perfect way - all 10. Firstly I recommend to check South of the map. Southern fortress often has 3 captains. Also there is point slightly Southern than starting tower, I saw one captain there very often. So your ride will be to the South from starting tower, then directly to the West through the fortress. End of the road will be at the left fortress at Northwest. This fortress often has 2 captains. If you have more time, ride more through the map. Northeast fortress is a bad option as you cannot ride graug deep into. Sometimes I saw 1 captain at graug-avalable part of that fortress but 2 captains were out of reach. Do 6 or more beast kills, exit and transfer your save to the Cloud or USB. I do prefer USB. About save files. Game save your progress of the Hunt in odd way. It saves only when you kill a target (Warchief/Captain). If you then have long failure trip without killing target, you may think to exit to menu and pressing Continue will load you at last kill state. Well it’s true, you will appear at the starting Eastern tower but time will be the same as you quit to menu. It also apply when you have been killed and you wish to exit before game save new data. This way you may escape fact of your death but time will be lost. If it not took too much time I’m recommend to try to continue with it if you lost not more than 1 minute. 3) Further steps are very similar to the guides. Hunt down known Warchief and brand him. Order him to riot against other Warchief. During this fight look around, often there is graug bait. Ride and use it on bodyguards of hostile Warchief if you need more beast kills. Your Warchief must survive, if not, brand new one before he escape. Attention! If hostile Warchief is killed and his bodyguards start to run, kill them! There is a chance one of them to become a new Warchief! You may see it by changed icon above new Warchief as it will have crown now. Don't let him escape. If he escaped you will have to riot against him in order to finish Hunt. It not as time consuming as it looks like so give it a try without loading save file. In my final try I screwed it up twice (!!) but in the end I was able to successfully finish the Hunt. 4) Catch your Warchief and order him to riot next Warchief. Repeat. When you will finish the last left Warchief, start riot against Captains. Be sure to get 10 beast kills before all Captains are dead. You must kill 4 Warchiefs and all Captains before 32-33 minutes. If something goes wrong and your Warchief is dead than brand Captain. This will allow you to lure out any Captain without doing red quest. However sometimes it will be better to go to red quests on the map where are two captains. In my final try my Warchief was killed (he were the final Warchief… mistakenly eaten by my graug…) so I brand random Captain to fight all others. At the end of 33rd minute only two Captains left but mine ran away to far and respawned somewhere else. I thought I have to do all over again from 8 minute checkpoint but there were new red quest on the map where… My Captain going to execute last one) Good coincidence. So I left this until the end of the Hunt. 5) Now teleport to the starting tower. Remember graug bait and caragath to the left? Shadow ride all of them and all other beasts you can see. 2 caragaths and 1 graug is enough but if you see more of them use shadow ride. Firstly shot graug bait and then shadow ride caragath on the left. When you ride on caragath to the area near the bait, graug ust already spawn. Once you capture them all kill them by pressing down on D-pad. Repeat until you gain approximately 12000 points. When it's done just call your Warchief (Captain on quest) and kill him. Well, that's all... Good luck and be calm, it will take several tries to eat 6 and more captains under 8 minutes and more tries to fast and correctly kill all the targets. Don’t despair, it’s easy then it looks like.
  4. Hello. I had the same problem. Sony didn't answer (may be because I wrote to Japan Customers Support on English?), then I contact 505 Games, after conversation and showing transaction info Season Pass appears to be activated in my Library. Don't know if they did anything or problem solved itself but now I have everything. Contacy 505 via
  5. What do you mean "lose an arrow"? If you lose it you'll need to let AI win. Then you'll have another chance but still you need finish level in one wictory row without losing arrow.
  6. Also I can say this tips: Look at enemy sword position: if it's high, then do roll to kick his leg and finish quick. if it's low, then divekick if middle... wait him to do one of the first variants) Also this horrible AI taught me some good tactic: If you stay on the higher position, just be on the edge and put sword on middle/high position and wait enemy jump on you to his death. Sometime it's taking him ~1 minute to make suicide) Cloud level can be start pretty easy: stay and wait your enemy to fall through the clouds.
  7. Already done it. When you die in singlplayer let enemy win this level. Help him because you'll see all stupidness of AI! Run on his sword all the time or else he will get to his win in 5 minutes or even more (one time it took him 12 minutes...). When he win, you will continue game from this level, but game will not remember your deaths! So you can try it again with no harm for trophy! As I saw AI is the same in all levels. Good luck and patience.